In a blink of an eye, the winter vacation is over, and the friends who have returned to visit relatives and travel have also returned to Melbourne one after another. In the upcoming August, Melbourne still has many delicious and fun activities waiting for everyone. It’s not too busy at the beginning of school, so hurry up and invite friends to go!

1. Hot Chocolate Festival


In this cold winter day, there is nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to warm your whole body instantly. Blessed are chocolate lovers in August! During the Hot Chocolate Festival, a limited edition of 7 different flavors of chocolate will be launched every week. At the same time, the drinks here are made from exquisite high-end Belgian chocolate. Whether it is dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, you can choose, I believe you will find your own "sweetness" here.

Location: 35 Old Healesville Road, Yarra Glen, Victoria

时间:01/08/2014 – 31/08/2014; 9am-5pm

Tickets: Free


2. Mõvenpick Free Ice Cream Day

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To celebrate the Swiss National Day, the famous Swiss ice cream brand Mõvenpick will give out free ice cream to the first 8 customers on this day. You can choose from 1 tempting and delicious ice cream flavors. Those who like desserts should not miss it!

Store location: Doncaster, Boxhill, Melbourne Central, Qv Melbourne

Time: 1 August 2014


3. Walhalla Vinter Ljusfest


Walhalla originally means "paradise in Norse mythology". And this historic town of Walhalla in Victoria is full of Swedish tradition just like its name. In this winter, this well-built town will present a different traditional culture to tourists from various sensory perspectives such as lighting, sound, and pictures. Allows you to experience the Nordic style without leaving Melbourne.

Location: Walhalla Historic Township, Main Road, Walhalla, Victoria 3825

时间:01/08/2014 – 31/08/2014;Light Show: 6:30pm-9pm

Tickets: Free


4. SkyHigh Mount Dandenong August event


Skyhigh, the highest point of the scenic Mt Dandenong, is the best place to overlook the whole city of Melbourne. Asking friends to climb the mountain for a picnic, and have a cup of coffee on the top of the mountain to taste desserts are the most pleasant activities in this winter. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the rebuilding of SkyHigh Mount Dandenong, admission is free to Dandenong Park from Monday to Friday from 9am-10pm throughout August. The editor reminds everyone to print out Voucher before going.

Location: 26 Observatory Rd, Mt Dandenong VIC 3767

Time: 01/08/2014 – 31/08/2014

Tickets: Print voucher for free in August

Voucher print address:

5. 2014 Melbourne National 4×4 & Outdoors Show Fishing & Boating Expo Melbourne XNUMXWD, Fishing and Yacht Outdoor Exhibition


This 18-year-old "National 150WD, Fishing and Yacht Outdoor Exhibition" has become the most anticipated exhibition every year for all outdoor sports fans. Here you can learn about various outdoor sports products brought by more than XNUMX exhibitors from various countries, and enjoy the best rock concerts. The most worth seeing is the crazy four-wheel drive performance in the outdoor arena and the motorcycle trapeze, which is absolutely exciting.

Location: Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road Ascot Vale Victoria, 3032 Time: 22/08/2014 – 24/08/2014; Fri & Sat: 9am-6pm; Sun: 9am-5pm

Tickets: Adults $18.00, Seniors $13.00, Kids Under 15 Free, Adult 1 Day Pass $30.00


6. Free Docklands Sunday Market 2014 Sunday Market


The Sunday market in Dockland is held once a month from June to August, and it is very lively. If you missed the first two times, don't miss the last time this year. There is a dazzling array of small commodities in the market, including art, fashion, handmade jewelry and cloth dolls. It’s a good choice to spend a happy weekend together with friends to shop for Taobao on Sundays in your spare time, and then sit down and have a snack on the street.

Location: New Quay Promenade, VIC 3008

时间:10/08/2014 10am-5pm


7. Docklands Winter Fireworks


Bored on a lonely winter night? Why not go to Docklands to watch the fireworks display, which will surely surprise you. From July 7th to August 4th, Piazza at Docklands will have a firework show every Friday from 8 to 29 pm. Imagine the bustling and peaceful bay of Docklands, enjoying the fresh sea breeze, watching What a wonderful feeling that the contending fireworks in the far night sky gradually bloom. In addition, the nightly fireworks show will have different music themes, and the interspersed acrobatics, face painting, stilt stunts, etc. should not be missed.


Ticket price: free, no reservation required


8. Winter Nights at Victoria Harbour


Haven't seen Docklands Firework yet? In order to make Melbourne’s winter night no longer long and boring, the Friday night entertainment show at Winter Nights at Victoria Harbour will continue this winter’s surprise: passionate live music, brilliant art performances, and brightly blooming fireworks are all A show not to be missed, in addition to the on-site food and wine supply, let you eat and have fun. Taking into account the low temperature in winter, the caring organizer also prepared free blankets for everyone, so students who are afraid of the cold need not worry.

时间:7月25日-8月15日,每周五晚5pm – 8pm

Address: Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands VIC 3004

Ticket price: free, no reservation required


9. Winter in Chinatown


The activities in Melbourne in winter are rich and varied, and of course Chinese culture is indispensable. The annual Winter in Chinatown will be held on August 8th. The gorgeous red lanterns will light up the night of Chinatown. All kinds of traditional Chinese cuisines such as dumplings, noodles, and pastries are available. Exquisite and authentic snacks will also satisfy your taste buds. In addition, there are exquisite souvenir markets waiting for you to find your favorite treasures. It is worth mentioning that you can download the coupons on the official website of the event and use them in the surrounding shops. If you are interested, please check it out.

Location: Heffernan Lane, Chinatown

Time: August 8th, 15pm-4pm

Official website coupon download URL:

Click to access w14-coupons_prints.pdf

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