Australia is a big country producing honey. This is attributed to its warm climate and dense vegetation; moreover, Australia’s pure, pollution-free environment and the world’s cleanest air and water produce high-quality, crystal-clear and flavorful honey. pleasant.

Australian honey characteristics

1. Unique smell, long-lasting fragrance;

2. Rich in nutrition, bright golden color and low water content;

3. Real organic food contains healthy vitality;

4. It is completely collected from wild trees that have not been polluted, and is 100% pure natural wild honey;

5. The collection period is more than three weeks, which is truly natural mature honey!

Australian honey product recommendation

1. Blue Mountain Honey:


Blue Mountain honey is collected from Australia's famous green original ecological area-Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia. Only operators specially authorized by the Australian government can enter the area to collect honey during the annual honey collection season.

Blue Mountain Honey is recognized by the Australian Government and won the Royal Hobart Gold Award. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. The honey is collected from the green original ecological area, the environment is pure, and the honey quality is high;

2. The smell is fragrant and durable;

3. It has the characteristics of high-quality honey;

4. The use of low-temperature processing technology guarantees all the nutrients in honey.

The star products of Blue Mountain Honey are as follows:

(1) Leather Wood Honey:


This honey is unique to Australia. Its antioxidant activity is 2-3 times that of ordinary honey, and it is more effective against Staphylococcus aureus infection. It is a high-quality health food and an excellent antibacterial health product.

(2) Blackberry Honey:


This kind of honey is collected from blooming blackberry stamens. It combines all the extraordinary effects of blackberry itself. It has a light and elegant taste. It is highly effective for oral ulcers, sore throat, diarrhea, hemostasis, diuresis, and treatment of asthma during spasms. Effectiveness, it is a top-grade food therapy suitable for all ages.

(3) Meadow Honey:


This kind of honey is a natural mixture of alfalfa honey and blackberry honey, so it has both the characteristics of blackberry honey and alfalfa honey; it protects the liver and lungs, nourishes the stomach and intestines, and can cure seasonal allergies.

2. Tasmanian honey


(1) Leatherwood Honey:


Leatherwood honey is the only honey in the world. Leatherwood Tree (Leatherwood Tree) is a wild plant unique to Tasmania, Australia. Leatherwood honey collected from leatherwood flowers is a unique specialty on Tasmania. Its purity is very high, reaching 95-99%, which is much higher than the international standard (70%); in addition, leatherwood honey contains a large amount of antioxidants, which is 2 to 3 times higher than ordinary Australian honey.

This kind of honey is suitable for anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, beautifying skin, dry skin, spleen and stomach upset, loss of appetite, constipation, aging and physical failure, and those who use computers for a long time.

(2) Manuka Honey


This honey is collected from Manuka flowers that grow in the wilderness and bushes of Tasmania. The nectar of Manuka flowers is rich in an active compound-methylglyoxal, which is a very high natural antibacterial active substance. Manuka honey is also called because it is rich in this pure natural antibacterial and high active substance. It is a "drug with anti-cancer effect in honey", which is suitable for people with stomach pain, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, poor gastrointestinal function, oral ulcer, throat discomfort, poor resistance, and weak lung function.

(3) Eucalyptus Honey


Eucalyptus honey has a special herbal flavor similar to mint. It is a kind of honey that can prevent influenza. It is suitable for people with excessive tobacco and alcohol, stomach upset, loss of appetite, constipation, lack of energy, poor resistance, and people who are susceptible to colds.

(4) French Lavender Honey


This kind of honey can improve insomnia and is suitable for people with nervousness, poor sleep, insomnia, restlessness, physical weakness, spleen and stomach discomfort, constipation, and dry skin.

How to consume honey correctly?

1. Do not use metal spoons to avoid chemical damage to the beneficial ingredients in honey; only use clean (no moisture) plastic, wooden or magnetic utensils to hold honey.

2. Adults can consume one to two teaspoons of honey a day; drink a sip of water first, and then slowly swallow the honey.

3. Children over one year old can consume one teaspoon of honey every day, the method of consumption is the same as above.

4. Honey has no shelf life and can be stored in dry and cool places for a long time; it is important not to use wet spoons to avoid destroying the original texture of honey.

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