As the artistic heartland of Victoria, Bendigo is full of rich cultural heritage (a two-hour drive from Melbourne). Gorgeous gold rush buildings, century-old gardens, world-class art galleries, omnipresent cafes...the magnificent retro scene, everything makes people feel as if they are in the streets of Europe. If you want to relax, if you are tired of playing hot springs and snow-capped mountains, then follow the meal bar editor for an art trip.


The Schaller Studio


The Art Series Hotel Group’s choice of this culturally-rich cherry picking mecca as the new location of its four-star hotel is indeed an appropriate decision. The complementary fusion brings tourists the only reason to stay. This is an integrated art-integrated residence where you can see and relax. The Schaller Studio, founded by Australian artist Mark Schaller, has more than 120 exquisite original works by various artists. Each uniquely designed room has the iconic works of master Schaller on the wall. There is also a large public space, including a coffee shop, open fireplace and books for guests to have fun and chat. Guests who like outdoor activities can also rent bicycles from the hotel and go out for a ride along Lake Weeroona, immersed in the palace of art.

Address: Corner Lucan and Bayne Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550

Phone: 1800278468


Brewhouse Coffee Roasters


The high ceilings, original brick walls and bold graffiti make people instantly feel the warm atmosphere of the store. The restaurant’s menu can meet almost all your delicious needs from breakfast to lunch, such as its famous shaksshuka, pan-fried saganaki and Wagyu-steak sanga. If you are a coffeeholic (coffee madman), then when you step into the store and smell the coffee, you should feel a deep fascination. Sourcing the best coffee beans from all over the world, and then picking and roasting them on their own to ensure the richness and quality of the coffee, many retailers are also loyal supporters of their coffee beans. Remember to order a cup when you are eating.

Address: 402 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550, Australia

Phone: 03 5442 8224

Percy and Percy


The moment you step into the store, the family-style cafe hidden at the end of the terrace will surely fill you with the warmth of being at home. The walls are full of photographs by local artist Kate Monotti. The homemade cheeseburger, falafels and Slow-roasted pulled-pork Salad are very popular. If you go for afternoon tea, don't miss the exquisite flourless lemon and passionfruit cake. Going in the winter, curl up lazily in the comfortable upholstered chairs in the store, light through the window, and pleasant and pleasant.

Address: Corner Hargreaves And Baxter Streets Bendigo VIC 03550

Phone: 03 5442 2997

Mr. Beebe's Eating House & Bar


The name of this newly refurbished restaurant is inspired by the design of many city landmarks in the 19th century, including the famous Old Colonial Mutual Life Building, the local mayor and architect William Beebe. The wild rabbit in two parts, corn-fed duck and pan-seared flathead tails are more popular. Come here to enjoy a weekend night, or have a glass of local wine, it is the perfect ideal place.

Address: 17 View Point Pall Mall Bendigo VIC 3550

Phone: 03 5441 5557

Rifle Brigade Hotel


Since its opening in 1887, Rifle Brigade Hotel still maintains its high popularity. Located in the center of a small art city, dark wood floors, white old walls and black and white portraits full of houses make it more mysterious and long lasting. The hotel’s pub is very popular. Come to have a cup of tap beer, enjoy a drink and chat, it’s beautiful.

Address: 137 view st Bendigo VIC 3550

Phone: 03 5443 4092


Bendigo Art Gallery


As Australia's most important local art gallery, Bendigo is a holy place for art fans to visit. Since its founding in 1887, Bendigo Art Gallery has focused on 19th-century artworks, with a large collection of extensive collections. More than 100 amazing works of art have been selected into the Greek exhibition series of the British Museum several times. They are currently touring Europe, Asia and America, arriving in Bendigo before August. It will then be exhibited in the exhibition hall for a limited time from August 8 to November 2. The exhibits include the world-famous iconic marble statue "Discus Thrower", which should not be missed.

Address: 42 View St, Bendigo VIC 3550

Phone: (03) 5434 6088

Rosalind Park


Bendigo has many beautiful parks and gardens, such as Rosalind Park. This historic park was built by the government in the 19s. Quiet rivers, gorgeous statues, lush green spaces, and stunning greenhouses will bring you back to the beautiful nostalgic era.

Address: 1 Williamson St, Bendigo VIC 3550

Phone: (03) 5434 6000

Bendigo Golden Dragon Museum


The urban development of Bendigo was first started as a result of the gold rush. As early as 1850, Chinese people came here to search for gold, and a Chinese community was gradually formed. The Bendigo Golden Dragon Museum is a museum raised by local Chinese decades ago to gather the strength of the Chinese and record the history of local Chinese immigrants. There is a 100-meter-long dragon dance in the museum. On holidays or major occasions, a dragon dance team of up to 500 people will carry the dragon out and dance in the parade, which is spectacular. There are many Chinese collections donated by Chinese descendants in the museum, such as precious furniture, exquisite calligraphy and painting, which will make you feel very obvious Chinese elements. There is also an antique Suzhou garden next to the museum. The picture of the small bridge and flowing water will make you feel as if you have traveled back to the motherland. It is definitely a wonderful experience.

Address: 1 – 11 Bridge Street, Bendigo VIC 3550

Phone: (03) 5441 5044


Trove Makers' Market


This is a great place to feel the local arts and crafts lovers. Every kind of craftsmanship, from large to exquisite, is of first-rate quality and is often sold out. There are more than 40 booths, offering various products including paintings, jewelry, photography, furniture, clothing, food and decorations, dazzling. Opening hours are the third Sunday of every month, 10am-2pm

Address: 404 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo

Phone: 0401 092 747

The Styling Bird


This gorgeous little boutique is owned by a pair of sisters. The brands in the store are carefully selected by the store, ranging from Australian specialty brands to international brands, from clothing, household goods to jewelry accessories.

Address: 5A Bath Ln, Bendigo VIC 3550

Phone: 03 5444 2112

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