1. Work visa application briefing:

Since December 2013, 12, the Department of Immigration has launched the online application function of IMMIACCOUNT. Applicants need to generate an account by themselves before they can prepare to submit the application. All 8 work visa applications must be submitted online by fax, Neither mail nor post will be accepted. If you have any questions about the online submission, you need to contact the Australian Department of Immigration and call 457.

After the application is submitted, the visa officer hopes that the applicant will upload the documents online through IMMIACCOUNT. If you hold a BVA bridging visa and want to be in a situation, you need to apply for BVB and fill in FORM1006 at the same time, and you must notify the visa officer. If you change your address, or change your passport information, or if a child is born during the waiting period, you also need to notify the visa officer in time.

457 visa processing cycle

The current 457 employer sponsored visa processing cycle is 3-6 months. Most applications currently require 10 working days and can be assigned to the visa officer. Some applications require 20 working days. If you have any questions before submitting, I suggest you go to the official website of the Department of Immigration to confirm the latest policies and regulations, or contact our senior immigration consultant.

2. Parents' Immigrant Visa Application Briefing

On June 2014, 6, the parent queuing immigration categories SUBCLASS2 and SUBCLASS 103 were closed. All queued applications submitted before this date will continue to be processed.

At present, the Department of Immigration has received a large number of paid immigration applications. The processing cycle for the 143 category is 18 months. Applicants over 18 years old need to pay 43600 Australian dollars. The Department of Immigration requires not to ask the PERTH Parent Immigration Review Center whether the application has been received. The applicant needs to mail to check whether the application is mailed to the review center.

If it is a valid application, the Immigration Department will issue a receipt to notify the applicant. If it is an invalid application, the Immigration Department will return the submitted application. For the 143 category of applications, at present only a receipt is issued for the application submitted on June 2014, 6. It currently takes more than 1 months for the Immigration Department to issue a confirmation letter for the application, and it is currently processed before March 5, 2014.

If you need to submit documents to the visa officer, the documents required by the immigration management should be in PDF format.

Parental immigration visa processing cycle

Due to a large number of applications, the Department of Immigration currently processes applications submitted around February 2013. For applications submitted after this, please be patient and do not contact the immigration department. If it is an application with a 2 visa, the current processing time is about 173 months, and the processing is the application submitted in February 6. If it is an application under the category of 2014, the immigration department is currently processing the application in February 2, and the processing cycle is about 173 months.

3. Briefing on Immigration Visa Application for Domestic Spouse

There are currently two ways to submit spouse immigration, one is online submission, the other is mail. If you submit it online, you need to apply for an IMMIACCOUNT. If you encounter any problems in the process of uploading files, you need to call the Immigration Department on 131881 for help.

If you submit by mail, applicants living in NSW need to submit to the SYDNEY Trial Center; applicants living in VIC need to submit to the MELBOURNE Trial Center; those living in Queensland, Canberra and Tasmania need to submit Submit to the BRISBANE trial center; living in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, need to be submitted to the PERTH trial center.

Spouse immigration visa processing cycle

Usually the confirmation letter and receipt can be received 7 days after the application is submitted. The current domestic 820 visa processing cycle is 13 months. If your application exceeds 13 months, you can send an email to the Immigration Department for inquiries. The Department of Immigration did not expedite the review and approval process for spouse visas. In order to ensure the processing as soon as possible, I hope to provide relevant materials such as medical examination and no criminal record when submitting.

If you change your passport or address and other information during the trial, I hope you will notify the immigration office as soon as possible. During the waiting period, if you are holding a BVA bridging visa, you need to apply for a BVB in advance when you leave the country. It is best to apply one month in advance to avoid delaying your trip. After submitting the spouse visa, there are no restrictions on work and you can work full-time.

4. MRT Immigration Review Arbitration Tribunal briefing

In July 2014, the MRT Arbitration Court heard more than 7 applications. In addition, 2000 new arbitrators were appointed by the Immigration Department for a three-year term. After MRT provides online applications, 17% of applications are submitted online. The arbitration court provided relevant training on law and professional ethics to those involved in translation.

Part of the results of the Immigration Review Arbitration Tribunal in July 2014:

  1. 47 cases of domestic graduate visa processing, 6 were successful;
  2. Of the 176 domestic student visa trials, 32 were successful;
  3. 10 cases of domestic skilled immigrants were reviewed, 2 of which were successful;
  4. 216 cases of domestic spouse visa categories were processed, 89 of which were successful;
  5. 19 cases of student visa cancellation category were processed and 6 were successful;
  6. Employer sponsored visa category processed 28 cases and 8 were successful;
  7. 7 cases of domestic investment immigration category were reviewed and 2 were successful;


5. Australia 188C major investor business immigration application progress


Project total
Submit your immigration intention through SkillSelect 1582
The number of applications for major investment immigrant visas obtained by the state government 1312
Apply online 1095
Visa approved 343

As of July 2014, 7:

In less than three months, 46.2% of applicants submitted online are already being processed

17 billion Australian dollars of funds have been invested

There are 30 billion Australian dollars of funds about to invest

The following table shows the distribution of huge investments in various states and territories

Huge investor visa: Distribution of states and territories2012Years11Month24DayTo2014Years7Month31Day

State Invitation letter Sign Signed
any 35 N/A N/A N/A
Capital Region 4 0 0 0
NSW 533 420 352 126
Northern Territory 1 0 0 0
Queensland 101 77 61 21
South Australia 39 34 24 9
Tasmania 3 1 1 0
Victoria 810 733 620 171
Western Australia 56 47 37 16
total 1582 1312 1095 343

The following table shows the distribution of visa application status and visa approval status of the top five countries with huge investment

Apply for the top five Total proportion% Signed to the top five Signed rate
Chugoku 90.8 Chugoku 87.4
Hong Kong 3.1 Hong Kong 2.6
马来西亚 0.9 南非 1,7
南非 0.7 Japan 1.4
英国 0.6 马来西亚 1.2

The following table shows the distribution of huge investments in various states and territories in the 2013-2014 fiscal year

Huge investor visa: State/Territory distribution – 2013年7月1日到2014年6月30日

State EOIs submit Invitation card Visa Application Visa approved
any 13 N/A N/A N/A
Capital Region 1 0 0 0
NSW 287 209 198 101
Northern Territory 0 0 0 0
Queensland 54 36 33 19
South Australia 25 28 20 8
Tasmania 1 1 1 0
Victoria 582 517 452 140
Western Australia 29 24 18 14
total 992 815 722 282

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