The cost of living in Australia is growing rapidly. Even if Australians try to save money, they find that there is not much left in their monthly balance. It is not easy to save 100 Australian dollars.

Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, many Australians have been more cautious in financial management, and many people have chosen to save money.

However, as household costs continue to rise, many consumers feel unable to save.

According to the latest research from a price comparison website, about 60% of Australians are worried about whether they can support their families, and only a quarter say they can save 100-300 Australian dollars a month.

Since the announcement of the Budget in May, people have become more cautious about money, and everyone is tightening their belts a little bit.

John Barton, the head of Shadforth Financial Group's consulting department, said that if you want to save money, you have to grasp the rhythm in terms of expenses and savings. Most people spend money first, and then save the rest.

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