Recently, a Chinese-language newspaper in Vancouver took the lead"Panic letter", It is said that the Ministry of Public Security of China has announced the hotline for reporting, allowing the masses to report people with foreign permanent residence status and forcing them to cancel their household registration. As soon as the news came out, there was an outrageous wave in the community. Various Chinese newspapers and radio websites have reposted the discussion. Some people are afraid, some are worried, and some are applauded.

Strong reaction from the Chinese community"disturb"In Canadian politics. The Federal New Democratic Party’s foreign affairs commentator Duyw seriously wrote to the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, asking him to discuss relevant issues with Chinese officials during his visit to China. He hopes that the Chinese government can target those Chinese citizens who have moved overseas but have not cancelled their hukou. Better arrangements.


When the Chinese community was excited and the Canadian government expressed its concerns, a pot of cold water was poured from China. It turned out that this was nothing, and everyone was excited for nothing. It is only Canadian citizens who need to cancel their Chinese household registration, and it has nothing to do with Chinese citizens holding a Maple Leaf Card. China did have regulations requiring cancellation of household registration when going abroad. That is one of the characteristics of the times. At that time, the welfare of residents was related to the household registration. Food stamps, oil tickets and even watermelon tickets were issued according to the household registration book. If the person is absent, it is fair to cancel the household registration. Later, the role of the hukou book became smaller and smaller, and the requirement to cancel the hukou actually existed in name only.

At the Ministry of Public Security2013In the new regulations announced in XNUMX, the requirement to cancel the household registration when going abroad has been cancelled, only requiring former Chinese citizens who are naturalized foreign countries to cancel the household registration. China does not recognize dual citizenship,"Foreigner"The cancellation of a Chinese account is nothing new.

The question is who is catching the wind and catching the shadows and frightening our people? It turns out that this Oolong comes from a family"regular"Chinese newspapers, and then reprinted by the Chinese media, made the city full of trouble. In fact, for this kind of outrageous news, it is not difficult to find the truth after a little verification. Maybe because of this"Regulations"Unbelievable, it is irritating and easy to provoke readers' emotions, so it is in the editor's arms, where is it true or false?

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