It's been almost a year since my husband left Washington to come to Australia, and I like it more and more.

When I first came, I was very reluctant. I felt that I would go to Australia only if I couldn't go to the United States. Then I found out that it was not the case. Australia has only 30 universities in total, and all of them are public universities, so the level is good. Although it can't compare with the highest level in the United States, the average level should be able to enter the top 200 in the United States, and half of them can be ranked in the top 100 in the United States? I don’t know how to compare, I can only guess. Australia rarely grants scholarships to foreigners, mostly at their own expense. Chinese have the most undergraduate studies, and very few graduate students. Chinese international students are generally much better than North America because of Australia Tuition and living expenses are too expensive.

The overall quality of Chinese Australians is much higher than that of the United States, because it is said that before 1980, Australia was not open to Asian immigration, and Australia's racial discrimination was also symphonic at that time. Therefore, Asians in Australia are different from those in the United States, so they are the first generation of skilled immigrants, mostly business immigrants and foreign students. The Chinese students in Australia are basically wealthy at home. Many of them are the children of civil servants or businessmen. Because they are all self-financed students, the overall conditions are much better than those in the United States who rely on scholarships, both in their mental outlook and in life. status. Food and clothing are all one level higher than American students. In the United States, it seems that many Chinese are smuggled asylum and poor foreign students who have no money. All acrimonious calculations are terrible. Australia basically does not have this problem. We have a good relationship because most people do not need money. worry. It seems that the sentence is still the same, the economic foundation determines the moral standard. There are also some people who borrow money from their families to study abroad. They can do part-time work for a week. Not to mention, they have an income of 300 Australian dollars. Although the tuition fee is not earned, they do not need to worry about food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Most Chinese in Australia are skilled immigrants, so immigrants generally have a higher level of education than the United States. Generally speaking, finding a professional job is not a problem at all. I don’t know why the United States engages in relative immigration, political asylum immigrants and smuggling immigrants, but the proportion of skilled immigrants most needed by society is very small. If this so-called humanitarian policy is not revised, the future of the United States will be more difficult.

I am studying accounting now. The tuition fee is about 3 Australian dollars a year. No matter how you save on living expenses, you can’t save 1 in a city like Sydney. Let’s just talk about the price of gasoline. It’s 5 Australian dollars per 151.99 liters. Let’s do the calculations. One Australian dollar equals 100 US dollars. Parking fees in Sydney start at 1 Australian dollars an hour. My sister stopped once, and never dared to drive into the city again. The rent is even more exaggerated. Many international students here in Sydney cannot afford to rent a room, or even a living room. They can only share a living room with two people, which costs more than 1.07 Australian dollars. (I forgot to mention that the rent here in Australia is different from that in the United States and is settled on a weekly basis, which is more than 15 Australian dollars a week). Now the Australian dollar has risen too much against the renminbi. It is estimated that buying a house in the past two years will be choking. The average house price not too far from Sydney is almost A$100, which is only third in Australia. My husband has just started, and my sister is still working while studying. It is estimated that it will take a few years to consider. Because of social stability and immigration support in Australia, housing prices in the past 100 years have basically doubled in 70 years. The Second World War and the financial crisis have not been shaken, and income is very stable. Therefore, many funds around the world have invested money in Australian real estate. However, the Australian government and financial institutions are far more responsible than their counterparts in the United States. Financial institutions are very strict with loans to buy houses, and basically no problems like those in the United States will occur.

Chinese restaurants are about 50% more expensive than the United States, but there is no need to tip here, because the Australian service staff are about twice as high as the United States, and they don't even bother to tip. There are many Chinese in big cities here in Australia, and there are also many restaurants, northeastern cuisine, northwest cuisine, Xinjiang cuisine, and Tibetan cuisine. There are far more choices than Washington. Moreover, restaurants in various countries in Australia are made by first-generation immigrants, and the taste is quite authentic, much better than the deceptive dishes made by the garbage restaurants in the United States. The best thing about Australia is food quality and safety. Although the price is much more expensive than the United States, every penny is worth every dollar. Australia is a lonely continent, with much less pollution than other places, and fewer pests and bacteria. The Australian government is very strict in quarantine, and controls the use of additives and pesticides in foods. Both vegetables and fruits taste much better than those in the United States. Only some organic vegetable and fruit shops in the United States can compare to those in Australia. Compared with supermarket fruits, the price is almost the same as Australia. And all foods in Australia are natural, so there is no need to worry about genetically modified products. A lot of imported foods in Australia, especially European foods, are invisible in the United States. I feel that because Australian food is much more expensive and profitable than the United States, these high-end brands will only be sold in Australia. There are Chinese supermarkets everywhere in Australia, so happy that you can't buy tofu in Washington.

