People usually judge whether a man's body is good or not. "There is flesh when undressed, and he looks thin when he is dressed" as the criterion. However, this term is really not good enough to outline a concrete picture of the carcass in his mind. Today, I will use the following set of pictures to let everyone fully understand and understand what is real—there is meat in undress, and the appearance of thinness in clothes!

Let’s start with a set of black-and-white comparison pictures. Look at the lines and figure. Tsk, good, good, very good!


640 (5)

640 (4)

640 (3)

640 (2)

640 (1)

Here is another set of beautiful pictures of Hollywood male gods. It seems that being famous not only depends on acting skills, but also depends on [hard power]!

640 (8)

640 (9)

640 (10)

640 (11)

640 (12)

640 (13)

640 (14)

Gu~~(╯﹏╰)b, isn’t it very eye-catching, but it’s like a saying I often say: No matter how good other people’s muscles are, they are only other people’s, and it’s most important to grow on yourself . So, guys hurry up and practice! Touch it!

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