McDonald’s door-to-door service may soon be extended to your doorstep. The fast food giant is about to trial McDelivery in Victoria, but it has raised concerns among health advocates. At the end of next month, outlet stores in South Melbourne will test the acceptance of customers for the service. Other outlets will follow this approach.


The minimum consumption for a customer to place an order through the Menulog website is 25 yuan, and a delivery fee of 4.95 yuan is required. Delivery service time is from 5pm-11pm from Sunday to Thursday, and from 5pm to 10am the next morning on Friday and Saturday. The service area is within 2.5 kilometers, including South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park, South Wharf and Docklands. Myersong is currently conducting trials in two locations in Sydney, and the service will soon be introduced in another five locations.

"For decades, Australians have enjoyed the convenience of door-to-door restaurant delivery. Our customers tell us that they like the delivery service." said spokeswoman Skye Oxenham-Lupul. "Once these pilots are completed, we will extend service hours." Jane Martin, executive manager of Obesity Policy Coalition, worries about the impact of unhealthy food within reach on consumers' health.

"The worrying thing is that it creates more convenience for the public. When people don't eat well, it expands the market, especially for young people who consume a lot of fries and burgers." Martin said. Ash Naulty, 25, said that he liked the idea very much and was surprised that it took so long to have such a service. "I will definitely use this service, especially in winter, when you don't want to go out. You can see many types of fast food restaurants everywhere overseas." He said.


A McDonald’s spokesperson said it chose South Melbourne first because of the population growth in the area and the needs of its customers. With this service, you can enjoy most of the standard menus, including Big Macs, French fries, healthy salads and burritos. Consumers expressed mixed opinions on Menulog. Some expressed satisfaction with this, while others expressed the need to wait for a long time and the problem of too single food.

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