Today, the Australian government is becoming more sophisticated. Do you want to immigrate? Welcome, and I will give you a visa right away. The upcoming 500 million Australian dollar rich immigration is an example. However, most business immigrant visas are still eligible for business after two years. One person sits in immigration prison and the whole family gets permanent residence. Therefore, after many compatriots come to Australia with business immigration visas to settle down, the most important thing is to buy business.

I remember that in an earlier communication meeting attended by officials of the Victorian Immigration Department, I asked the official: “The legendary Australian legal system is perfect and the people are simple and friendly. Why are many Chinese business immigrants deceived after they came to Australia? Is the frequency particularly high?” The official replied calmly: “I think the overall social climate in Australia is indeed a sound legal system and a good business environment. The fraud cases you mentioned are frequent, mainly in the Chinese community.”

Is there no fraud among Westerners? of course not. But what the immigration officials said is indeed true. In recent years, many fraud cases frequently occurred in the Chinese community due to business transactions. In court, the common situation is that the plaintiffs and defendants are all Chinese and they are waiting for the Western judges there. judgment. Why has the Chinese community always seen a lot of situations in recent years due to trading business? Who are the most likely to be deceived, and eventually lose money, and seriously lose the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence visa?

One day, I chatted with a couple who had come to Melbourne from China on a 163 visa for half a year. The wife is holding the baby who is only a few months old, and the husband is consulting which business suits their family situation. According to the regulations of the Australian government, after business immigrants with 163 visas come to Australia, they must have done business for two years in accordance with the regulations of the Immigration Bureau to apply for permanent residence for the whole family. What kind of business would be better to buy? The wife on the side was very disdainful of her husband’s anxiety: "What is there to consider? According to my opinion, we buy business with three elements: 1. Capital investment should not be too expensive, because our business will not be too expensive in two years. It can be sold to those latecomers who can obtain permanent residency visas, so it is best to make the minimum investment and meet the basic requirements of the Immigration Bureau. Getting the permanent residence of the whole family is the core; 2. Our baby is only three months old. Australia does not have parents to help us, so please ask a babysitter, the labor is too expensive, so we must not spend too much energy on this business; 3, this business should not be at a loss, it is better to make money." As soon as the wife’s words fell, Hui, who had just received the permanent residence of the family, laughed on her own. Hui said to the wife, "How can there be such a good thing in the world? Your words reminded me that they will be charged every holiday in China." The blessing message that arrived: Less money, more near home, high power and light responsibility! I see, there is really nothing in the world that requires horses to run but not horses to eat grass. According to my own personal experience Looking at the surrounding situation, the business bought in Australia for the purpose of permanent residence for the whole family basically loses more and earns less. In Australia, those small businesses that really make money actually earn a labor fee. If your husband does not return to China, And there is a child of about 20 years old who buys a small business, it may still lose very little, because you have a few strong labors in your own family, and you don’t need to hire labor or hire hourly workers when you are busy. Not only did you save a lot of money, you also saved a lot of the same amount of pension insurance and work-related injury insurance premiums. After two years of busy work, you may not only get PR, but also make a small profit or loss. But if you are like you In this case, your husband has to go back to China. You alone take a son who is in the first grade and the baby who is only a few months old in your arms. I want you to say that it requires less investment and does not take time. A profitable business is really not found in Melbourne right now. If there is such a business, the business owner would have done it himself, and he would sell it to you if his head is ill."

Jinni Liu, a well-known Chinese lawyer in the Melbourne Chinese circle, told me that there was a sensational story of 163 business immigrant families being deceived in Melbourne in the previous two years. Mike Zhang, who came to Melbourne from China, was introduced to an immigration agent who was said to be very influential in the Chinese circle after he came to Melbourne. When buying a business, Mike Zhang felt very lucky because the partner of this migration agent, the owner of a chain coffee shop, found himself and promised Mike Zhang that as long as he invests 35 Australian dollars in the coffee shop, he can ensure that Mike does not need to work hard. More importantly, the two of them can sign a contract in private. After two years after their business is full and obtain permanent residency, the coffee shop owner will return a lot of 35 points to Mike, plus two years of interest. "Australia really deserves to be a paradise in the legend. I'm so lucky that I don't want to buy such a good business. What else can I buy?" After a brief discussion with his wife, Mike Zhang and his wife felt that this was a godsend. Catch, what should I do after being snatched by someone else? Soon, 35 Australian dollars went to the coffee shop owner’s account as scheduled, and the relevant procedures were also very quick and complete. Thinking that the business had already opened, Mike was in a good mood. After returning from a two-month vacation, he found that something was not good. Several compatriots with 163 visas found him. It turned out that they also invested in coffee shops like Mike, but they It was found that although the coffee shop was still open, letters from the related suppliers to demand payment had been mailed to them, and the owner of the coffee shop had disappeared for many days. Soon, Mike and several of his compatriots found out that they had been deceived. Each spent 40 Australian dollars to find a common lawyer. After several toss, the coffee shop owner declared the company bankrupt, and Mike and the other two compatriots each lost about XNUMX. The Australian dollar ended. Fortunately, Mike Zhang's temporary residence time was enough, and then he spent money to buy a fish and chip shop. The couple and their freshman son worked together for more than two years, and finally got their wish.

Jini said: "The business fraud cases that have been handled in recent years have one thing in common, that is, the deceived basically want to take advantage and want to eat free lunch. Who knows that free lunch is because dinner is more expensive! Saying this Mike Zhang, in Australia, it is easy to get a bank loan. The coffee shop owner is not good for anything. Two years later, he will even return the principal with interest? Is there such a good thing in the world? The so-called contract signed privately by the coffee shop owner and Mike Zhang not only has no legal effect. If a lawsuit is really filed, Mike’s troubles will be even greater. The Immigration Bureau can certify that Mike Zhang’s business is untrue and dishonest. This is the most important point of the Immigration Department. Sometimes I wonder what I know when I think about it with my thumb. I don’t know how these 163 successful businessmen in China would make such low-level mistakes?"

As the saying goes, cleverness is wronged by cleverness, not only in Australia, as long as there are people, as long as you want to eat free lunch, then being deceived is just a matter of time and depth of harm. Looking at the current fraud cases in Australia, the tricks of the scammers are actually very simple. The main reason is that the victims themselves have a fluke mentality and just want to get a free-for-money mentality that they don't want to pay! No desire is strong, but those families that have a good trajectory for permanent residence basically follow business rules and understand the basic principles of gains and losses. There will never be a pie in the sky, and you always have to pay it back. There is nothing in the world that all the benefits are for you alone, "friends" friends, "friends" friends, also two moons borrow light from each other. Everyone understands these simple principles, but it is really not easy to implement them in action. Ha ha, maybe this is the weakness of human nature in the legend?