Melbourne is a well-known "Coffee City". Coffee shops are more popular with Chinese immigrants for their elegant environment and taste. Many investment immigrants who come to Australia choose coffee shop business, but the reality is that they succeeded after taking over from Westerners. There are not many Chinese coffee shops that make money. Many people also have to continue to operate in order to obtain their identity, and transfer their identity once they have acquired it.

Mr. Liu, an investment immigrant from Beijing, came to Melbourne the year before last. With the help of a business agent, he learned about many businesses: roast chicken shops, dry cleaners, coffee shops, and retail stores. After many times of understanding, observation and careful analysis, finally spent 33 to take over a coffee shop located in an office building from an Italian. But after taking over, many problems appeared. He said: "Because I am not familiar with the coffee shop business, I have been drinking instant coffee for a few years in China, and I have to learn everything from scratch. For example, the different types of coffee in the shop, the different types of dishes and the Westerners' Food is very unfamiliar to me who has been engaged in textile production and management for a long time in China. Moreover, it is in English. At first, nothing was helpful. I could only stand idly by and watch them busy there. Later, although I hired I have a manager who understands both Chinese and English and has experience in managing coffee shops to help manage the business, but he still loses money after one year of operation. In retrospect, I have really experienced a lot of bitter things during the year. I often do some of the most tiring and dirty work for the owner. There is no profit for a year. We analyzed several reasons. One is that many customers have left. The previous owner was an Italian. Since I bought the store, I changed it all at once. With the face of the Chinese, some of the customers who were very affectionate with the previous owner will not come to the store. Doing business really needs blood, just like an Italian selling Chinese dumplings, it is estimated that the business will not be much better. The second is Due to rising prices, the cost has risen, but our menu prices have been maintained at the original prices, so profits are getting less and less. Third, the removal of some offices in the office building has affected our business. In the second year, although we adjusted I have adopted some business strategies, such as changing the environment and raising prices. However, there are still not many passengers at present, and it is too hard. I plan to switch to import and export business after I get the PR."

Interestingly, unlike the cafes run by Chinese, Chinese bakery is very good in Melbourne. Recently, the reporter saw in a bakery in Melbourne City that people of all colors lined up to buy bread. Ms. Sarah, a local Australian who often buys bread here, told reporters that her whole family likes the products in the Chinese bakery very much. She said: "Most of the bread in the supermarket is used as a staple food, with a single taste, and some are used for sandwiches. It must be eaten with seasonings, dishes, and meat products. The bread in Western bakery is generally hard and does not taste. Rich. The bread in Chinese bakery is not only novel in style and modern in name, but also has many flavors. Some have already sandwiched sausage, shrimp, meat, bean paste, jam, etc., which is convenient and tastes good.. Our whole family likes to eat this bread as dessert, sometimes the children just buy a few of these breads with lunch. The products of Chinese bakery are the foods I must buy every week. "

Coffee, bitter and sweet bread, are the fault of culture!
According to statistics, each Australian now consumes an average of 2.4 kg of coffee per year, compared to 50 kg 0.6 years ago. Today coffee has become the beverage of choice for many Australians. Successful cafes in Melbourne also emerge in endlessly, everywhere, so why is it difficult for Chinese-run cafes to make profits?

Mr. Dante, an Australian who has been operating a coffee shop in Melbourne for more than ten years, said that there are many factors that affect coffee shops, such as the quality of the owner, the environment of the shop, the flow of passengers, and the quality of the staff. In addition to knowing English, it is easy to communicate with customers, but also to know how to operate, know about coffee, that is, know about coffee culture. He said: "Many Australians are descended from the British, and some cultures have inherited British traditions. Australian coffee shops pay great attention to the brewing process, and the choice of coffee beans and coffee milk is very particular. Many big ones Coffee shops have their own characteristics. Regular competitions are held every weekend. Cyclists, rugby enthusiasts, cricket enthusiasts, etc. often gather in the cafes to taste coffee and enjoy breakfast and delicious lunches. These consumers are chatting and talking together." He said: "I know that many coffee shops opened by Chinese people do not hire professional people to save labor costs. They are married and sold now. If you don’t know much about it, it’s difficult to promote coffee culture in Australia. If you can’t promote coffee culture, how can you sell coffee. If the Chinese want to open a good coffee shop, they must not only understand the coffee culture, but also the coffee culture. Because your customers are more Westerners who have grown up drinking coffee since they were young. Coffee has become a part of their blood. This is also an important reason why it is difficult for Chinese to open coffee shops here."

Mr. Kaleo, a senior Chinese barista in Melbourne, said that many coffee shops opened in China have no taste, indicating that most Chinese people still don’t understand coffee. Coffee is still a good product for Chinese people. It is difficult to understand the West for a while. Coffee culture. Chinese language barriers and different understandings of local culture make it difficult for Western customers who come to taste coffee to exchange ideas with the operators, and naturally it is difficult to form a long-term fixed customer base.

It is difficult for Chinese coffee shops to be recognized by local Australians. So how do Chinese bakery in Australia succeed? Mr. Flanck, a baker with a Chinese best-selling bakery in Melbourne, told reporters that Australians, Europeans and Americans are the main consumer groups here, so Chinese opening a bakery in Australia must consider not only the tastes of the Chinese, but also the tastes of other Asians and Europeans. . Especially at present, in order to attract more customers from other foreign fast food and foreign bakeries, it is necessary to introduce the concept of health,Healthy culture and good eating habits have been recognized by many people, and more people enjoy health while enjoying bread.