The topic of immigration has been a hot topic in recent years.
But when the wealthy people who have immigrated overseas come to an unfamiliar foreign country, they find that many things are more troublesome than expected. The warning that the new immigrants who have just landed hear most is that Australia is different from China. Professional matters must be handled by experts. It cannot be like when you are your own boss in China, everything can be decided by yourself. In the unfamiliar mainland Australia, if new immigrants want to successfully obtain a green card, immigration consultants, accounting and lawyers must be dealt with in several industries, so some people call immigration consultants, accountants and lawyers the "three treasures of immigration". However, recently, Australian Chinese lawyers, one of the "three treasures" of immigration, have frequent incidents of high fees, arbitrary fees, and taking money to do nothing. Moreover, the basic situation is that individual bad Chinese lawyers take advantage of the characteristics of Chinese people’s love to find acquaintances and trust relationships. , Open the lion’s mouth, and charge 3 Australian dollars for a three-page document, and 750 Australian dollars for a text message. New immigrants who are not good at English and know little about Australian law can only shout that individual Chinese lawyers are too "cheating"!


Mr. Gu from Jiangsu is now deeply involved in the constant troubles caused by the lawsuit.
Because many of my friends immigrated to Australia, my son also found an ideal job in Australia. After several trips to Australia, Mr. Gu was also attracted by the beautiful environment here, so he decided to invest in Australia and get more green cards for his son in the future. convenient. After a brief contact, Mr. Gu accepted an invitation from a Malaysian friend in Australia and invested 20 Australian dollars to become a shareholder in his friend’s company. But after Mr. Gu’s funds arrived, the partner even said that his other business was tense recently, and the funds he should have made in the agreement between the two parties could not be in place, and he did not give any legal contract to explain the rights and obligations, and he was planning to declare bankruptcy. Mr. Gu felt that he was deceived. After studying law, he decided to take up the weapon of law to protect his rights. So he came to Australia from Jiangsu many times. Under the introduction of friends, he found a lawyer who was said to be very experienced and started fighting in Australia. A lawsuit.
Before the trial, Mr. Gu began to complain repeatedly: "My English is not good, and I especially trusted this English-speaking Chinese lawyer at the beginning. When I first went to the consultation, I asked the lawyer how much it would cost to handle this case. He said about 1 Australian dollars, and I quickly called him 1 yuan. Now that the case has not yet started, he told me that he will pay another 6 Australian dollars. I asked him why he had to increase so much before the court started. As for the cost, he said that the circumstances of the case had changed, and there were many investigations and evidence collections. Then I asked how much the total cost was. The lawyer said that it would be between 3 and 3 Australian dollars! He said that it was a 10 times concept! The case has been handled to this point. I am in a dilemma, and I have to pay it! I asked the lawyer for a billing list, and I translated it word by word, and found that the moisture inside was so great! One of them! The charge is that the lawyer forwards an email to me, and the list is all charged for half an hour. That is to say, the transfer of an email is 100 Australian dollars! He will charge me even for documents sent by the opposite lawyer In fact, they don’t need to spend any time processing this! They charge by the hour, you will be charged for printing a document and making a phone call, and no one supervises them. Therefore, Australian lawyers make all “conscience” money. , The water inside is too much. It is often said in China that the lawyer eats the plaintiff and the defendant. I now find that the lawyers here are even more outrageous. The problem is that I am at a loss and I don’t know who to talk about! When my lawyer was in theory, I reduced the 6 yuan to 2 Australian dollars! The reason was that I looked up the dictionary word by word, and then checked the list one by one. I actually found that the lawyer gave me more of the list. I have more than 4000 Australian dollars. The language is not good, and I blindly trust him. I really hurt myself. I now understand that my interests are only for me, and no one will help me. What is there in Australia Where can I complain to a lawyer? I must complain to him!"

Ms. Chen from Fujian also said in an interview with reporters: "When I mention a lawyer, I get angry. Before, my husband had a drunk driving flyer to go to court. It was actually very simple. The lawyer gave us a quote before. Which things charge how much money. So we think that our communication and document exchanges during this period are counted in this quotation. Later, after receiving the invoice from the lawyer, we discovered that their charges were not based on their quotation. We were The extra charge was more than 800 yuan! And the point is that we have to charge us so many fees, our problem has not been resolved! It turned out that they said that the maximum fine of a few hundred yuan would not be recorded, but in the end more than 5 fines were still recorded. Their so-called professional fees did not help us at all to solve our problems! When we went to court that day, because of the large number of people, we waited for 5 hours, and it was settled in half an hour after going to court. As a result, the lawyer asked us to pay the XNUMX hours. The money waiting for it all said that the law is fair here, how come to the lawyers, as the people who know the law best, they don’t teach the law!"
Since many compatriots have encountered black-hearted lawyers to varying degrees, can lawyers who understand the law be lawless? What about the normal lawyer fees in Australia? A Chinese barrister in Melbourne said: “In Victoria, as long as the cost of the case exceeds AU$825+GST, the client and the lawyer will sign a contract, and the lawyer will give detailed bills. If the client is still unsatisfied, you can take these bills. Court audit. Lawyers need to tell their clients what standards they charge for. Generally speaking, there are hourly fees, some are charged according to the remuneration list listed by the Bar Association, and they are charged according to the charter of each court when they are in a lawsuit. These charging standards It is possible to discuss with the client before accepting the case. The lawyer must tell the client his rights and obligations and calculate the price, give the client a total within 30 days, and explain that if there is an amount beyond the forecast later, the lawyer must promptly The lawyer advises the majority of new immigrants: “When you encounter problems, there are actually many ways to ask for help. If the client is still very dissatisfied with the bill given by the lawyer within 30 days, you can go to Legal Service Commissioner (LSC) complaints. Within 12 months, if you are not satisfied with the lawyer’s fees, you can take the bill to the Supreme Court of Victoria’s Supreme Court, let the Taxing Master presiding judge to audit the lawyer’s fees, and let the presiding judge to check whether Each item is reasonably charged. If the presiding judge finds out that the account is less than 15%, for example, the lawyer wants you to pay 100 yuan, and the presiding judge thinks that you only need to pay 85 yuan, then the lawyer will be responsible for all you have The cost of going to the high court to audit. The high fees for lawyers may not necessarily have such a severe penalty as license cancellation, depending on the situation. Also, customers can go to VCAT to complain. If the contract signed by the client and the lawyer is unreasonable, If it is different from what the advertisement says, or if the lawyer fails to provide the client with the necessary information, VCAT can declare the contract invalid, so it cannot continue to execute the contract. Chinese people with poor English can also call the relevant government services if they complain Chinese hotline 1300726656."