From the chocolate factory to the ancient gold rush town, from the aquarium to the safari park, Melbourne has too many activities suitable for the whole family. Come and explore Melbourne with the children and find the fun of childhood!

Day 1


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  • Arrive in Melbourne in the morning and take a tour of the historic City Circle Tram in downtown Melbourne.
  • Melbourne Aquarium (Melbourne Aquarium), close contact with marine animals, entertaining and learning.
  • Visit Flinders Street Station (Flinders Street Station), Federation Square (Federation Square) and experience the artistic atmosphere of Melbourne. Known as the creative capital of Australia's artistic inspiration, Melbourne's unique charm is reflected here.
  • Visit the Eureka Skydeck 88 (Eureka Skydeck 88), overlooking the best point of Melbourne from the air, the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere.

Day 2

Melbourne-Great Ocean Road

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  • In the morning, drive on the Great Ocean Road, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world.
  • Along the way, magnificent sea views, cliffs and cliffs emerge in endlessly. Passing through Apollo Bay, Otway National Park, it is more likely to find traces of wild koalas.
  • Finally, we came to Port Campbell National Park, where we can truly experience the magnificent beauty of the ocean in southern Australia: the world-famous Twelve Apostles, London Bridge and Lake Arde Gap and other sea-eroded strange rocks are here. You can also choose to take a helicopter at your own expense to have a bird's eye view of the wonders of the Twelve Apostles.
  • Live in South China at night.

Day 3

South China Town-Sovereign Hill-Melbourne

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  • First go to Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Wildlife Park) to get in touch with Australian animals.
  • Then head to Sovereign Hill and walk into the ancient gold rush town, as if you have passed through a time and space tunnel and entered the 19th century full of desire! You can take pictures in the 19th-century photo studio on Main Street, and mail a postcard with the postmark of the time as a precious memorial.
  • At noon, after tasting a delicious lunch in a quaint restaurant, follow the Chinese instructor to ride a small train down the mine to learn about the formation process of gold mines, watch the sound and light movie "Secret Chamber", and explore the history of struggle of the Chinese ancestors.
  • Chinese food for dinner.
  • Return to Melbourne in the evening to check in to the hotel and rest.

Day 4

Melbourne-Phillip Island

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  • Drive to the Dandenong Mountains, take the Puffying Billy Steam Railway, the oldest steam train in the Southern Hemisphere, and put your feet out of the window with your children to find the fun of childhood.
  • Drive to Phillip Island.
  • First go to Churchill Island for lunch, then visit the farm. Sheep performances and sheep shearing performances will definitely be loved by children.
  • Visit the Chocolate Factory (Chocolate Factory), the world of chocolate, learn about the knowledge of chocolate making, breathtaking chocolate waterfall, and taste delicious chocolates for free.
  • After dinner, head to the famous Penguin Parade: whenever sunset or dusk, the little penguins will return to land from the sea, cross the beach, and return to their nest on the sand dunes. Phillip Island is the largest penguin habitat in the world.

Day 5

Phillip Island-Melbourne

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  • In the morning, visit the Koala Conservation Centre, take a look at the naive Australian national treasure-the koala, and take a close look at the koala living on the eucalyptus tree from the high-altitude trail.
  • Visiting A Maze N'things amusement park, many things will attract your attention, and even give you illusions and illusions. From the Flooded House to the largest countdown clock in the world, you can experience the illusion of separation of your head and body, shorten your height, and get lost in the magic mirror maze or outdoor maze. Here, there are many things worth experiencing, many puzzles waiting to be solved, and many places waiting for you to explore.
  • Return to the city in the evening, stroll through the Crown Entertainment Complex on the South Bank and watch a fire show.

Day 6


  • Take the opportunity to return to China and end the pleasant 6-day trip to Melbourne, Australia.

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