What is a man? Please allow me to borrow a passage from John Ajage’s "My Heart Is Wild" to answer: "Every man wants a gun in his heart since he was a child, hoping to fight a battle, an adventure in the wilderness, a period of perseverance Life, and saving a beautiful person. That is the image God has given to a man, the image that a man wants to live out."


Recently, a hot post has caused countless saliva. The article claims that Chinese men have sloppy appearance and wretched temperament, "not worthy of Chinese women who are in line with international standards." For a time, there were divergent opinions and countless saliva.

I'm too embarrassed to pretend to be outside the law of statistics and be a quiet beautiful man after this quarrel. There are a few words to say.

I humbly believe that the beauty of a man lies in his physique and his temperament. As for dressing, that is secondary. Youdao is "rough clothes and unkempt, without reducing the national color." The best clothes for men are muscles, and the figure is good enough, and a casual shirt will be very sexy. Conversely, if the brain is fat and wretched, the Italian tailored suit will not save the scene.

Chinese men must have their ugliness. And this ugliness with Chinese characteristics is the result of natural evolution.

Since ancient times, the image of Ruyi Langjun in the minds of Chinese women has been a gifted man except for the rich. This man, that official, is all weak scholars who have nothing to do with them. The reason why I adore talented people is that they are knowledgeable and reasonable, but also because they are good at exams. After passing the exams, they can become officials and become rich and become new rich men. Most of the poor talents in the play are going to be admitted to the champion, "The Chao is Tian Shelang, and the Mu is in Tianzitang". What is not mentioned in the play is that talents who become rich are often more rampant than the old rich.

Talented scholars believe that "the book has its own Yan Ruyu", which means that after you have obtained fame, you will naturally have a lot of beautiful women to choose from. In this war between the sexes, men do not confront women head-on, their opponents are men. In other words, only by earning a place in the world of men can they have the opportunity to participate in the distribution of women. The so-called "what is the risk of a husband without a wife".

Therefore, in our traditional culture, there are names and no roses; there are more flattery to men, and few love poems to women; more brothers stab at each other, and few forget their lives for women. "The depth of the eyebrows is not the same", "I hate to meet when I am not married", these lingering sentences are actually written by men to men. In the "Water Margin", the proactive pursuit of women is not a dude or an obscene child. "Chongguan an angry as a beauty" has been infamous for eternity, but it may not necessarily be for women.

Ever since, the beauty of a man's body has been ignored for a long time. At the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, most athletes played naked, while in ancient China, toga and large sleeves covered all figures. Michelangelo's David seems to be carved out with a single blow, with perfect proportions, strong muscles, and full of youthful power and beauty. Contrast this with Liang Kai's Li Bai Xingyin Picture, with a few chats below his head.

This is probably the most perfect image of a man in the minds of the ancients. I don't know if it is because of freehand brushwork. Li Bai in the painting looks long and short, with a slightly convex abdomen, looking like a plum bottle from a distance. The top literary youth Li Bai is like this, let alone others.

Now that this is the case, who would take a self-portrait in the mirror, "Which one is beautiful between me and Gong Xu?"


If it is said that women in ancient times had no status and no right to choose, then today, the girls are turning over, right?

Nowadays, the most popular are two kinds of men, one is called "professional" and the other is called "professional." If you think about it carefully, the "professional type" is the rich man, and the "professional spirit" is the talent. If you have no talent and no money, then you have to be "good to me", which is called "affordable man".
To find a man is to find "reliance" and "home". This inertia of thinking has lasted for thousands of years and originated from the deep-rooted insecurities in women's hearts. As for the image of a man, it is the cherry on the cake, which is used for icing on the cake and is not useful. Is he handsome?

Although there are more and more women claiming to belong to the "Appearance Association", they are very clear in their hearts: handsome guys are used to seize the eye, and it is not affordable and safe to keep them at home. So they drool at the beautiful guys on TV, but they don't hesitate to embrace the crooked melons. On the screen, beautiful men are rampant; in life, ugly men are popular, in fact, it is mutual cause and effect. Art really comes from life and is higher than life.

