Immigration is a very fashionable word in China. Some time ago, there were rumors that white-collar workers in Beijing and Shanghai, or the bosses of private enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, have greeted the meetings between friends who have been passed down for thousands of years from "Have you eaten?" Replaced with "Have you emigrated?". According to local Australian media reports, the Chinese have recently surpassed India to become the number one immigrant group in Victoria. If you are in Melbourne for the first time, there are large Chinese characters everywhere at Melbourne Airport, which often makes people mistakenly think that you have arrived at a domestic regional airport. Some people joked that China has another "Melbourne Province". As the newly ranked top two most livable cities in the world, Melbourne is very popular among the "new aristocrats" who only work hard to make money in China but have forgotten to enjoy life. But after that sentence, every family has hard-to-read scriptures. Although there are many Chinese in Melbourne, many newcomers still cannot adapt to life in a foreign country for a while. From the domestic response to everything, from the absolute "mainstream elite" to the foreign "minority", the adjustment process of the psychological gap caused the Beijing sisters Min who came to Melbourne for just four months to suffer. The signature of the QQ suffix is: The immigrant life of sisters".


The charming Min has an elegant and quiet personality. The first time I saw her was a small gathering of friends in the Melbourne cashbox. Her very professional and beautiful singing made me think that she was a professional singer in China. Later, I knew it and realized that she graduated from At a well-known domestic music school, he married an accomplished steel boss at a young age and became his husband's most powerful assistant in his business. He also had a lovely son. That day, I received a call from her as soon as she went online. Her hoarse voice didn't reflect me for a while. It was her: "I spent the whole night reading every article on your blog. Thinking of my current situation, my eyes cried. It’s swollen. Actually, I’m slowly liking and getting used to Melbourne, but what should I do? If I knew this was the case, I would never emigrate here. I want to return to China as soon as possible, and maybe I will give up emigrating in the future. , I just bought the house last month, so let’s keep it for now. I don’t know if there is a ticket for tonight?” I didn’t expect that her blog would make her make such a decision. I don’t know which article touched this. She actually wanted to immediately give up everything that was gradually getting on track here, and immediately returned to China. I was very upset when she continued to talk: "My husband is a very strong and optimistic man. He always encouraged me to stay here. Side, but during this period of time, for unknown reasons, he always let me go back to China, and said that now my business has become difficult to manage without me. My wife is in Melbourne, my son is in my hometown, and I am alone. I’m so lonely in Beijing at Novosibirsk University. As for me, because I have been in Melbourne for four months, I have always wanted to buy the business first. Only after buying the business will I feel at ease. I have put all my thoughts on seeing business everywhere. I may have overlooked him a little bit. I read your blog. I used to think that distance is not a problem for people who really love, but I am really worried now. If I get a visa but my home is gone, what's the point? There is also business. Domestic income is my guarantee. I haven't started anything here yet." It turned out that it was Min's husband who missed her. Without Min's assistant, her husband also felt a little difficult to do business. But Min, who really loves her husband, suddenly saw her husband so fragile, and she was very nervous and disturbed after repeated calls urging her to return to China. "Then go back to China as soon as possible. Firstly, comfort and comfort my husband's fragile heart. In fact, men are big children. Normal strength is true, but fragile childishness is also true. Before you came to Melbourne, your husband was a wife and child. Hot kang, husband and wife, when you come to Melbourne, your son will be sent to your hometown, husband and elder, no matter how busy you are at work, you still like to have a warm light waiting for him when you get home, especially recently you are busy buying business, and yes He overlooked a bit, maybe her husband is asking you to go back on the grounds that the domestic business is not good. Haha, maybe, there are other younger cuties who are tempting your husband. He is afraid that he can't stand it, so he quickly recruited you to go home? Whether you want to abandon immigration here, I suggest that you and your husband must consider as seriously as when you decided to emigrate. According to my personal experience, the first half of the year was the hardest and most difficult. Before, we paid more attention to coming to Australia. My compatriots are not adapting to overseas life. Now I find that the feelings of domestic relatives and friends can never be ignored. Haha, after you go back, discuss and communicate with your husband. Whether you persist in or give up immigration, you need to re-examine it seriously or Firm the original decision, and don’t give up lightly because of the immediate difficulties. You already like Melbourne. If you want to insist on successful immigration, the domestic business is your money printing machine. You, the Melbourne ATM machine, must be ready at any time. He can do it. Hehe, but all of this must be based on the stability of the home." I half-joked and half-seriously comforted her. Min’s voice began to relax. She said that she had been in Melbourne for a few months and thought that she was the only one who worked hard, but for her own home, she was lonely and unfamiliar. She continued to shed tears. In fact, now she likes and is used to the blue sky of Melbourne. With the sea, there is also CITY, which is very European and American. Now I am actively looking for business. I just want to settle down earlier and take my son over earlier. Unexpectedly, my husband is also very hard and lonely in China. I plan to go back to the country as soon as possible. I will take care of the domestic business when my husband is comforted. I still have to come back: "After talking to you, I feel a lot of fun. I used to feel that my husband is the pillar of support, but now I find that my husband is also very dependent on me. Strange, I actually have some sense of accomplishment. It turns out that this family, I really top half of it."

It is said that mentality determines state, in fact, mentality directly determines success or failure. Yan, who has recently immigrated to Melbourne, was also the chairman of a real estate company in Beijing before coming. She brought her 7-year-old son here. At first, she was very uncomfortable. In China, the boss who has been raising her feet for many years made her unable to drive even the car, and her sense of direction is also very poor. But after several months of adjustments, Yan has regained her original self-confidence, learned to drive, and the sales of the supermarket business she bought have soared. When she took over, she didn’t understand anything and only had a few thousand yuan per month. It can reach a turnover of more than 2. "It is gold that shines. When I was in China, there were tens of millions of people in Beijing. I could stand out. Melbourne had only a few million people. The market is much smaller. But the good business order here is incomparable in China. I’m here. Although I’m just the owner of a small supermarket, I still feel very proud. The domestic business is still controlled remotely through the phone and the Internet. I can survive in the foreigner’s territory. I also have my own happy home, what a cow! I enjoy my life very much. I have planted so many brilliant flowers and plants in the yard by myself. No matter whether it is rainy or sunny, I can even feel that I can talk to them. It’s amazing, I feel like I’ve made a whole life! Sometimes, I feel no different from a man, as if my spirit is stronger than my husband. It’s true that modern women love themselves, Raising flowers and grass will also provide for the elderly.” When I asked her jokingly, do you feel comfortable leaving your husband in the country? She smiled slyly: "My husband and I have worked hard all the way to this day. If he ran away because of the two years of separation, wouldn't I just be able to change the master? If the years of striving together can't justify the temporary separation. , It’s better to separate earlier. Besides, in addition to the daily phone video, I also often return to my country to check the job within the scope of the Immigration Bureau. My husband must come to Melbourne once every two months to sympathize with the frontline immigrants. Hehe, business needs to be managed. This Bian’s home and garden need to be taken care of. In fact, my husband also needs to be nourished and managed. I really haven’t felt any separation from him.”