Recently, Napthine, the governor of Victoria, Australia, launched a development plan for Melbourne. The current population of Melbourne is 2051 million, and it is expected to reach 1.5 million by 2. The average annual population growth rate in Australia is XNUMX%, and Melbourne will be XNUMX% a year. It is estimated that we will need XNUMX million houses in the future, of which XNUMX houses will be built in mature areas, and other houses will be built in new development areas.


The government will build the East West Link to connect the east and the west of the city through a tunnel; improve the highway and convert the Western Port Highway into a highway to make it more convenient for Hastings Port to Melbourne; start the construction of Melbourne’s first subway; the subway will From South Yarra to Domain to Fishermans Bend to Southern Cross, and then through Southern Cross and the train link to Sunshine, and extended to the airport at Albion East, connecting Melbourne's airport and the city center.

According to the new development plan, Melbourne's urban area will be expanded to the following areas:

1.Fishermans Bend



4.Key Rail Corridors

Key economic development areas:


2.La Trobe


4.Dandenong South

5.East Werribee


Key business areas:


2.Box Hill

3. Ringwood

4.Essendon Fields

5.Narre Warren




Planning Minister Matthew Guy said that "the government is going to consider allowing 20-30 floors in Footscray, 20 floors in Box Hill, 10 floors in Frankston, and 6 floors in Greensborough."

Governor Denis Napthine has full confidence in the development of Melbourne. He believes that for a city to develop, its population must grow. The population growth of Melbourne will be higher than that of any other region in Australia. The government's goal is to closely integrate urban development and urban culture, so as to achieve development while taking into account the protection of traditions.

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Planning Minister Matthew Guy emphasized that this development plan provides a solid foundation and paves the way for us, enabling us to meet the challenges of a city with a population of XNUMX million in the future. He declared: "This plan not only defines Melbourne, but also covers the entire province of Victoria."

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