Even, in the hearts of many girls, ugliness is precisely a man's advantage: fatness means that you are not worried about eating and drinking; belly implies pampering and superiority; and wretched appearance means a sense of security. Older? It doesn't matter, mature men have more flavor.

Seek benevolence for benevolence. From this point of view, Chinese men are worthy of Chinese women, and they are a perfect match.

Some people sigh with emotion "flowers are stuck in cow dung." Is it wrong? Cow dung is nutritious, warm, and safe. In fact, many girls voluntarily lower into the cow dung and then bloom.

The terrible reality of Chinese women destroyed the last remaining poetic and heroic feelings of men. In turn, men's vulgarity and unwillingness also ruined women's last romance. Chang'e is flying to the moon, and Yu Ji has killed herself. Liu Ru throws water and is picked up, so let's live with Qian Qianyi.


Where does the charm of men come from? In a word, freedom.

Other beautiful words, such as heroism, wildness, grace, and confidence, are just derivatives of freedom. They are the zeros after the 1.

Since the era of "the whole world is not the king's soil", the most scarce thing for Chinese men is freedom.

The autocratic dynasty user registration system restrained men's feet, restrained men's spirit with ethics and morality, and distorted men's pursuit with imperial examinations. This kind of living environment has endowed Chinese men with countless outstanding qualities-hardworking and kind, honest and trustworthy, love of peace, quiet work... Only the most essential charm of men is missing.

We have countless good men, but many true men are missing. The era of "Historical Records" and "Shi Shuo Xin Yu" is far away, and the tragedy of Yi Shui and the demeanor of the Wei and Jin Dynasties have become a distant last. If the Chinese man was once a wild horse, then later, he lost the grassland.

As a result, when Jian Chuanli bombarded the country, many people had their eyes wide open, exclaiming that foreigners "cannot bend their knees" and "have four testicles."

Well, don't mention the past. Today, a typical Chinese man has been educated to be "obedient" and "be good" since he was a child. Slightly older, he was overwhelmed by test-oriented education and questioning tactics. After working, my biggest wish is to enter the system and hold a stable iron rice bowl.

After years of hard work, I finally earned the status of a "house slave". Look at the face of the leader in the work unit, look at the face of the wife (mother-in-law) at home, speak only nonsense, and fart quietly. How many people only look for pleasure and courage in virtual games. This life is a life of bowing one's head and eyebrows, and a life of painting the ground as a prison.

When others exercise, we are doing questions; when others are reading, we are playing games; when others are traveling, we are socializing. Wine, wealth and gas, ecstasy, and horrible; Why is it ugly, nothing more.

That's why I am eager to prove myself with external things: desperately earning money, desperately climbing up, once you get the momentum, buy a famous watch, buy a luxury house, buy an off-road jeep, as if you are a man.

But wealth, status, pomp, and clothing are just labels. The so-called "successful man", tear off your label, what is left?


In 1973, the famous female war correspondent Faraki interviewed the founder of the Greek resistance movement and anti-dictator Alexander Panaguris, who had just been released from prison. Farage asked, "Alexander, tell me, what does a man mean?"

Panaguris replied, "It means having courage and dignity. It means believing in human beings. It means loving, but not allowing love to be a safe haven. It means struggle and victory."

The two talked from the afternoon to the early morning of the next day. Finally, Panaguris asked, "From your perspective, what is a man?"

Farage has fallen in love with him, "I said, men should be like you."

What is a man? Please allow me to borrow a passage from John Ajage’s "My Heart Is Wild" to answer: "Every man wants a gun in his heart since he was a child, hoping to fight a battle, an adventure in the wilderness, a period of perseverance Life, and saving a beautiful person. That is the image God has given to a man, the image that a man wants to live out."

Are Chinese men ugly? This question is thought-provoking. Instead of resisting, instead of avoiding, it is better to re-examine yourself and stand in the world with what you look like.

Phase is born from heart. The ugliness on the outside is not terrible, but the emptiness and vulgarity on the inside are terrifying.

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