Chatting with domestic friends on the Internet, the friend said, why are you still staying in Melbourne? Life in Shanghai is so good, prosperous, modern and sophisticated and petty. When I told my friend that one day I went to the cashbox to karaoke in Melbourne, and by the way I went to the beach for coffee, my friend shouted strangely, isn't Melbourne the largest village in the world? How can there be a cash drawer? Is Melbourne's coffee authentic in Shanghai? When my friend saw the photo of my little house in Melbourne, he was even more puzzled. I always knew that you lived in the countryside of Melbourne. Why would there be neighbors next to your house? The life in the Australian countryside that my friend imagined is a solitary family, and homes must be far apart. How could it be door to door? It can be seen that although the earth is flat with the network, in fact, the asymmetry of information still exists. Last year, my neighbors from Melbourne’s foreigners wanted to visit Shanghai. The neighbors love to travel and have been to many parts of the world. They also know that hotels in Shanghai are very expensive. So, let me recommend them what kind of hotels to stay in Shanghai are more expensive and better. I asked a friend in Shanghai to book a Homeinn hotel for them. When they saw the cheap price, the neighbor and his wife were overjoyed, but the neighbor’s wife still did not intend to leave after she was thankful. In the end, I guess she couldn’t help it. I was very shy and quietly asked me, can you take a hot bath every day when you book this hotel for us? I was almost stunned. Is this a problem? Later, I gradually understood why my neighbour’s wife asked this question. Although some TV shows about China broadcast in Australia, although there are some reports about getting rich, there are many pictures on TV when describing the lives of ordinary people. It was still fixed in the days of the movie Red Sorghum and XNUMX tenants.

Because of the asymmetry of information between countries, it has caused many misunderstandings, which is very common. In fact, in normal life, even in the same city, they will not recognize each other because they live in different areas. In Shanghai many years ago, if you lived in Jing'an, Huangpu, or Luwan, you naturally felt like you were superior. Perhaps you only owned a few square meters of husband’s house in these areas. If you live in Yangpu Chuansha, no matter how wealthy your family is, you can only call Xia Zhijiao or the countryside. In recent years, there have been more and more Chinese in Melbourne. Is it better to live in the East or the West? In the eastern part of Melbourne, the cultural accumulation of hundreds of years, the community environment, prestigious schools, and transportation are absolutely mature and top-notch, especially the several Chinese settlements are all in the east. Therefore, many compatriots do their part to regard the eastern part as the best residential area for Chinese. As for the western part of Melbourne, due to the strong planning and development of the government in recent years, especially the current Prime Minister Gillard from the ATNOA district in the west, it has really added a lot to the western part of Melbourne. In recent years, many Melbourne builders have directly promoted new houses in the West End of Melbourne in major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. Many new immigrants bought their houses directly in the West End when they were still in China. The cost-effectiveness of both sides of the east and west areas and who has more room for value-added in the future? One day, Min, who lives in CITY, Fang, who lives in the East District, and Mei, who lives in Xicheng, got together and talked about their homes. Fang couldn’t help boasting that they lived in the east.The happiness on the edge, the small courtyard with flowers in full bloom, and the community full of trees, the most important thing is that there are so many compatriots, and there are so many snacks from many towns, and about two or three friends for afternoon tea, it is completely in the country. Where is the legendary loneliness in a foreign land? "It's okay for you to live in CITY. Apart from the small and noisy house, it is still the most convenient after all. It's just Mei. How can you live in the West District? I heard that the West District is a new district. Many supporting facilities have not kept up, and the greening is not good. The rich in Australia don’t live there.” Jiao Didi Fang, it’s been a while since I came to Melbourne. After I got the PR, I opened a very distinctive Chinese restaurant on the seaside in Melbourne’s east. It’s rare that the restaurant’s business is good. The couple are looking for a suitable place to open another one to expand. Business scale. Mei came from China and lived in the West End in Melbourne. When she was still in China, she bought the current house through Melbourne's Shanghai Housing Exhibition. "To be honest, if I buy a house after coming to Melbourne, maybe I will also buy it in the east. But after living for more than a year, I have become accustomed to living in the West End. Now the West End of Melbourne, much like Zhabei in Shanghai, has not been developed for a long time, but it is not far from the city. I work in CITY every day. It only takes about half an hour to drive to the office, and it is quite convenient to take a train. It takes less than half an hour to get from LAVERTON to CITY."

Fang and Mei both have a deep understanding and deep love for the area where their home is located. Fang said, "Because I want to open a new restaurant, I really did a lot of research on the east and west of Melbourne. Compared with the east, the west has two major flaws. One is the green environment, and the east is much better than the west; in addition, because The Chinese are a minority in Australia. The Chinese community in the east is quite mature. Many compatriots mean many friends. Chinese restaurants and Chinese like massage and beauty are also very convenient. If the greening waits two years, it will change. In terms of humanities, the West District and the East District are really not at the same level." Of course, the plum in the West District does not show weakness. "Fang said it is right. Greening and the convenience of life, the West District does have flaws. But greening, the flowers and plants will flourish after two years. As for the convenience of life, now the Chinese supermarket in the West District Restaurants are also opening more and more. But the housing price and the cost-effectiveness of the house are much better in the West District than in the East. One feeling that the East District gives me is that the outside looks very beautiful, the yard, the flowers and plants are very good. But the house goes in. The houses are very old, especially the layout and facilities of the house. I don’t like it. The same 80 yuan can buy a decent house in the east area, but the house is basically more than 20 years old, and the labor here is too expensive. , A little maintenance cost will be very high, and in the west area, for the same 80, I will buy a new two-story house with a good location and a large yard. I live in POINT COOK, a Chinese supermarket, and a Chinese restaurant, which is already very convenient Yes, because it’s a new district, the government’s planning is very complete. Schools, hospitals, swimming pools, and tennis courts are not open. When I first came here, I often went to FOOTSCARY to buy groceries. Now I haven’t been there for more than half a year. . Now there are more and more Chinese in the West District, many of my friends163 is just here. I think POINT COOK will soon become the BOX HILL in the west. In particular, the West End is very close to Melbourne Airport, and the house prices in Pudong, Shanghai are rising so fast. Isn’t it because Pudong is convenient to fly? Fang, if you want to open a Chinese restaurant, I really suggest that you open it in the West District. There are a lot of Chinese, and the price of renting a house is definitely cheaper than in the East. "

Min, who lives in CITY, is from Shanghai. He saw Fang and Mei not giving way to each other. He felt very funny: "Having a house does not necessarily mean having a home. No matter it is in the East District and the West District, as long as you like it, it is a good district. I live. CITY, I still rent a house, but I also like it very much, because I live here with my daughter. In my opinion, my daughter grows up happily here. Where there is a daughter’s atmosphere, there is warmth and love, which is home. Melbourne, don’t bring over the comparison that is not good in China. We only relocate with our family in middle age, don’t we just want to live a simple and happy life? When I was in Shanghai, many people were We would rather have a bed in Puxi than a suite in Pudong. What about now? The reason why we always think that we live in a good area is because we know the area where we live. Of course, we will be in love with each other over time. Like Shanghai, Melbourne’s municipal planning and facilities are complete. The East and New Districts have their own characteristics. You are willing to spend a lot of money. There are also good new houses in the East. You are willing to live without stress. There are also properties that are very cost-effective. God is fair. The things that humans need most for survival, such as sunshine and air, are all free. Melbourne’s blue sky and white clouds, the sea, there are many in the east, and there are many in the west. I think, I am willing to pay for living. There are friends in the mountains, and they know how to love and live, and there is always a happy home."