There are so many cities all over the world that are famous for casinos. Why do many gamblers visit Australia alone? It is understood that at present, there are14Casinos, of which at least5The home is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In Australia's two most prosperous cities, Sydney and Melbourne, Newport City Casino and Crown Casino have become the landmarks of these two cities with their grand scale and magnificence. Australians are world-renowned for their addiction to gambling. On average, they gamble about XNUMX billion Australian dollars each year, which is equivalent to10The total annual profit of a large company. Australia is also the country with the most gamblers in the world, an authorityIBISWorldThe report shows that2011To12The annual revenue and expenditure of the Australian gaming industry will reach225Billion Australian dollars, which means that on average every Australian national contributes to the gaming industry1.256Australian dollar. In Australia, New South Wales has the largest number of gamblers in the country.IBISWorldHead of agencyKaren DobieSay: "More than70%Of Australians gamble at least once a year, especially at some traditional festivals or events. "

In Australia, gambling is almost universal. Australians believe that gambling is like drinking alcohol. It is by no means a bad thing. It is only about drinking more and less, small gambling for pleasure, and big gambling. Gambling is a kind of entertainment, it is to spend money to buy a piece of enjoyment, buy a piece of surprise in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. But if gambling is not controlled by reason, the consequences are self-evident. Therefore, Australia advocates responsible gambling. Currently Australia has about1%Pathological gambler. To prevent the increase of pathological gamblers, in some casinos,24Psychologists are stationed at all hours to accept gamblers' requests for help and set up a "blacklist" for gamblers to voluntarily include them. As long as you add to this blacklist, you will not be able to get involved in the casino to achieve the purpose of quit gambling. Currently, this "special service" to prevent pathological gamblers has been1000Gamblers are included in the list. In addition, the management committee also has regulations on the color and brightness of the casino, and at the same time installs "i"(message)Button to remind the guests how much time they have been playing continuously, do not indulge.


Asian faces are the main force Study abroad to generate casino regulars

For all over Australia20For many casinos, Chinese with black hair, yellow skin, and black eyes will always be their most important customers and money-deliverers. Even a city with few Chinese like Adelaide, even though its gamblers have75%It is a local Australian, but Asian customers, especially Chinese gamblers, account for the total revenue of the casino.40%. For other large casinos, such as the Crown Casino in Melbourne and the Harbourfront Casino in Sydney, Chinese and Asian gamblers have become one of their main sources of income. So Australia13Casinos jointly called on the government to relax tourist visa requirements to allow more Chinese high gamblers to come to Australia"Spend big money", And extend their stay. Australian Casino Association(ACA)It is also hoped that the immigration department and customs officers of the Australian airport can provide priority immigration review services for those willing to pay. According to the data provided by the industry,2007-2008Fiscal year, total110Thousands of overseas tourists visit Australian casinos and spend up to49XNUMX million yuan, which does not include overseas high gamblers"contribution"Of7.39XNUMX million yuan.

Gambling is legal in Australia, and it is a personal choice. There is nothing wrong with it. However, Victoria has nearly1.6Ten thousand people have joined the ranks of problem gamblers, especially the large number of international students joining in, making this problem increasingly concerned by the whole society. Australian Gambling Research Agency this year6A report released this month showed that the proportion of international students addicted to gambling is as high as6.7%To Australia50XNUMX international students as the base, which means at least3Ten thousand5Thousands of students wander around the casino all day long. Among them, Asian students, including Chinese students, are more susceptible to gambling problems. A project coordinator of the Australian Overseas Chinese Association’s Gambling Service revealed that international students accounted for her client’s60%

Studying in Australia3Xiaomin of Nian told reporters: "Many of my classmates like to go to casinos. Both boys and girls. My ex-boyfriend is also a person who likes to gamble. Even the tuition fee sent by my parents is also used to gamble every night. , And then I asked my friends to borrow money to pay the tuition, and then a few months later, I told my parents that he had to quit his course and that he needed to pay the tuition. Because he was so addicted to gambling, we broke up. I really don’t understand why he loves gambling so much. Every time he goes to the casino, he has a lot to pay attention to. He must wear red underwear and wear a citrine bracelet to say it is lucky, and he will never let me touch or pat his shoulder and butt, and even walk clockwise after entering the casino. One lap! Gambling made him crazy."


