Recently, Melbourne has "good news frequently" in the rankings of major top cities! After being selected as the "World's Most Friendly City" by the Condé Nast Traveller magazine, known as the "World Travel Bible", in the latest ranking published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne is in Among the 140 participating cities in the world, it stood out with a total score of 97.5 and ranked first in the "World's Most Livable City" for the fourth time! Among them, medical, education, infrastructure and sports projects even got full marks!


Melbourne has always enjoyed the reputation of Australia's "Cultural City" and "Fashion City". It is also the center of Australian culture, business, education, entertainment, sports and tourism! The number of international tourists visiting Melbourne has increased steadily by 2012% compared with the same period in 24. The overall greening rate of Mexico City has reached more than 40%. Top events and exciting festivals are open throughout the year. It deserves to be rated as the most livable city!

What kind of charm does this city of classic and modern styles have? Here is Mo Mojun to tell you: Melbourne, the ten most livable reasons in the world!

World-style food all over the city


Melbourne, where multiculturalism is the business card, the number of restaurants in Mocheng is even more than the number of days in a year! World famous chefs, top delicacies, ethnic specialties, creative delicacies, and even all kinds of street food are gathered here, it is dazzling and exciting! Whether you are after modern, traditional, exotic or rustic flavors, the eclectic deliciousness and dining environment here can satisfy any discerning taste buds!


In the small restaurant in the laneway, have a drink with Spanish tapas tapas, eat a plate of spicy Sichuan cuisine in Chinatown, or walk out of the central business district to visit Ruiqimen’s Vietnamese cuisine, known as "Little Italy" Known as the Caton area, Fitzroy’s Spanish cuisine, or Brunswick’s Lebanese flavor, what kind of culinary journey suits your heart and stomach best?


The beautiful Mocheng also has Australia's best restaurant with absolute high quality: Attica! Located in the small street in front of Ripponlea Railway Station, the red brick facade of the door is inconspicuous, but inside it is the Australian chef Ben Shewry sitting in person! Come to Attica and let the perfectly balanced modern cuisine awaken the ultimate experience of all your senses!

A wine tour that starts at any time




Victoria, where Melbourne is located, has 21 distinctive wine regions and more than 850 wine estates! You can choose to taste wine in the wine cellar or enjoy local cuisine in the winery restaurant. From a variety of fine wines brewed in the cool climate of the Yarra Valley, all the way to taste the dry red wines unique to the Rutherglen region, from the Australian branch of French Moet & Chandon Champagne-Domen Champagne, to well-known Australian family wineries De Pauliara Valley Manor, this will be your exclusive Victorian wine tour!

Dazzling international events


Want to experience the top five internationally renowned events in one month? Only Melbourne can do it! Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, World Formula One Australia Station, International Flower and Garden Exhibition, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Triathlon Asia Pacific Championships, food, sports, entertainment, and art are all-encompassing, perfect passion ignite at any time!

The world's largest tram network


Melbourne, the only city in the world where trams are the main mode of transportation, is the only city in Australia that has trams! The tram network in Mocheng extends in all directions, providing people with special routes to enjoy the beautiful scenery! The Melbourne City Government often uses publicity advertisements to call on citizens to travel more on trams and reduce the use of private cars. They have a strong environmental awareness!


There is even an antique tram restaurant that is unique in the world: while watching the city scenery move, you can taste wine and food! The restaurant is too popular, make sure to book online in advance! The tram will depart on time and even pick up guests a few minutes earlier. Remember to arrive 15 minutes before the departure time!


Haven't taken the free city circle tram before coming to Melbourne? Then you are OUT! The 35 free trams with gold-painted bodies are almost the most popular attractions in Mocheng! There are uninterrupted beautiful scenery and characteristic landmarks throughout the journey, and there are free brochures and audio guides on board!


Friends who come to Melbourne for a short trip can also choose the one-day magic weapon "Myki Tourist Package"! The price is only AUD 14 and includes a ready-to-use Myki card (including one-day commuting fee), a beautiful commemorative wallet designed by a famous cartoonist in Mexico City, and vouchers worth AUD 15 for 130 attractions, which are absolutely super value!

A paradise for cycling lovers


Melbourne’s avenues are flat and unobstructed, and there are hundreds of parks and gardens in Victoria! Travel in an environmentally friendly way. Ride your favorite bicycle, walk freely among the bars, cafes and tree-filled parks hidden in the laneways. This place is absolutely comparable to European cities suitable for cycling!


Whether you are using cutting-edge cycling equipment, riding stylish bicycles with a retro attitude on the streets of the city, or responding to the call of the Melbourne bicycle sharing plan, renting a popular public blue bicycle on the street, you will find that Melbourne is A great city for cycling! No wonder the International Cycling Union (UCI) will award Melbourne the title of "City of Bicycles"!

The city is full of artistic beauty


• National Gallery of Victoria International Pavilion (NGV International)


• Victorian Arts Centre (The Arts Centre)


• Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Australian Centre for the Moving Image)


• Bendigo Art Gallery

The strong artistic atmosphere of Melbourne's streets and lanes is always intoxicating! Whether it is a charming large art museum or a quiet small gallery in the alleys, from the building itself to the collections in it, you will always find a surprise full of artistic beauty!


• Graffiti Street

The artistic atmosphere of Mocheng is not only permeated in the large-scale art venues, but also permeated in all kinds of graffiti in the streets! There are two famous graffiti lanes in Mocheng, one is Hosier Lane near Federation Square, and the other is Union Lane, which connects Burke Street and Little Collins Street. There is even a special graffiti sightseeing route, which will take you to explore the gorgeous paintings of the hidden market!

Audiovisual feast all year round




As Australia's art capital, Melbourne, which is full of British classics, is performing classics and new works in the eyes of musical fans throughout the year! The hits "Les Misérables", "Wicked", "The King and I", the upcoming "Once", "Strictly Ballroom" )", "The Lion King", different styles, the same wonderful, which one should not be missed!

City of Delicious Coffee


You will understand how Melbourne people love coffee when you come here! Every morning, you need coffee to refresh yourself. If you encounter a super handsome barista, you will be able to refresh your mind and keep you full of vitality all day long! The low-key and rich coffee aroma lingers over the city of Mexico every day. The "world's most delicious coffee city" by various popular media seems to always be Melbourne! Coffee here is not just a drink, but a delicious relationship that connects people's emotions!

perfectStudy abroad destination


• The University of Melbourne


• Monash University (Monash University)


• Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)

Melbourne is a wonderful place where century-old culture and modern civilization collide with endless possibilities! The prestigious university, the wide selection of exchange programs and the relatively low cost of living all make this a perfect destination for international students! Whether it is the leading University of Melbourne in the Southern Hemisphere, Monash University, which is rated as a five-star university in Australia by QS, or the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia’s oldest and most practical leading institution, the road to studying in Melbourne seems to be in life The most happy thing!

A gathering place for top sports venues


• Rod Laver Arena


• Etihad Stadium


• Melbourne Cricket Ground (Melbourne Cricket Ground)


• AAMI Park Football Stadium (AAMI Park)


• Hisense Arena (Hisense Arena)

Melbourne is also the only city in the world with five international-class stadiums at the same time! Four of the venues have also installed retractable roofs that can make exciting events rain or shine. All venues can be reached on foot from the city center! Are you envious of Melbourne sports fans?


Also, the place where our favorite sister Na raised the first Daphne trophy in her life is the famous Rod Laver Center Stadium! Want to cheer for sister Na with 15,000 spectators at her tennis blessed land?

See you in Melbourne in 2015!

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