A recent survey by Keep Australia Beautiful revealed that Victoria is the cleanest area in Australia.



Australian Capital Territory ranks second, with 1000 rubbish per 40 square meters of ground.

In third place is South Australia, with 1000 trash per 46 square meters of ground.

And Queensland is the dirtiest area, with 1000 garbage on every 71 square meters of ground.

Peter McLean from Keep Australia Beautiful said that Victoria has been uniting communities, governments and businesses to work together to solve the problem of ground waste.

He said that as early as 15 years ago, Victoria was the first area in Australia to introduce community implementation plans. This allows the public to report when they see someone littering, and the relevant department can issue a notice of violation of the law based on the report. This also means that in public, there are thousands of eyes staring at whether anyone in the community throws rubbish.

The survey shows that cigarette butts are the most common garbage in the country. This kind of garbage has a huge amount, but its volume is very small.

Nine years since this survey was conducted, garbage has been slowly decreasing across the country.

The average waste in 2005-06 was 70, but now it has been reduced to 51.

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