A friend's son (Kevin, 16 years old, who just went to the United States to study in high school last year) came back from the summer vacation and heard him tell a lot of interesting things. The most interesting thing is this course on adolescence education.

The first grade health class stipulates that every student (most of them are children around 16 years old) go to the supermarket to buy a 10-pound bag of flour for his own baby, or two 5-pound flour for his own baby. Are twins.

The rule is: take care of your baby 24 hours a week, not only learn how to feed and dress your baby, but also make future learning and financial plans for your baby...

It is stipulated that the baby cannot be entrusted to other people's care at any time. The flour packaging bag is regarded as the baby's skin. If the bag is broken, the teacher will determine whether your baby is injured or dead according to the degree of damage...

The purpose is to let these adolescent children know that being a parent is a very difficult thing, and remind them to be cautious about making male (female) friends and think twice. The result of the assessment will be used as the final grade of the health class of the semester.


After buying the flour baby, first draw lots on the Internet to determine whether it is a boy or a girl. As a result, Kevin draws a boy, and then downloads the favorite baby Facebook from the Internet (Kevin used his childhood photo), prints it out and pastes it on the flour bag, Kevin I found out the clothes I don’t like to wear and put it on his son, and made a crib out of a box of instant noodles. The teacher said that the child’s bed must be comfortable, so Kevin wrapped the box in his own big towel and looked at it. A very warm look is considered qualified. From then on, he took his flour son to wash, eat, go to class, go shopping, and exercise. . .

Kevin said that the most annoyed is eating, because he is carrying a schoolbag on his back, and the teacher is not allowed to put the baby in the schoolbag because he is afraid of suffocation, so he has to hold the baby in one hand and go to the dining table to pick up the food. On the table or in a designated place in the classroom, Kevin actually forgot his flour son once when the class was over. Fortunately, he retrieved his baby in time. Otherwise, he would be deducted when he was seen by the health teacher. Did not go to play ball, did not volunteer, did not go to guitar class, did not go shopping, and even canceled the stinky habit of taking a bath sooner or later. . .

Because it is inconvenient to carry his baby on his back, once in the dormitory, Kevin accidentally broke the skin of the floured baby (plastic packaging bag) and quickly remedied it with tape. The parents asked if he could take his injured baby. Secretly changing a classmate’s healthy baby. Kevin said that the American teacher is very good. When you go to see the teacher with your child for the first time, the teacher will put a stamp on your child, so it is impossible to steal the beam and change the post. , And will be punished heavily.

When asked if he would be embarrassed by laughter when he sometimes took the baby to class with his senior classmates, he said no, because the senior classmates also took this course.

In the end, Kevin said that it was too annoying to take a child. It was not convenient to carry his son every day. He wanted to throw this damn flour baby several times, but considering that the score of this project might be included in the GPA, so he had to Keep going.

His parents took the opportunity to tell him about the hardships of being a parent. When he was a baby, his parents always cared for him every second, not to mention that he had to eat, drink, pee, cry, and grow up heavier every day. , More and more unable to hold, but how can parents dislike their children? It's too late to love you.


Haha, think about the entire senior first grade children each holding a flour baby, how spectacular and interesting it should be! This teaching method is really amazing. Through this course, we not only tell the children how hard it is to be a parent, but also emphasize the responsibility of being a parent, telling them that they are not able to raise and are not prepared before they are not ignorant. Being a parent, this is a very interesting and vivid adolescence education class!

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