No girlfriend? You can also benefit others. Donating your sperm can help others realize their dreams. It is not a good thing. And sperm donation can also get a certain amount of mental and physical compensation. You can provide samples for 10 expectant mothers in total, which will even save some precarious families. But the donor is required to be pr or citizen. Melbourne is currently available for on-site pickup at the City Fertility Centre of ST KILDA. The whole process is absolutely confidential.

Sperm donation method:

1. How to contact
A. Log in to and register on the registration page.
B. Make an appointment by email. Click "Contact" on the homepage to make an appointment.
C. Call the hotline 1800 985 838 to make an appointment and ask your questions face to face.

2. Make an appointment
A. The doctor will take a sample of your semen. Please ensure that there is no sex in the first 48 to 72 hours. The doctor will then analyze the semen.
B. At the same time you need to fill out an informed consent form.
C. A blood test will be required next. Blood test is one of the necessary routine inspection items before sperm donation. Only after the blood test can you have the result on your medical report. Any physical examination items, including the results of blood tests, will be let you know, and no fees will be charged.

3. Consultation
Any sperm donor has to attend two consultation lectures conducted by CFC professional consultants. This is done in accordance with legal requirements. In class, you can get relevant information about sperm donation, and you can also ask questions you don’t understand. The consultant will answer you one by one.

4. Physical examination
To ensure that you are a qualified sperm donor, you must first communicate with a fertility specialist. The specialist will check your blood test report, physical fitness and family medical history. Any physical examination items, including the results of blood tests, will be let you know, and no fees will be charged.

5. Sperm donation
After the above items 1 to 3 are passed and completed, you can negotiate a time with the medical office to donate sperm. Generally, a sperm donor will be arranged to donate sperm five times. There is no specific time limit, you can freely arrange it according to your time, either once a week or twice a week.

Sperm donors also need to enter information about their appearance, personality, and education level. These are all saved as the "profile of the donors". When the demanders arrive, they can choose the one that suits them according to the profile. The content of the profile does not involve personally identifying information.

6. Collect liquid
The semen must be produced in the infirmary, so that the doctor can verify whether the semen is from the donor and process the collected semen in the first time.

There will be a semen collection room in the infirmary. You can do it yourself with a handjob machine. There are various reading materials and DVDs. No lubricating fluid should be used during this process, and the semen must be produced in a sterile container provided by the doctor.

Ideally, each sperm donor can provide at least ten samples.

Once you donate, you will receive the following mental and physical compensation:
1. After the donation is accepted by the institution and frozen, $150 per sample
2. After the donation has been completed and used (compensation after six months), each sample is 150 dollars.
For example, if you have 5 samples taken and frozen, you will get a total of $1500 in mental and physical compensation. (Work more, get more~)

The whole sperm donation process does not require any cost. All expenses for appointments, physical examinations, blood tests and consultation courses will be reimbursed.

Compensation for tolls and parking fees has been included in the "Will I get paid to donate sperm?" project with a total of 300 dollars.

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