In the impression of Australia, the air is fresh, the sea is blue, and the beautiful and handsome guys are very seductive. It is a very suitable place for the rest of your life:

But never expected......

▶The bank card magnetic stripe technology that everyone uses every day was invented in Australia;

▶The bus card chip technology was invented in Australia;

▶QANTAS invented the aircraft black box;

▶Specifies the cruise altitude of civil aviation aircraft;

▶Invented the passenger plane emergency escape slide;

▶Trained 70% of the world’s pilots;


▶Rated as the safest airline in the world, it has not had any air crashes since its operation in 1923;

(I have to say that there have been frequent air crashes recently, should we learn from the Australian aviation authorities?)

▶Australia invented the refrigerator

▶Australia invented WI-FI technology...


Let's take a look at the biochemical medicine technology that even the United States has to surrender:

▶Australia and the United Kingdom discovered penicillin together, but it is indeed the first antibacterial drug penicillin produced in Australia;

▶The invention of medical X-ray;



▶Cochlear implant;

▶The world's first cold medicine that can be taken by pregnant women;

▶The world's first cancer vaccine cervical cancer vaccine;


▶The discovery of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach;

Australia’s national strength is strong and its people are happy. No matter where you are, whether you have been to Australia or not, don’t be misled by subjective impressions and Australia’s simple municipal construction.

Looking at the following data, you will know where the bull is in Australia:

Only a short history of more than 200 years of founding the country,

A population of 2300 million,

But there are many scientific and technological inventions that lead the world,

And has 12 Nobel Prize winners,

Nine of them are medical award winners.


Not only that, Australia uses its strong medical power to produce various health products that benefit the people. Australia is the only country in the world that uses the Drug Law to supervise health products. Health products in other countries are all food products. Only Australian health products are curative! !