Now, more and more foreigners understand Chinese. That day, a friend told me a few paragraphs about foreigners speaking in Chinese, and I couldn't help laughing.
The second paragraph is like this: In the United States, a Chinese girl ran into a foreigner in an elevator. The foreigner had three buttons on his shirt. The Chinese girl said in Chinese to her girlfriend who was traveling with her: "This foreigner is in good shape. ". Unexpectedly, the foreigner immediately responded to the standard Chinese: "Thank you"; in the second paragraph, in France, two girls went to study in France. They just arrived in Paris and saw a black man walking across the street, one to the other. Said "It's really black." The black man immediately walked up to them and said, "It's just you white"!

The story is very funny. If you haven't come to Australia before, you will definitely feel that the author is a bit exaggerated, but that day I ate in a small Chinese restaurant near my home, and I really encountered such an interesting incident. The owner is from Guangdong, and the shop sells Chinese traditional food such as fried rice and fried noodles. Perhaps because the price/performance ratio is very good, foreigners often visit. Because it was a school holiday, the boss invited a beautiful female college student to help. Female college students are good at English, and foreigners who come to eat like to talk to her. Because there were not many guests in the small restaurant that day, the female college student chatted with us while working. She told us that she had talked with her boyfriend and was her fellow. We joked and asked her why she didn't find a foreigner boyfriend. In the future, the mixed-race children will be especially beautiful. The girl said by the way: "I don't like ghosts and can't stand their AA system." What none of us noticed is that there happened to be a foreigner waiting for the fried noodles in this small restaurant. The foreigner got the fried noodles and checked out. Before going out, he said to the girl in Chinese, "You are beautiful, please Don't call it a ghost." There was a shock in the small restaurant, and bursts of laughter broke out instantly. The restaurant owner kindly reminded that there are more and more foreigners who understand Chinese, especially some commonly used impolite words, many foreigners know, so in public, you must not speak Chinese indiscriminately.
The strong domestic economy in recent years has made overseas Chinese truly feel the changes around them. I came to Australia for the first time, about four years ago. I went to see the Sydney Opera House. I saw the brochure next to it. It was in Chinese, but unfortunately it was in Traditional Chinese. Last week, a friend came from Sydney and talked about this. The friend said that the brochure of the Opera House was already in simplified Chinese characters. Standard Chinese characters are everywhere in Melbourne’s airport. I heard an old Chinese compatriot say that it was not Chinese characters but Japanese. Melbourne Airport was full of signs indicating Japanese and English side by side, because Japan was rich and Japanese Often travel to Australia. In recent years, China has become rich, and Chinese is everywhere. I don't know how to say "advance with the times" in English, but I have been overseas for several years and from the popularization of Chinese, I have truly felt the changes after China became rich and strong. When I went to the Crown Casino in Melbourne, I heard from my friends that if there were no Chinese, half of the business of the Crown Casino would be lost. But that day, I was shocked when I saw yellow skin everywhere. My friend's husband came from Shanghai, and because he liked the crown, he simply bought the house next to the crown. When I didn’t go to the crown, I wondered in my heart that my friend’s husband didn’t understand a word in English. How to play in the casino? That day, in the VIP area on the second floor of the Crown, I saw Asians sitting at several tables. A friend who didn’t understand English was sitting at the poker table. The very beautiful foreigner beauties were in charge of dealing cards. The friend’s husband saw bad cards. Just say "over" or "fly", the beauty fully understands her heart, although she uses Chinese, the whole process is very smooth. It is said that music and painting are universal languages. It turns out that Chinese is also the language, especially on such special occasions. Later, I heard from TONY Yang, who has spent most of his life traveling around the world, saying that not only in Australia, but in the world, especially in recent years, as long as there are gambling places, casino owners will organize employees to conduct Chinese training. If you have some Chinese background, that would be great. There is also a luxury industry with many top brands, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. Bosses all over the world know that they must hire salespeople who understand Chinese. This is the most basic guarantee for increasing sales. Do not believe? You can find out when you go to some luxury stores in Melbourne, it feels like it is in Shanghai. Originally, the whole world is learning Chinese. This is encouraging news. However, if Chinese people can quickly popularize Chinese by gambling and liking luxury brands, I really don’t know whether it is good or bad.

That day, when I went to a cocktail party at the bank, the boss of the bank not only wished everyone a happy new year in standard Mandarin, but also said "Gong Xi Fa Cai" in standard Cantonese after finishing his congratulatory speech. After the meeting, I had a simple exchange with the boss. He said that he was very familiar with Beijing and Shanghai, including Chengdu and Chongqing. He also visited frequently. He also knew that Chongqing is the place where beautiful women are born in China. The so-called knowing oneself and knowing the enemy is not dead, foreigners' research on Chinese culture and the market is already at a considerable level. She is also a team leader of this bank, a young LOCAL beauty. She has only studied Chinese for half a year at Peking University, but she is surprisingly fluent in Chinese. Joking with her, deliberately asking her if she knows Jinggangshan? She actually answered Mao Zedong. It seems that some bull's heads are not right. In fact, we all know in our hearts that she wants to say that Jinggangshan is connected with Mao Zedong's history.
It's been a long time since I came to Melbourne. Compared with these foreigners who are well versed in Chinese culture and language, I feel embarrassed. Especially in English, there are still a few sentences. Although my accent made my pronunciation substandard, I still thought to myself that I must make up my mind to study English well. Foreigners can learn Chinese well, why don't we learn English well? Even salt and pepper will work.