1. Reject values ​​and moral kidnapping (Don't judge)

It is difficult for people without deep exposure to Western culture to understand this. Because in Chinese culture, everyone is a member of social relations and is deeply connected with others. Everyone is judged by others, and everyone judges others. In Western society, people are a member of social functions, and a person's work and his private life can be completely separated. Westerners emphasize the independence of the individual in the collective, while the Chinese emphasize the connection of the individual in the collective. As a cultural liberal, Westerners generally "do not judge" other people easily, so they don't like moral and value kidnapping (Don't judge is a manifestation of culture).


2. The world is very broad and easy to adapt to various environments.

Just as people who speak two languages ​​are more likely to learn the third language, people who are exposed to different cultures are more likely to accept more cultures. After staying abroad for a long time, I will feel that I live in the world, not in a country. At the same time, the psychological barriers to changing the environment are much smaller (I don't think it is a very powerful or difficult thing).


3. Look at the problem dialectically.

I often compare the Chinese and Western cultures and viewpoints, and begin to rationally analyze the beauty of each.


4. Cherish the beauty of China.

I begin to feel that I am a Chinese and I am very lucky to be influenced by traditional culture and values. I feel that Chinese traditional values ​​are particularly touching. I will cherish this human touch in Chinese culture very much. I feel that Chinese people have a very moving spirit of life that bears the burden of humiliation as usual and always wants to live. And the importance Chinese people attach to family and affection is also very touching.


5. Get used to respecting others.

This is the "independent" value of Westerners. Because people who do not respect others are annoying in Western culture. Respect for others generally includes: not complaining, not influencing others, not bothering others, not forcing others to accept their opinions, not judging others easily, etc.


6. Be kind, be a good person, and insist on being a good person full of positive energy.

Most Westerners are people with a good attitude and full of positive energy. They rarely complain about their own country or others. The topic after their leisure time is how to better enjoy life, try different new things, and be more positive. .


7. Deeply understand the complexity of the world.

For everything, he is very clearly aware of the possibility of his own mistakes and never considers himself "absolutely correct." (It is the result of university academic training and experience).


8. Work is work and life is life.

Work Life Balance signpost

9. The concept of love is more purely influenced by the West.

In a love relationship, everyone is an independent individual. Don’t try to integrate the other’s life with you. You don’t have to deliberately change your original personality to accommodate the other person. This kind of love is easy to die, even if you get married. Both parties have a certain amount of free space, just like holding a handful of sand in your hand, the tighter or looser you will lose more, the scale is very important, and don’t chase the eternal love, as long as the two are sincere. Love each other, no matter what the ending is, there is no regrets or regrets, and lovers will eventually become family members.


10. Respect the freedom of individuality.

In China, most parents do not encourage the development of their children’s personality. They hope to study hard and have a career, a family, a car and a house in the future. This kind of life is the life they deserve, and they lack the various lives of others. Tolerant psychology, always trying to use one's own values ​​to influence the lives of others, especially using a majority, collective values ​​to judge others' right or wrong, this may also be a reason for lack of imagination and innovation, only seeking common ground, Don’t save the difference, weird thoughts were killed early. People who want to live differently are under more pressure at home than abroad. They have to withstand all kinds of worldly pressures. There are too many so-called weird people abroad. , Everyone’s life is different, everyone is a weird, so there is no weird.


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