A senior Malaysian Airlines employee was charged with raping an Australian woman on a passenger plane heading to Paris this month. The pilot begged her not to report the incident to the authorities because he had a wife and children. Laura Bushney, a woman from Perth, tells the horror story of alleged sexual assault, which took place on Flight MH8 from Kuala Lumpur to Paris on August 4.

She recorded part of the conversation with her mobile phone and broadcast it on Channel Seven's Sunday Night. The 26-year-old disabled support staff told the show that she was afraid of sailing because MH370 disappeared and MH17 was shot down. Mr. Rosley proposed a way to calm her, and Miss Bushney claimed that he raped her. She told reporters that the 54-year-old married father started massaging her legs. She said he put his hands in her pants and stroked her. Genitals.

"At that moment, I couldn't refuse. I felt very scared, so I was shocked." Afterwards, he approached her during the flight and apologized, saying that he just wanted to calm her down. On the phone recording, Ms. Bushney responded: "If you have a wife at home, why do you do this? This is rape."

Ms. Bushney is still in France but is expected to return to Australia this week to sue her alleged abuser in law.

CapitalNews from: The Age

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