Trump, in fact, is Sichuan Mandarin, also known as Salt and Pepper Mandarin. He points out that people born in Sichuan and Chongqing still have a strong Sichuan-Chongqing accent when they speak Mandarin, which has local characteristics. However, this accent varies from person to person. Those with strong language ability will circulate and frustrate when speaking Mandarin, which is very standard. Those with weaker language talents will have a strong local accent no matter how they learn it. Unfortunately, I belong to the second category.

People from Sichuan or Chongqing have a special habit. Whenever possible, they will speak their native dialect. But for those who can speak standard Mandarin, even though they don't say it, most of them are full of envy. And all the fellow villagers who speak Mandarin with salt and pepper are particularly sensitive. Because I have been in Sichuan for a long time and I rarely speak Mandarin. I still remember that when I graduated from university and came to Wuhan, I must first translate my hometown dialect into Mandarin in my heart when I came to Wuhan. That kind of sadness is no better than speaking bad English today. It is estimated that my Mandarin is really bad. The dean of the department even talked to me especially to encourage myself to insist on speaking Mandarin and to find colleagues from the north to learn to speak standard Mandarin. Since then, I know in my heart that my Mandarin is really not very good. Although a little self-aware, the reality is far crueler than I thought. I remember that it was the first time I was on the podium as a teaching assistant. I was sweating profusely, my legs were soft, my mind was empty... I had all the symptoms of everyone’s first time on the podium, and after a short period of adaptation, I felt better. After the two classes were over, a few classmates immediately came to surround me and recognize me as a fellow. The small heart is filled with joy in an instant. Could it be that his previous trial lectures have caused quite a stir among the students? The students feel that my teaching assistant is very good, and they also asked about my hometown? Although I had the answer in my heart, I pretended to be humble and asked the students around me, how do you know that I am from Sichuan? The classmates smiled innocently: "Teacher, your accent, we know you are from Sichuan as soon as you speak." Use a popular phrase to describe how I felt at the time, two words: collapse!

Later, from Chengdu to Shanghai, there were always many calls to make because of work. Soon, I realized that even if it’s a customer who has only met once, as long as I call and tell my home, the other party will usually say my name accurately. Wow, who said that today must be the world of beautiful women? I rely on a professional meal, the same thing can make customers remember. Thank you for meeting such a good time, and quietly grateful for it. After getting acquainted with the client and becoming a good friend, I accidentally talked about why the client can always remember my name right after meeting. This friend said, how can I not remember it? In a large group of Shanghai accents In, your accent is too special. I still remember this friend from Taiwan to Shanghai. His pretty face was full of playful and naughty, and his little heart was deeply injured by Trump again. Regarding the accent, the most impressive thing is that a fellow who has a good relationship with him, is also working as a media in Shanghai. I usually chat with her. When listening to her speak Mandarin, I often have the urge to jump off the balcony on the first floor. In other words, I think her Mandarin is too salty. This fellow, once when talking about our respective accents, she actually said, eh, somehow, now many friends say that my Trump accent is getting heavier and heavier. In fact, I used to speak Mandarin It's still very standard, because now I call you every day, my Mandarin has become like this. The sky is here, just such a good friend and girlfriend with an accent, dare to say that her Trump is even less standard because of my accent. I have always known that Trump is his own fault, but what really made me feel terrible was to participate in an event. When the video of the event was replayed, the thick Trump accent made me swear in my heart that in the future, as long as it is Some scene activities must be silenced.

Came to Melbourne from Shanghai, remember to go to city for the first time, looking for Chinatown. Because I had made a mistake before, as long as I saw that the other person had an oriental face, I thought that the other person was a Chinese. Later I discovered that someone with an oriental face may not speak Chinese, maybe that person is Asian. Therefore, I especially found a very delicate oriental girl and asked her in bad English, where is Chinatown? Unbelievable things happened. After hearing my English, the girl happily asked me in Sichuan dialect: Are you from Sichuan? This time, I completely broke down, how incurable my Trump is.

Slowly, staying in Melbourne for a long time, relying on the foundation of the fast English class when I was in university, I also started to chat with foreigners and neighbors. It’s very strange that I know this word, but its pronunciation makes the other person not understand what I’m talking about. Later, I also figured out a little bit of it. As long as the other person doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, I just put me Spell the letters of the words you want to say to each other. Foreigners and neighbors often after hearing my spelling letters, they give their thumbs up very sincerely and praise: "Chinese women are so smart, they can spell out any word. Many Australians do too. I can only say that I can't spell it." I murmured secretly in my heart, how do you know my depression? I hope I can only say no to fight, but do you understand what I said?

Gradually, I like Melbourne more and more. One of the important reasons is that among the Melbourne compatriots, there are not many fellows from Sichuan or Chongqing. Even if there are, because of the rare encounters with fellows, I have ignored my salt and pepper accent. As for other compatriots, they are not sensitive to my Trump accent. Hehe, the ocean is wide and the sky is high, and the sky is high. I actually slowly started to do TV and radio. My partner encouraged me, "Mandarin is rounded, most of them are broadcasters, and most of them are from southern accents. Is an expert". I really dare to call the sun and the moon to change into the new sky. Despite the obvious Ah Q, it still sounds encouraging.

Hahaha! I love Melbourne! I love Trump!