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After a wicked woman in Australia abused a Chinese woman with racial discrimination on a train to Sydney last month, an Aboriginal Australian woman abused an Asian woman with discriminatory remarks on a train in Perth last Friday. Descent woman.

According to footage captured by passengers on the Australian television channel Nine News, the woman suddenly approached the Asian woman standing next to the car door, "face-to-face" called her a "Chinese prostitute," and pointed her finger to the woman's private parts. The innocent woman being scolded kept standing by the door, silent. The passenger who filmed the film said that the Asian woman did nothing wrong, but did not respond or counterattack in the face of the insult, and the passenger felt innocent for her.

The Australian Public Transport Authority stated that anyone who is abused for no reason while riding in a car should be notified so that an investigation can be conducted. The police said they had not received a report.

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