Encyclopedia of items that must be declared and prohibited when entering Australia (the latest official version)

Australia’s customs law prohibits the entry of drugs, steroids, weapons, firearms, wild animals, plants, and ivory protected by international conventions.

Australia is a big country in agriculture, animal husbandry and planting. Animal products, fruits, plants and food that are prone to animal and plant parasitic diseases are strictly prohibited from being brought into the country.

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Items that must be declared

(Some items will be allowed to enter after inspection or processing)


Sausage/meat sausage

  • Salted whole duck, duck liver, duck kidney, duck intestines, beef strips, beef cubes, beef jerky, beef and pork shreds, moon cakes containing pork, instant noodles containing meat, pork knuckles, roast pork, pet food ( (Including fish food and bird food)
  • Cooked and uncooked food and food materials
  • Dried, salted and fresh fish and seafood including shellfish, shark fin, squid and fish maw/flower maw
  • Dried fruits and vegetables include hericium, dried longan, dried lychee, dried tangerine peel, dried plum, dried ginseng
  • Noodles and rice
  • Packaged meals include food on the plane, soup, herbs and spices (star anise, cinnamon, cloves)
  • Herbal and traditional medicines, treatments, tonics and herbal teas (Tangerine peel, chrysanthemum, tree bark, Lingzhi, Codonopsis)
  • Snacks (ginkgo, peanut, melon seeds, pork floss)
  • Biscuits, pastries and sweets (almond cakes with pork, wafers, chicken cakes with pork, and pastries with sausages are prohibited)
  • Tea, coffee and other drinks made with milk (three-in-one coffee, tea and Milo)
  • Tea and citrus spices

【Animal Products】

  • Feathers, bones, horn products and fangs (must be clean and without any animal tissue)
  • Leather, animal skins and fur (animal skin products including drums and shields are banned unless they are processed)
  • Wool or animal hair (including quilts, wool and craft products)
  • Specimens of animals and birds (some specimens may be banned in accordance with the regulations on the protection of dangerous wildlife)
  • Shells include jewellery and souvenirs. Corals are banned according to the endangered species protection law)
  • Bee products include honey, honeycomb, royal jelly and beeswax. Pollen is banned
  • Used animal equipment includes veterinary equipment and medicines, sheep shearing or meat commercial tools, saddles, harnesses and animal or bird cages
  • Pet food and playthings including dog leather chews and fish food are banned

Plant material

  • Wooden handicrafts, objects and carvings including colored and lacquered items (bark is banned and will be removed or processed)
  • Artifacts, handicrafts and antiques made of plant materials
  • Mats, bags or other items made of plant materials, palm leaves or leaves (items made of banana leaves are prohibited)
  • Straw products include hats, mats and packaging
  • Potpourri and Coconut Shell
  • Items that contain or are filled with seeds
  • Dried flowers and dried flower decoration
  • Fresh flowers (Flowers that can be propagated from stems such as roses, carnations and chrysanthemums are banned)

【Other items】

  • Handicrafts and hobby products made of animal or plant materials
  • Used sports and camping equipment including tents, bicycles, golf and fishing equipment stained with dirt, feces or plant material shoes/hiking boots

Items prohibited from entering the countryList

The following items are prohibited and will be confiscated and destroyed, or you can discard the items in the quarantine box at the airport.

【Dairy Products, Eggs and egg-containing products]

  • All whole, dried and powdered eggs and egg-containing products including egg-containing noodles, egg-containing moon cakes (salted eggs, processed eggs and preserved eggs), salted or processed duck eggs and quail eggs, and egg-containing products Instant noodles and mayonnaise
  • All dairy products (unless products from a country listed as free of foot and mouth disease). Raw and dried products containing more than 10% dairy products, including XNUMX-in-XNUMX coffee, tea and Milo, milk powder and instant cereals with milk
  • Infant formula accompanying infants and New Zealand dairy products are permitted

【Non-canned meat products】

  • All animal species-fresh, dried, refrigerated, cooked, smoked, salted, processed or packaged.

【Live Animals】

  • All mammals, birds, eggs and nests, fish, reptiles (turtles), snakes, scorpions, amphibians, crustaceans and insects

【Living Plants】

All potted plants/plants with exposed roots, bamboo, bonsai, pruning, roots, bulbs, bulbs, rhizomes, stems and other plant materials and soil that can propagate

Banana leaves-cooked, dried, fresh or chilled

【Herbal and Traditional Medicine】

  • Antlers, antler, antler essence, deer whip, donkey-hide gelatin, deer products from New Zealand and marked as New Zealand products are permitted
  • Bird's Nest, Cordyceps/Cordyceps, Ganoderma
  • Hashima paste, ground dragon, any kind of dried animal carcass, purple river cart, dried gecko, deer tendon, turtle, oxtail

【Seeds and Nuts】

Cereal foods, popcorn, unprocessed nuts, raw chestnuts, fresh peanuts, pine nuts, bird food, fruit and vegetable seeds, unproven seeds, some commercially packaged seeds, seeds and soy decorations, hawthorn Red beans and mung beans

【Fresh fruits and vegetables】

All fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables (garlic, ginger, chili, apple, persimmon, tangerine, herbs, fresh bamboo and cedar).

If seized by the customs, a considerable fine or even imprisonment will be imposed.


[Items exceeding the tax-free concessions]

Tax-free concessions in Australia are different from other countries. Pay special attention to:

2) Alcohol. At least 18 years old, you can bring 2.25 liters of alcohol into the country.

3) Tobacco. At least 18 years old, you can bring 50 cigarettes or 50 grams of cigars or tobacco products into the country to enjoy tax-free concessions.
4) Family members traveling together can accumulate their tax-free benefits.

5) If the items you carry exceed the tax exemption limit in Australia, you will not only pay tax for the single item that exceeds the limit, but also pay tax for all such items you carry.

The Australian Customs is relatively strict in quarantine inspections, and the declared items are generally opened for inspection. Items that are strictly prohibited to be brought into the country, such as meat products, fruits and seeds, will be confiscated if they are declared. If they are found without declaration, they will not only be confiscated but also fined, ranging from a few hundred Australian dollars to thousands of Australian dollars. , Without mercy.

The Australian Customs has strict requirements on things that endanger the species and ecological environment of the country, but it has an indifferent attitude towards daily luxury goods and daily necessities. In fact, customs often cannot know the value of the goods, so there is no strict inspection. The entry and exit of valuables such as computers, cameras and photographic equipment, as well as jewelry and cosmetics purchased for relatives and friends, has not been checked by customs officers, and there are no items of these electronic products on the entry card, so it is impossible to fill in and declare.

For the latest details, please visit the Australian Quarantine Service website:

Chinese page: www.daff.gov.au/languages/chinese-simplified

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