Income I see from the Bureau of Statistics on the website. The average annual salary before tax is about 62000 Australian dollars. The employer has to add another 9% of the pension to your pension account. In real life, the average income of Australians is generally higher than that of the United States. 50%. It is said that it was the same before, but because the Australian dollar appreciated by 50% last year, it is higher than that of the United States. Australia’s compulsory pension system should be worth learning for Americans. No matter what kind of work, there is an extra 9% pension, which is not allowed to be moved at ordinary times. When retiring, it is at least several hundred thousand. This is a large sum for the elderly. Income. With such a large amount of cash, the government has done a good job of guaranteeing it. The elderly in Australia basically choose to travel around the world after retirement and live much better than the elderly in the United States.

In terms of taxation, I feel that it is almost the same. It is not as high as I imagined. Maybe my salary is too low now. Will the formal job be different? The legal minimum wage in Australia is 15 Australian dollars per hour. Can you imagine? Regardless of the nature of the job, even McDonald's is at this price, so you know why Australia is expensive. However, the high wages are justified. Australia's labor force is really scarce. It is difficult to hire workers without high wages. Now the unemployment rate in Australia is said to be the highest level in decades, guess what, only 5.2%! ! If Obama had this number, he could be re-elected for ten terms. It is said that an unemployment rate below 5% is an ideal society with full employment. I think Australia has basically reached this problem. No one here in Australia is as worried about unemployment as Americans.

Australian Chinese, especially those from mainland China, are basically 80% of the first generation of skilled immigrants, and the other 15% are business immigrants. There are almost no smuggling, refugees and relatives are rare (because the waiting time is too long) , The average overall is much stronger than the United States, and the relationship between them is also very good. It is said that now Fujianese people prefer Australia for smuggling. Those who cannot go to Australia go to the United States. The reason is simple. Their income in Australia is at least twice that of the United States. After changing me, I also prefer Australia.

I don't know if Australia is the most equal country in the world, but it is much more equal than the United States anyway. After all, equality is not based on the bragging of the Declaration of Independence, but based on income. The wages of bowls and dishes in Australian restaurants are similar to those of white-collar workers in office buildings. This determines that everyone's spending power is the same, and basically social status is the same. Everyone wears and eats the same on the street, which the United States may not be able to do in 100 years. But for those with strong abilities who want to be rich, it is true that the United States has more opportunities, because Australia’s labor costs are too expensive. Apart from the service industry, mining and real estate, it is basically difficult to do business in Australia. The big bosses later moved their business to the United States or Europe and Asia. For example, Murdoch and Westfield in the United States were originally born in Australia. Many of these companies have their headquarters in the United States.

Racial discrimination? I was worried when I went to Australia. After I came, I realized that Australia's pluralistic society is much more harmonious than that of the United States. Worrying is totally unnecessary. Because the economy and welfare here are really good, immigration control is strict, basically no matter where immigrants have stable jobs, everyone is happy, who has the time to discriminate against you? Especially in a big city like Sydney and Melbourne, I feel that half of them are Asian faces. Even European faces speak English with various accents. I personally feel that it feels much better than in the United States. In the United States, you dare to go to the black area leisurely and leisurely. Spread it? Australia is basically the first generation of immigrants from various places. Unlike the United States, where they have mixed up, the feelings of all ethnic groups are very close and they help each other a lot. Thinking about seeing old black model workers who are idle in the United States every day, the Chinese dare not look at them. In Australia, even the black Middle Easterners smile at people, it is like a world away.

One of the reasons why Australia shines in my eyes is that there are so many handsome men and women in Australia. Although there are obese whites similar to those in the United States, most Australians, whether black, white, Latin or yellow, look so pleasing to the eye. Later, I wanted to understand. The reason is that Australia is basically pure-blood, and the proportion of mixed-race children is much less than that of the United States. Moreover, the immigrants come from different places with good genes, so all of them are beautiful and good. On the contrary, because the United States has mixed for too many generations, it is obviously not as pleasing as the Australians in appearance. I believe this is also the reason why there are more and more Australian stars in Hollywood. No way, it is indeed because Australians have good looks. To a large extent, the reason for the good figure is that Australians love sports regardless of men and women. Although Americans are also very enthusiastic, Australians are much less stressful in life than Americans, so even if they have a few children in their 40s, they still have A lot of time is spent on fitness exercises. Americans are not good at this aspect. The pressure of life makes most Americans basically out of shape by the age of 40. Although the United States is still the world's largest sports country, Australia, with 2000 million people, actually ranked fourth in the world in the Olympic gold medal list, which can be regarded as a world miracle.

