Being familiar without being a raw, interlaced like a mountain, these classic instructions when doing business in China were all broken after coming to Australia. A major player in the domestic exhibition field, now he runs MILK BAR by the seaside in Melbourne. The leader of the Zhejiang hardware industry came to Melbourne and bought an ice cream shop. The former Shanghai-born cultural man now studies Australia in his 20-square-meter clothing store every day. People's fashion preferences change in the four seasons. The different business models between Australia and China have made many compatriots who have just arrived in Melbourne very unaccustomed. Although I am not good at it and I can't say I like it, but in order to get the 892 permanent residence for the whole family, he bit the bullet and bought a business that meets the immigration requirements. Among them, many of my compatriots can quickly adjust their mentality after a brief period of depression. After a period of exploration, they soon managed their business to become turbulent, and some of them were unaccustomed, and it was difficult for a time.


Lily from Chengdu, her husband is a chemical business. After giving birth to a child, she has been a full-time wife. Maybe she is a Lingxiu from Sichuan. Lili cooks good dishes. As long as she ate in a certain restaurant, if she feels Lily I like it very much. The next day she will cook the specialties of that restaurant at home. After coming to Melbourne, Lily bought a restaurant that had been run by an Italian for more than 10 years. In addition to western coffee, the smart and hardworking Lily accidentally brought the dumplings made at home the previous day to the restaurant. She wanted to cook it for lunch, because she ate it every day. The foreigner was tired of fried noodles. Unexpectedly, the foreigner chef also tasted one by chance, and he was full of praise for Lily’s original dumplings. It is estimated that he got the truth from a business-minded husband. I made a lot of dumplings. I sold dumplings in my western restaurant the next day. I sold 5 copies that day. After half a month, a foreigner came to the restaurant with Lily's dumplings. Lily was so upset: "For 7 yuan and 6 dumplings, the foreigner still ate very happily. The dumplings are sold. What really makes me happy is that I finally feel my own value. I used to be a full-time wife in China, except I drive to pick up children every day. In fact, I open my mouth and stretch out my hands when I come to Melbourne. After I came to Melbourne, I had to go to the restaurant to guard my identity. Now, the dumplings I made have become one of the restaurant’s main menus. Unintentionally inserting willows and willows. Now, every day, my shop can generally sell 20 dumplings. It is said that music and painting are borderless, and food is the same. Now, I am a lot more busy, happy and fulfilled a lot .Before, I was always worried that the foreigner’s chef would quit. After half a year, I will make coffee. I also learned a lot of foreigners’ western food. I am no longer worried about the chef’s strike as I did at the beginning. Now, my goal It is to strive for the restaurant to make profits as soon as possible. From the current point of view, it should be able to make money next month. I used to buy this shop for PR. I really like it now. Now I regard this shop as my own business. ".


