Are you Wenqing? If Wenqing also went to Australia for a working holiday, which city would he fall in love with?

In recent years, Taiwan has been blowing up a wave of cultural and creative activities. Whether it is the rebirth space of old houses hidden in alleys or cultural and creative parks, it has not only allowed the so-called cultural and creative business opportunities to flourish, but also indirectly fed a group of self-proclaimed " "Wen Qing" young ethnic group.

But what exactly is "Wen Qing"? Some netizens once tried to outline the common outline of Wenqing and explained, "Wenqing loves Haruki Murakami, Wenqing can’t thin his hair, Wenqing likes to drink coffee, Wenqing likes to run creative markets and music seasons. Wen Qing likes Europe more than America, and then likes to go to Eslite Book to read late at night." Whether you agree with it or not, I believe it anyway.

One day, when I was imaginative and imaginative, if this group of "literati youths" also went to Australia for work and holiday, which city would make them best? When the brain is too late to think, the answer is ready to come out, it will be Melbourne!

Melbourne, located in the southeast of the Australian mainland-the capital of Victoria, is known as the cultural capital of Australia. In fact, people who know Melbourne a little more will know that she is a frequent visitor to the list of global livable cities. In fact, according to the latest annual survey by the British Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne has been rated as the world’s most livable city for four consecutive years. This includes A large survey in five areas: social stability, healthcare system, culture and environment, education and infrastructure, scored 5 cities around the world, and Melbourne scored 140 points, close to full marks.

Melbourne: Except for London, the city most resembling London
Melbourne served as the capital of Australia during the British colonial period for a short time. There are still a lot of traces of British culture. Whether it is walking on Swanston Street, the main road in the city, the British old man who shuttles through the streets to attract tourists Horse-drawn carriages, or the "35" streetcar that circumvents the outer checkerboard streets of the city and free access to important attractions in the city; or the "Victorian architecture" that witnessed the prosperous power of the British Empire in the 19th century, full of historical charm The spire roof and the round pillars in front of the door are decorated with ornate carvings. It is no wonder that some people say, "Melbourne is the most London city besides London."


Wen Qing loves coffee? Just come to Melbourne
However, for Wenqing, besides its unique artistic beauty, wonderful and diverse alleys and coffee culture, Melbourne's urban charm is probably the most fascinating thing! The best way for the Wenqing people to explore the city is to do it cryptically, digging into the small streets and alleys, where there are thousands of specialty coffee shops waiting to visit.

For those who love coffee, choose a leisurely afternoon, imitate the locals in Australia, walk into an independent coffee shop, and order the most popular "Flat White (Australian white coffee)", espresso and hot milk Interprets the new flavor of coffee in a wonderful proportion.

In this coffee-addicted city-Melbourne, many people start a good day with a cup of fragrant coffee. It is not a vast urban area, and there are thousands of independent coffee shops. However, the world's well-known chain coffee shops are always ineffective here, and the business is not as expected. Some people may be curious about this. The answer is actually very simple. In Melbourne, coffee is more than just a "drink". The unique and wonderful stores, intentionally or unintentionally convey the cultural atmosphere and ideas, sometimes far away. More flavor than consumption itself!

For example, a famous coffee shop hidden in Little Bourke Street, a frequent customer on Melbourne's must-drink coffee list, is immediately attracted by the various old wooden chairs hanging from the ceiling without excessive decoration. The minimalist menu seems to convey to travelers "Life can be very simple" and "Returning to the original is another start"; turning into the alley next door, behind the vermilion mottled brick wall, there is something wonderful. The coffee garland, with the warm and lively atmosphere of the shop, replenishes people's vitality in the busy afternoon.

It is these small coffee shops that exist, so that drinking coffee in Melbourne can not only show the taste of the guests, but also sublimate the attitude to life and enrich the cultural heritage!


Visiting markets and playing in theaters is Melbourne’s daily life
Those who like artistic creation may be amazed when they come to this Grand View Garden in Melbourne. The alley opposite the Federation Square is a creative paradise for street artists. The walls on both sides of the street are full of distinctive graffiti paintings, which are like capillaries full of human body, spreading quietly to every corner of the city. Visiting it, you can easily follow the context of the predecessors, and then appreciate the temperature of this great city.

Those who love to go to the market can also choose a holiday afternoon, jump on the train and sway along with the carriage, visit the century-old monastery market, or walk to the flea creative market that sells goods in the parking lot. Of course, you cannot miss the British humor in the small theater. Whether mainstream or non-mainstream, for-profit or non-profit, all kinds of commercial and independent theaters are flooded in Melbourne, and they coexist peacefully.

So, whether you are a real scholar or a fake scholar, if you have the opportunity to set foot on the Australian mainland, don't miss Melbourne, a city of artists and enthusiasts.


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