Strictly manage professional settings Australian casinos are very personal

As the saying goes: "Ten gambles and nine loses." If a casino wants to be profitable, naturally the entire set of rules is beneficial to the casino itself. Working at Crown CasinoKyleIntroduce the basic situation of the casino like this: "The probability of a general casino winning is about54%-56%Between, and the personal chance of winning is naturally44%-46%. The casino is always a winner. In Crown Casino, every hour, gamblers lose in slot machines and table games10Ten thousand2Thousands of Australian dollars, equivalent to losing every second28yuan. Lose every day246Ten thousand Australian dollars. Every year, many high gamblers from all over the world spend money in casinos. On the one hand, it is a catharsis, and on the other hand, they believe that they will win. Casino profit is not only based on mathematical odds. The most important thing is to win on the weakness of gamblers who are addicted to gambling, and win on the gamblers' greed, reluctance and fluke psychology. This is also called 'Long bet will lose'The truth. And the design of the casino is also exquisite in Feng Shui. Every year, or every few years, the casino will be renovated and the layout inside will change. Many designs are high on the four sides and low in the middle, which is to gather wealth. There are also downward lampshades and decorations, which all mean gathering wealth. Therefore, in terms of aura alone, it is impossible to win the casino by personal strength. "

In order to attract more gamblers and ensure their own interests, the management of Australian casinos is very strict and professional. Also working at Crown CasinoVivianSaid: "Australian casinos are very formal and allDealerTips are not allowed, and all staff of Crown Casino are not allowed to gamble in Crown Casino. If it is doneDealerWork, it must bepr Or Australian citizens, but if you apply for other jobs, such as cleaning and service, it may not be necessaryprof. In fact, there are very few people in Australian casinos, because there are very advanced and advanced monitoring systems in the casinos. Every year the casino has a lot of budget to improve and maintain the monitoring system, even if it is a small area.backgammon, There is the least20A camera, if you go to a higher-level private room, there are not only densely packed cameras, but alsoDealerAnd a fewsupervisorThey are all staring at you, so basically what you do can be spotted. "

VivianSaid: "But in the face of the huge temptation of money, there are thousands of people who try the law by themselves, but they often fail to escape the sanctions of the law in the end.2011In XNUMX, Melbourne’s Crown Casino welcomed a number of Chinese veterans who used their camcorders to hide their cuffs and secretly photographed cards. They played baccarat and made more than an hour.100Ten thousand Australian dollars. One of the members of this "Old Thousand Regiment" hid the camcorder in the sleeve of his coat, secretly recorded the undistributed cards on the baccarat table, and transmitted the image to his party in another room in the distance. After the comrades had seen the arrangement of the cards, they then notified the other old one at the gaming table to buy'banker' or'free'. The old one's move was accurate, like a divine help, and succeeded in succession, but in the end it was the incident. There are many high-profile gamblers among Chinese tourists,2005Four males and one female Chinese tourists were accused of paying a thousand dollars while playing baccarat in a casino on the Gold Coast in XNUMX and won by changing cards75Ten thousand Australian dollars, four people were arrested after being found out and sentenced to three to four years in prison. "


Mr. Ma from Macau said that he likes Australia very much: "I think the casinos here in Australia are more formal than those in Macau. You can win money in Macau casinos, but if you win more, it is not easy to get them out because there are gangsters behind. Manipulation. Australian casinos are relatively more formal, as long as you are not greedy, you will not lose so badly. Australian casinos are calledCASINO, Is the meaning of casino, casino, I often think it is more appropriate to be translated into casino. Because in casinos, bars, restaurants, swimming pools and other entertainment facilities are readily available. Many people gather in these non-gambling areas to chat, drink, sing and dance. It often makes me feel that gambling is just one of them, and the others are not just Supporting facilities. One particular difference is that the pawnbroking industry, which was born in conjunction with casinos in Macau, is not seen around casinos in Australia. In Macau, there are almost all pawnshops wherever there are casinos, and there are even one next to each other, which are open all night like casinos. But in Australia, the three casinos like Crown, Star City and Jupiter have not found any trace of the pawn industry around. Because Australians generally cannot accept pawned goods in exchange for cash, and gambling is legal, most Australians only use this as an entertainment pastime, to pass idle and boring time, or to relieve work and life pressure. They usually have a budget and bet within the budget. Whether they win or lose, they will be very happy. A small bet is not harmful. "

VivianSaid: "The casino also has services to help people quit gambling. If you feel that gambling has seriously affected your life, you can ask the staff to sign a contract for quit gambling, and then you will be taken to a special department to take a photo. Take a picture and sign the contract. If you come to the casino to gamble in the future, the staff will invite you out. I have also seen a lot of people who have no self-control and are addicted to gambling. They make a mess of life. In casinos, almost every state in Australia has institutions to help people quit gambling, such as Victoriagamber's helpHotline, everyone can call1800858858Come for help, they will provide free consultation and professional advice to help everyone quit gambling according to their own situation. "