That day, the night was already very deep, and suddenly I received a text message from my friend Min: "Are you sleeping? Suddenly I feel so sad and want to talk to you. Is it convenient to call?".
The smart and charming Min is my most precious friend in Melbourne. The big talking eyes often flicker and flicker, and whenever I meet with her, I always lament the magic and exquisiteness of the Creator. Standard people are middle-aged, but they look like the legendary "little fairies" from a distance. What I like the most is that Min is not only beautiful, but also has a particularly prosperous business. As a well-known financial adviser in the Melbourne Chinese circle, she often says, "Sisters are now zero burden, working hard. It’s zero worries”, fluent English makes it hard not to be jealous. From Beijing, under her exquisite appearance, there is a very "manly" heart. As long as she is there, do you want to pay? Ha ha, let's stand while queuing. I live on both sides of Melbourne with her, but every time I am with her, I have the urge to move. I have only one purpose. I want to be a neighbor with her. I often joke with her, if I am a man, I must chase you! There are many admirers behind Min. Not long ago, Min finally fell in love with a handsome and handsome Australian guy. It's such a lively and fragrant woman. What kind of reason is it that makes her cry so late at night?
On the other end of the phone, her voice was hoarse, and she had obviously cried many times. It turns out that Min, who always brings happiness to his friends, is in conflict with the handsome guy. Having been single for many years, she once had an unforgettable love and a lovely daughter. This spring, I met Mike, who is mature and handsome at work. He has a very sensitive feeling for "cleanliness" and loves Mike deeply. Mike, who was born in the military, is an authentic Australian LOCAL, tall and strong, rational and rigorous, but he absolutely loves and cares for Min. When friends gather together, Mike’s blue eyes are always fixed on Min. The scene is like the song "You Only in My Eyes" that was popular in China many years ago. What will happen to such a perfect match in the eyes of a friend? Min told me that that evening, Mike and her, who were drinking tea together, were disturbed by a call from a woman. The call came from Canberra. It was Mike's girlfriend many years ago. Mike also talked to Min about this ex-girlfriend last week and told Min that he had clearly told his ex-girlfriend about his relationship with Min. The ex-girlfriend knew that Mike already had herself, and she still called Mike in the evening outside of work. What does this show? Especially Mike’s nervousness when answering the phone, his incoherent manner, was too different from the usual Mike, could it be that they were still in contact? Perhaps, there is a deeper secret? Min, who looked careless, looked like a big detective at this time. The more I think about it, the more suspicious. Mike, who never adjusted the phone to vibrate, how did his ex-girlfriend's phone vibrate when it rang? Could it be that Mike called the ex-girlfriend, but the ex-girlfriend didn't answer, so Mike deliberately set the phone to vibrate, quietly waiting for her to reply? The question is, why would Mike put his phone on the table instead of in his trouser pocket if he was waiting for his ex-girlfriend's call? It is said that Shanghai women are fine, and Beijing women are sensitive. At this time, they are not inferior. The logic analysis cells have all been activated. The crying voice on the phone gradually became rational. I, who was originally a listener, also joined enthusiastically. As the iron sisters of Min, even though she had heard countless compliments to Mike from her mouth before, at this time, there was no right and wrong. In my opinion, as Min’s relatives and friends, Min’s happiness is my standard, and Min’s attitude is my opinion. After the analysis of your coming and going, the two women came to a common conclusion in the middle of the night that Mike is not loyal to love, and the only ending is OUT!
The next day, I called Min and cared about her and Mike’s latest developments. Min seemed to be in a much better mood. She told me that since the decision was to break up, the long-term pain is not as good as the short-term pain. At XNUMX:XNUMX last night, I had packed up all Mike's things and returned them to Mike overnight. I expressed my firm support for Min's "violent" behavior. The problem is that poor Mike was just out of the game without knowing it. Later, Min described to me the situation when Mike saw his large bag of luggage being returned in the middle of the night, which made me laugh. Min arrived at Mike’s downstairs and called him down to pick up things. Mike only knew that Min was unhappy after he answered the phone, but he had no idea about Min’s early morning meeting with me. When he saw his clothes were returned, he was still caught in the middle of the night. He cried out on the bed, and Mike, who was a soldier, kept chanting "what happen? what happen?" in his mouth. Before Mike could react, Min drove away.
During those two days, no matter how busy he was at work, the first thing that was spared was to call Min and care about whether Mike was looking for her, and how to explain his "infidelity" after Mike found her. To be honest, my head was hot that night and Min's analysis of Mike felt very uncomfortable. They all say that they would rather demolish a temple than a couple. They know that Min and Mike love so deeply. As a friend, when Min’s thinking is confused, she should be rational and objective to help her make correct judgments. Min was relieved and didn't wait for Mike, but I knew in my heart that Min, who always loves to be busy outside, was not going anywhere in these two days. He must be waiting for Mike. "Foreigners are very different from Chinese men and respect women. If he feels that I don't like him anymore, he will never come to me, because I have given a very clear signal that we are just ordinary friends from now on." Min is explaining why two days have passed by Mike, but still has not come to her, her voice is rational and lonely. On the other side of the phone, my intestines are all regretful. In fact, Mike has the rigor and sense of responsibility rarely seen in Western men, Mike’s gentleness, Mike’s romance, and most importantly, Mike cares about Min. As Min’s friend, he has known all this for a long time, but why is he still fanning the flames at critical moments? ? In those few days, I was quite guilty, and I was looking forward to their reconciliation every day.
Finally, I received a happy call from Min, saying that the sun is always after the storm. Mike, who grew up in Australia, found out that the phone was the cause of trouble after several days of consulting his Chinese friends! The reason was found. Mike quickly changed all his contact methods, using his mobile phone number and email address for many years. Min, who was still "working", deliberately said that you changed your phone and email, but she could still find you. Mike told Min, I just want to show my attitude, what you care about is what I care about, and I will never let my past affect my today and future. And you are my today and my future!
Although the age of turmoil has passed long ago, they are still moved by them.
Bless my dear Min and Mike! No matter what will happen in the future, at least you are still in love!