The ingenious Lily is undoubtedly lucky. The family of Jianguo and his wife from Beijing made a lot of trouble. Jianguo opened an advertising company in China. He originally wanted to buy a related cultural business, but he couldn't find it. After a period of investigation, it was discovered that Australia has a small population and a small market, and the catering business is still the safest. So, after many setbacks, I bought a restaurant in a foreigner community in the east of Melbourne. The Jianguo couple considered that they had no idea about restaurant management. From the time they wanted to buy a restaurant, they met Mike from Malaysia who was said to have been catering in Melbourne for more than 10 years under the introduction of a friend. After many communications between the two parties, The Jianguo couple lamented that it was really late to meet each other, and they recognized Mike's talent and character. From the purchase of the restaurant to the refurbishment of the restaurant and the positioning of the restaurant, the Jianguo couple obeyed Mike's words and paid corresponding remuneration for all the preliminary work of Mike. In view of Mike's professionalism and dedication, the Jianguo couple hired Mike as the manager of their restaurant. In addition to the basic salary of 1000 yuan per week, Mike is also responsible for all restaurant operations and participates in the restaurant's profit commission. According to Mike's plan, the restaurant operates breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. In the morning, it mainly serves westerners at work, sells coffee and snacks at noon and afternoon, and prepares a large meal in the evening. A Greek restaurant opposite the restaurant is overcrowded every day, and the Jianguo couple expect their restaurant will also be prosperous. But what is unexpected is that after the restaurant has been in operation for two weeks, the breakfast is basically no one cares about it. As a last resort, the breakfast is stopped, but the salary paid by the Jianguo couple to Mike and the two employees is still the same. Continue to operate, after half a month, I found that the guests at noon and afternoon are also very good, only the business at night is not bad. However, compared with the daily salary of three full-time employees, the Jianguo couple paid a large amount for their daily turnover. The Jianguo couple discussed with Mike, because the business has shrunk from three meals a day to one meal a day, the workload is drastically reduced, and the income is far from Mike’s plan. Whether it is possible to cut Mike’s basic salary in half and change the two full-time employees. As part of the night, Mike said to think about it. Early the next morning, Mike told the Jianguo couple that he and two other Malaysian full-time employees decided to resign collectively. The reason was that according to the Jianguo couple’s idea, their income was too far from what Jianguo had promised before. In the Jianguo store, they quit their original full-time jobs. Now, the Jianguo couple is too unfair to the three of them. "It's really depressing. The choice of buying restaurants, the restaurant spending a lot of money on decoration, the design of the restaurant’s three meals a day business and the positioning of the restaurant’s taste, Jianguo and I have all adopted Mike’s suggestion, because we have not treated the restaurant ourselves. Yes, I believe Mike’s professionalism and knowledge of the Melbourne market. Now, they know that the business is not good and they only work for a few hours at night, but they still want full-time income. This is not pushing Jianguo and I into the pit. Huh? Discuss with them only for the night, and they will quit collectively. In that situation, it seems that Jianguo and I are required to compensate them. The most unbelievable thing is that I am also the boss’s wife, the woman from Malaysia actually told me Just like a small worker, let me do this and that, and my attitude is not friendly, as if I became her small worker. Knowing that Australia is hard working as a small boss, my English is not good, but after all, I am paying her salary , Is it possible that when you are a boss in Australia, you have to listen to the small workers?” The beautiful Jianguo wife was very angry. Jianguo told me: “Now my most urgent thing is to recruit employees. I have interviewed several times, but they are asking for a salary. It’s too high, especially for PART TIME at night. It’s hard to find. I heard it’s easier to find students in CITY, but I’m in a residential area and I don’t have trains. Where can I find cheaper labor? After buying a lesson, I will never bring over the domestic principle of hiring people without doubts and not using them. If you use people, you must be suspicious. If you do not doubt, you can’t use it. Mike just patted his butt and left. What should I do? I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for this restaurant.


Melbourne's well-known migration agent David Lee said: "The business model in Australia is very different from that in China. In order to transfer to permanent residence, most compatriots will buy some small businesses. No matter what the business is, you don’t need to understand, but your scale and operation Must be within her own controllable range! Lily’s success lies in that although she does not understand catering operations, she loves catering at heart. Jianguo’s mistake is that she blindly trusts Mike if she does not understand catering. Australia’s employee characteristics and corporate culture It is very different from China, especially in some small companies. Because labor is too expensive, it is common for bosses to hire hourly workers. Employees do several jobs a day at the same time everywhere. Take the money and leave as soon as the time is up. Loyalty is completely irrelevant. You are the boss, and the money is yours, especially for catering. Before buying, you must personally investigate and figure out the passenger flow, as well as the labor cost. Business intermediaries or self-proclaimed professionals, their words are only It can be used for reference. Especially labor, small business in Australia, the labor cost is more than 50%, you have to consider when buying any business, if the employee is gone, can you be able to handle it? People are in the position, and the position is not. In. Only in this way, you can ensure to the greatest extent that the risks of your business are within the controllable range."