Melbourne’s strong artistic atmosphere is always intoxicating. No matter the charming large art gallery or the quiet small gallery in the alleys, no matter the building itself or the collection in between, you will always find an overflowing art. Surprise of the beauty!

1 National Gallery of Victoria International Pavilion (NGV International)


The International Pavilion of the National Gallery of Victoria, a veritable international art gallery! As the main venue of the Melbourne Winter Art Festival, the four-story exhibition hall here is filled with various artworks from Europe, Asia, Oceania and America! Since the establishment of the museum, the number of collections in the museum has doubled, reaching the current more than 7 items. As a veritable landmark building in Melbourne, the exhibition hall after a thorough redesign can fully accommodate any of the most stunning exhibits in the southern hemisphere!

Address:180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Victoria 3004

开放 时间:

Wednesday-Monday: 10am-5pm

Closed on Tuesday

2 The Ian Potter Centre: The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia

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If the International Pavilion of the National Gallery of Victoria is a grand palace of international art, then the Ian Potter Center in Federation Square: The Australian Pavilion of the National Gallery of Victoria is the home of Australian native art! Here is a collection of more than 2 outstanding Australian and non-native Australian artworks from the colonial period to modern times! Ian Porter Center is not only a great place to view artworks, visitors can also enjoy the most unique urban landscape from a new perspective from the glass matrix of the art gallery!

Address:Flinders and Russell St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

开放 时间:

Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-5pm

Closed on Monday

3 Victoria Arts Centre (The Arts Centre)

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When you see the shining iconic minaret in the night sky of Mocheng, that is Melbourne's home of performing arts: the Victoria Arts Centre! The magnificent Victoria Arts Centre is definitely a highlight of the South Bank Arts and Cultural District! A variety of high-level local and international performances are held here throughout the year, and other activities are also provided to visitors, including guided tours, exhibitions, and the popular Sunday craft market! Many people come to Taobao, you also come to find a unique precious gift for yourself and your relatives and friends!

Address:100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004

4 Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art)

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A five-minute walk from the International Pavilion of the National Gallery of Victoria, you can reach Australia’s top contemporary art gallery: the Australian Contemporary Art Centre! It brings the works of the best international and local artists and creative thinkers to those who come to seek inspiration! It is famous for exhibiting the latest works of art by the artists who are still struggling in the art world. Roaming among the exciting works in the art center is an excitement and in-depth experience of the culture of Melbourne city. Experience!

Address:111 Sturt St, Southbank, Victoria 3006

开放 时间:

10am – 5pm (open to 8pm on Wednesdays, reservation required on Mondays)

5 Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Australian Centre for the Moving Image)

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Stories can take you to different places, creativity can change yourself! Go to the Australian Motion Picture Centre and let yourself wander in the world of film, television and digital culture! Here is a wonderful annual calendar! Immerse yourself in the world’s largest screen gallery, explore in those inspiring exhibitions that are endless all year round, or watch a high-quality movie in a cinema with advanced facilities. The ACMI Store is great for movie fans. It is also the ultimate shopping place not to be missed!

Address:Corner Swanston & Flinders St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

6 Heide Museum of Modern Art

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The Hyde Museum of Modern Art was born in 1934 and is affectionately called "Hyde" by Australians. It is one of Australia's most unique modern and contemporary art destinations in Australia. It is only a 20-minute drive from Melbourne's Central Business District! Hyde has 15 acres of beautiful gardens. In addition to 3 dedicated exhibition spaces, there are also interesting ancient vegetable gardens and sculpture parks! Many well-known artists have interpreted the Australian modern art in their hearts here, and the masterpieces of these artists are also permanent and precious collections in the museum!

Address:7 Templestowe Road, Bulleen, Victoria 3105

开放 时间:

Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-5pm

Closed on Monday

7 Bendigo Art Gallery

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The Bendigo Art Museum, founded in 1887, has a history of more than 120 years. It is one of the oldest and largest local art museums in Australia! The museum has a wide variety of collections, including 19th-century European and Australian art masterpieces, as well as numerous Australian contemporary art collections! The decoration of the art gallery coexists with modernity and classicism, and the cafes in it are also full of fashion. It is also a beautiful thing to take an eye trip in the museum, and then order a cup of fragrant coffee and enjoy the scenery outside the window leisurely!

Address:42 View St, Bendigo, Victoria 3550

开放 时间:

10am - 5pm

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