A very large country with a population of just over 2000 million, and labor shortages in many places. I have been here for a month and found a cashier job in Australia's largest supermarket. Although the salary is just over the minimum wage according to Australian standards, it is much better than the US. But Australia's very serious problem is the stinking problem caused by high welfare. Australians are obviously too lazy and lack the innovative spirit of Americans. Many things will only stick to the rules. But even so, Australia still attracts many high-quality immigrants, because Australia's income and welfare are really exaggerated. With regard to the welfare enjoyed by the poor, the United States is not even second-rate compared to Australia. It is estimated that after 1000 years, the welfare of Americans will not be able to reach the Australian level. Australia is the only country in the world that can receive unemployment benefits for life, and lifetime unemployment benefits! ! ! Needless to say, you know what the concept is, and the allowance seems to be 200 or 250 Australian dollars per week. The government can also provide rental subsidies, which is equal to 250 for you to eat, drink and play. There is also paid maternity leave worth 10000 Australian dollars to give birth, which seems to be a weekly subsidy of 570 Australian dollars (Australia’s weekly minimum wage) for 18 weeks. The baby is born with milk money, almost 400 Australian dollars every two weeks, medical education is free, and you can apply for interest-free loans to go to university. After graduation, if you have an annual salary of 5 Australian dollars, you don’t have to pay a penny. The annual salary is more than 5. Only a little bit every year. The Muslims were so happy, each family gave birth to several. Moreover, even if they are Muslims, Muslims in Australia are much better than those in the United States, because their living conditions are completely different, the United States discriminates against them too much, and Australia is much better.

The quality of Australian politicians is also higher than those in the United States, whether it is the Labor Party or the Liberal Party. Basically, the speed of policy from discussion to legislation to implementation is very fast. How to reduce personal income tax, increase mineral tax, levy carbon dioxide tax, give everyone a cash subsidy if nothing happens, and how rich is Australia? You do not need to live in Australia when you pay pensions and cash subsidies. As long as you are a permanent resident of Australia (similar to a green card in the United States) and have paid taxes in Australia for more than 10 years, you can receive it regardless of your actual living in any country. The Brits simply immigrated to Australia when they were young, worked for ten years and paid taxes and mixed their status, and then returned to the UK. When they retire, they can enjoy pensions in both countries, and Australia does not care at all. In contrast, the United States is now fighting fiercely in politics. Many good policies cannot be implemented at all. Everyone only knows that they attack each other and do not do business. This should be studied with Australian politicians. Regardless of whether the ruling party or the opposition party, as long as it is beneficial to Australia's development, they can agree on it. It is really rare.

Speaking of Muslims, the reason why Australia is better than the United States is to a large extent that its racial quality is much better than that of the United States. 80% of whites are white, 80% of whites are of British descent, and 20% of the remaining 80% ​​are East Asia, India or Southeast Asia There are very few people from the Middle East and Africa in the country. This is much better than the United States. Let alone racial discrimination, white people and East Asians are of higher quality. This is a fact. Australia’s approach to immigration is not as civilized as the Americans. They don’t like too much immigration but they need labor. Many immigrants are stuck in English, especially immigrants from non-English speaking countries. Now they need IELTS 4 7s to immigrate to Australia. Generally speaking, Chinese international students 80% is no way to achieve this goal. But once you immigrate to Australia, you don’t have to worry about racial discrimination. Australians all know that Asian immigrants, especially Chinese, are hard-working and able to contribute to Australia. They have to rely on the Chinese for old age. I hope you live a few more years, respect. You are too late. However, it seems that for blacks, discrimination here is more severe, because there are too few blacks and they are all refugees distributed to Australia by the United Nations. When they come, they are divided into benefits.

Because of the poor economy in North America, many Americans are now working in Australia. A few days ago, I read the newspaper and said that the number of Americans applying for work visas in Australia is second only to Indians and Chinese. They are still laughing at Americans, not knowing Australians. What do you think? I remember that there are many Australians working in the United States. The price of cars is about twice that of the United States, which is exaggerated, but there are still many good cars, many of which are driven by Asians. The status of Chinese in Australia is higher than that in the United States, because it is too easy for Chinese to save money here. No matter what job it is, it is very difficult not to become rich if you work for 10 years. The Australian pension seems to be 270 yuan per week for single elderly people, which is paid once every two weeks. Therefore, the elderly here live very well and smile every day.

Australia’s universal health insurance is known as the world’s number one. I don’t know if that’s the case, but it is indeed worth learning from the United States. However, according to the population size of the United States, it is impossible to achieve such good medical conditions in Australia, and Australia itself encourages residents to buy commercial medical insurance to reduce the burden on the government. If the income reaches a certain level, it is necessary to pay more if you do not buy insurance. A lot of taxes. Such good medical care makes Australia the second largest life expectancy in the world, second only to Japan, and a lot longer than the United States. It seems to live about 4 years longer than the Americans on average. In Australia, as long as you have a medicare card (similar to a medical insurance card), you only need to swipe the card to see a doctor without paying any money. If you buy medicines for more than 200 Australian dollars a year, you basically don’t need to pay any more, and the government will cover it all (this is what others have said, I have never used so many medicines). Many Chinese say that they go to see the disease if nothing happens, anyway, they don't need money. According to my personal experience, universal health insurance will not make everyone lazy at all, but will let everyone have no worries, work easier and have higher efficiency. Americans are so afraid of being unemployed, largely because the whole family has to rely on work to maintain health insurance. When I talk to Australians, they all find it funny.

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