Recently, Melbourne has once again been rated as the city with the longest sleep time in the world after becoming the friendliest and most livable city in the world.

This survey is the result of comprehensive evaluation after UPby Jawbone collects data from hundreds of thousands of wearers in 29 countries.

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According to data, Brisbane residents are the first to sleep and get up the earliest, going to bed at 10:57 at night and getting up at 6:29 in the morning.


Moscow residents get up extravagantly at an average of 8:08, while Melbourne residents get up at a reasonable 7:16.

After analysis, Melburnians spend an average of 6.58 hours a day on sleep, which is three minutes longer than the second-ranked London and Denver.


On a global scale, Melburnians spend more time sleeping than people in any other city in the world.

But the shortest sleep time in the world is Tokyo residents (only 5.46 hours per night). People in Seoul are also sleep deprived and only rest for 5.55 hours a night.

(The article is reproduced from the Internet)