According to the latest statistics released by the Federal Department of Immigration on the 29th, the total number of new immigrants born in China reached 31.9, accounting for the third place in the total number of overseas-born immigrants. In addition, it takes an average of 8 years for Chinese immigrants to live in Australia to obtain Australian citizenship.

It is reported that the Ministry of Immigration has released trend data on the residence and working hours of overseas students and new immigrants after entry. Statistics show that it takes 8 years for Chinese immigrants to live in Australia before becoming naturalized, while overseas students prefer places where housing rents are cheap.

In Sydney, overseas students tend to live in clusters around Sydney's east-west transport corridor and universities. And this traffic axis has a tendency to extend westward to the foot of the Blue Mountains. Therefore, most overseas students will become long-distance commuters, and they choose to live in the outer suburbs of the west because rents are cheaper there.

In contrast, the locations of working holiday Makers (Working Holiday Makers) are more concentrated. For example, in Sydney, they tend to live in more vibrant and vibrant inner cities or around the beach. Since the number of working holiday visas is smaller than the number of international students, very few of them stay in Australia for more than 12 months. In addition, the majority of New Zealand residents in Australia hold short-term visas. The vast majority of them live on the fringe of Sydney, living in the northern part of Penrith and the southern part of Campbelltown. Regardless of economic strength or social status, most of them belong to the "vulnerable groups" in the Sydney area.

Compared with Western countries such as New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the number of immigrants in Australia accounts for a higher proportion of the total number. Among them, immigrants born in the UK accounted for the vast majority. Currently, 110 million immigrants born in the UK live in Australia, accounting for 1/20 of the total number of Australian residents. New Zealand-born immigrants account for the second largest group of overseas-born immigrants in Australia, with about 48.3; while the total number of immigrants born in China is 31.9, which is the third place in the total number of overseas-born immigrants; India is 29.5; Italy Is 18.5; Vietnam is 18.5. The total number of immigrants from the above six countries accounted for 6% of all immigrants in Australia.

Most overseas immigrants have the habit of building their own ethnic communities. The number of immigrants born in China and India accounted for the vast majority of Asian immigrants. It is worth mentioning that it takes an average of 8 years for Chinese immigrants to live in Australia to become Australian citizens, while it takes 5 years for Indian immigrants.

Compared with those born in Australia, new immigrants tend to live in metropolises. As of 2011, 64% of Australia's population lived in large metropolitan areas. Among them, 85% of immigrants born overseas expressed their willingness to live in metropolitan areas; 98% of Somali immigrants chose to live in cities. In addition, 97% of immigrants from Lebanon, Macau, Macedonia, Mainland China and Vietnam % Chose to live in the city.

In contrast, only 78% of New Zealand immigrants, 74% of British immigrants, 72% of German immigrants and 64% of Dutch immigrants tend to live in cities.

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