last night6 : 30Fen, the Victorian Infrastructure Construction Dinner is atRegent TheaterHeld low-key. The entire venue was elegantly furnished, and the banquet was held for fifty, with a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

Current Governor of VictoriaDenisVincent NapthineBring the ministers and state assemblymen to the dinner.

Distinguished representatives of the Chinese business community and celebrities attended the event in costumes, contributing to the Chinese participation in politics and the building of a beautiful home in Victoria.

As a Chinese associate member, Ms. Liu Chan-e was undoubtedly the most shining star of the entire dinner last night.

Ms. Liao Chang'e not only personally received the guests at the entrance of the dinner, but also prepared a gift in return for every guest present. The traditional virtues of Chinese Eastern women's knowledge and gifts are fully revealed. Friends from China and the West have all praised Liao Chang'e for this action, and praised her care and thoughtfulness!

During the dinner, the governorNapthineAnd the Minister of TransportationTerry MulderStep onto the podium to present the grand infrastructure plan of Victoria to the guests passionately.

Development of economy, transportation first

Victoria is developing rapidly. This is why the largest investment budget in history has been dedicated to Victoria's road and rail network.

Key projects

The four key infrastructure construction projects will bring prosperity to the entire Victoria and Melbourne in the coming decades. Including Melbourne Rail Network, East-West Loop,Cranbourne-PakenhamRailway corridor andCityLinkbricksSection extension.

Cost24The $XNUMX million road network and railway network will generate thousands of jobs, support the development of new suburbs, create a new transportation network, and expand the central business district.

FreeCBDTram, cheaper public transportation

according to2014Years3The reforms announced in2015Years1Month1FromCBDToDocklandsThe trams in the range are all free, and the upgrade is also the city-wide public transport-which means that passengers only payZones1You can travel anywhereZones1Zones 2

New train tram and new service

Extra every week150The capacity of XNUMX passengers to public transportation, including40A new train,43NewV-LineCarriage and50New tram.

In the governorNapthineIn the whole process of speaking, it was interrupted by everyone's praise and warm applause countless times. All sectors of society are full of expectations for Victoria's bright and beautiful future!

The auction of the dinner banquet pushed the atmosphere of the entire venue to a climax. Liao Chang'e, who has work experience in speech therapy, gave full play to her language advantages and proactively jumped onto the auction table to act as a live interpreter, and combined Chinese and English with Western auctioneers to raise funds for Victorian infrastructure auctions.On such occasions, both Chinese and Chinese have created a precedent!The auctioneer said frankly on the spot, andLiao Chane's cooperation is very enjoyable!

Chinese love wine, Westerners love ball.

In the end, Chinese businessmenCouple with5000Australian Prime MinisterTony Abbott signed1983YearPenfoldsFine wine. Western guests will Footy比赛10Entrance tickets to the people's box stands are included in the bag.

Build a better Victoria

Ms. Liu Chang'e, Victorian Liberal Party House of LordsCandidate for the Northern Territory, former assistant to the governor of the Victorian Governor’s Office, founding chairman of the Liberal Party Chinese Association, founding chairman of the Liberal Party’s Multicultural Branch.

Liu Chang'e from Hong Kong is from Chaozhou.1985I studied in Australia alone in the year and worked in speech therapy after graduation, helping those who have difficulties in language communication and communication to overcome obstacles. Liao Chang'e has long positioned her job to serve the people, serve the society, and help those in difficulties and those in need.

Political program : Build a better Victoria, increase infrastructure, directly provide employment, and improve people’s livelihood; strengthen road and rail transportation; strengthen multiculturalism, encourage active participation, and provide substantial support; expand international markets, attract foreign investment, increase exports, and create Employment.

Improve Chinese rights

With Liao's unremitting efforts and promotion,Former Governor of VictoriaTed BaillieuNot only participated in various activities organized by Chinese associations, but also opened a governor's column in many Chinese newspapers, basically informing the Chinese of the state government's governance in a timely manner every week.

Current governorNapthineI also insist on this good way of communicating with Chinese. At the dinner scene, under the promotion of Liu Chang'e,NapthineI walked to the Chinese friends and took a group photo with everyone.

In terms of business trade,BaillieuLeading Australia's largest investigation group in history to visit China, triggering a new upsurge in attracting investment from China;NapthineI just went to Jiangsu, China in April this year to celebrate35The relationship between sister states and provinces in the year.

Chan-e Liao has exerted her unique influence in various decision-making decisions of the Victorian government, which has caused mainstream Western society to pay more attention to Chinese society. Chinese participate in politics and discuss politics, expand Chinese influence, we are on the way!

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