Drinking and chatting with friends, drinking and talking about the differences between Chinese and Australian men.

My good friend Yanzi took advantage of the wine and drank a bit high, and told me privately: "Chinese men are too different from Australian men. That day, my neighbor, foreigner David came to my house and asked me to help. It turned out that my husband was coming from Shanghai soon. Yes, he wanted to ask my husband to bring some medicine from Shanghai. In fact, this medicine is also available in Australia, but it is much cheaper in China. I asked him to write me the name of this medicine. Later, I told my husband to buy him from Shanghai This medicine. The next day, my husband told me very seriously that this medicine has two functions, one is the effect of Viagra and the other is the treatment of heart disease. The husband said that it is best to check with David to see what he needs This function. I told my husband without thinking that it must be a treatment for heart disease. Because my neighbor is nearly 60 years old, and his wife is about the same age as him, he still needs Viagra.Husband refused, so I'd better check again. When I arrived at the neighbor's house, I was embarrassed to ask David, but only asked his wife. I didn't expect her wife to tell me with a brilliant face, yes, we want Viagra. MGD, Australian men and women are awesome, they still love life so much at their age. In my heart, I am so envious. I am only 40 years old, and my husband is under 50 years old. The Viagra thing seems to have been many years ago. It's really depressing to think about it. My husband always says he is busy and tired, and he always shirks. Looks like him, he doesn't look like a mistress. Could it be that my husband has menopause so early? "


What is the difference between Chinese and Australian men? For men who are in the process of career development, 50 years old is still recognized as the golden age. In Australia, 50-year-old men are absolutely popular "strong men". When I first came to Melbourne, there were many things to improve in this home. For example, the installation of home alarm systems, video surveillance systems, such as installation of antennas on the roof, COOLER,For example, if you want to add some power sockets in different rooms according to your own needs, etc., these all require the builder to climb up the roof. Whether it is to invite foreigners or Chinese, but they are basically all green middle-aged "strong men". Seeing that they are not young, they are still full of vitality, very strong and flexible, and their roofs are like flat ground. They can't help but sigh that the difference in the environment makes people so different. In China, middle-aged men are in power in many senior executives or related leadership positions of well-known companies. They are always in charge of everything, holding up their beer belly, for the business, profit, and their ideal "success" outlook on life. And values, I wish I could work 8 days a week,Some even said that "the salary is basically unchanged, and the wife basically does not use it." It looks like a person outside, and it looks like a bear when I go home."In fact, this world, whoever leaves it, the earth can still turn.However, as your woman's husband, your woman really can't turn without you. Chinese brothers, if you reallyLove your family, love your business,Then love your woman first. What do we have? just now ". When I and I have come to Australia 20Years of suchWhen Ping talked about this topic, she typed this text to me.


Nearly 50 years oldYears old likePing, looks up to 40 years old, cheerful, free and easy, sexyCharm, quite a style of Australian fashion women. Such asDivorced early and now has a stable foreigner boyfriend. She toldI:"I like foreigners better, like their "man".Chinese men may be the cause of the living environment, and they say that they are stressful every day.Why do people live? No matter how much you save, no matter how big your house is, and how expensive your car is, what about? Can you take it away when you leave this world? I now have a house and a car,I just want a man I like to be with me, is there anything wrong?What makes me like Australia the most is that every time I dress up and drive my favorite roadster for a stroll, there are young handsome guys whistling to me constantly. At that moment, I really feel like I am A few dozen years younger, I returned to the beautiful days on the university campus."

What do we have? Just now ! "I enjoy my current life and my Australian boyfriend. Of course, I hope my brothers will think less about getting promoted and getting rich and give more men.Give your lover’s sexual blessing.” Haha, thank Ruping for her frankness. Maybe, she said a lotThe voice of his girlfriend.