My friend asked me, if you live in China, would you feel uncomfortable?

I thought about it, and there are two major obstacles that I can hardly overcome.

One is that I can't use Google; the other is the atmosphere of the entire interpersonal circle, which makes me feel that everyone has given up on themselves prematurely. It seems to climb the mountain together, halfway through the climb, most people choose not to continue, some simply go down the mountain, and a person who wants to continue going up is inevitably lonely. Loneliness may not be a big deal, but even more difficult is the loss of spiritual soil, and it becomes extremely difficult to continue to grow.

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My so-called "keep going up" or "keep growing" metaphor has nothing to do with the pursuit of fame and wealth, so those who seem to work hard to succeed are hardly of the same kind. "Continue to go up" is a kind of spiritual growth that has gone through setbacks and twists and is still upward. It is a heart that is getting wider and wider; "Continuing to grow" is to forget the passage of time and look forward to the arrival of all unknowns like a child. It is to strive to achieve change. The simple desire to be better.

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Jayne is an ordinary American I know. When she was in her 60s, she wanted to buy a new car for herself. I think she should buy a Cadillac because she is so rich. She said this is a brand that older people would like. Now she is almost 70 years old. She is still learning Chinese, traveling to other countries alone, often having whims, then trying to realize and then giving up. It is really like a group of literary men and women I know. Jayne's advancing with the times and passion for life make you feel that there is no generation gap with her. This is almost the norm for the elderly in the United States. The "ageless" life is one of the things I like about America.

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It is a different situation in China. Friends around me often lament that I am old and lament that I am not as good as before. I can neither see their diligence in business, nor have I noticed that they have a clearer and better view of the world than before. In other words, I didn't find anything surprisingly progressive in them, but they thought they were old, so old that apart from the pursuit of fame and fortune, everything is out of fashion and everything can be given up.

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I often ask my friends, why do you think you are old? Girls’ answers are almost about appearance and body; men feel that their physical strength is reduced and their sexual function weakened. Just because of this trivial matter, let the whole mind diffuse a kind of twilight, whether it is a disaster for myself or the people around me.

The decline of consciousness is accompanied by a true decline, and all you contribute to the world will be clichés.

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I also feel at a loss for the strong domestic atmosphere of health preservation. Pseudo-scientific health-preserving articles such as protecting the liver and stomach are flooding the WeChat Moments. Whenever I eat with my friends, there is always a circle of friends who are familiar with the health benefits of various foods. Eating is eating. I find it difficult to agree with the use of the power-based eating mode as a health maintenance method.

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A person who talks with you about Chinese-style health regimen, looks at least 30 years old. The feeling of being with the old man at dusk is so strong, it has nothing to do with age and wrinkles.

Back in Shanghai, I will fall into an abstract, ubiquitous anxiety. The life you take for granted suddenly becomes a kind of confrontation with common ideas. It is difficult for me to find the existence of "ageless" people. These people are always trying to perfect their work. They are always going up and reading the vastness of life. They are curious about everything.

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Maybe it's a taxi driver who is more clear-cut than GPS, he knows the unnamed roads that others don't know; maybe it's a courier who has the skill of using the sealing tape to close the box so perfectly and neatly; maybe it is A housewife, even the rude stepmother in the movie, who wears cheap stockings but knows very well about detergents, wipes the house clean, I worship with all my heart, because they did not give up on themselves. We must engrave every road in our heart and study the efficacy of every cleanser. Where can we spare no effort to pay attention to the passage of time?

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For me, I will choose the "ageless" life model until the end of life, work, take responsibility, study and wander.

No matter who it is, this moment is the youngest and most promising moment, and we will only get older.

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