As an overseas student, the teaching profession and other professions are also subject to professional assessment after completing their studies in Australia.

The professional assessment agency is the Australian Teachers Association-Overseas Skills Assessment and Identification Office (AEI-NOOSR).
AEI-NOOSR is a unit that conducts vocational and technical evaluation of teachers in kindergartens, elementary schools and middle schools.
Through the evaluation of teacher skills and academic qualifications, AEI-NOOSR can determine whether your skills and academic qualifications meet the requirements of the teaching profession for which you have nominated immigrants.

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Therefore, if you want to get an evaluation result that is beneficial to immigration, you must meet the relevant education, professional and English requirements.
In short, if you want to register as a local teacher in Australia, you must pass the AEI-NOOSR professional assessment certificate on the premise of a solid foundation.
Students who are in love with this major or want to immigrate to Australia on this basis must study hard and strive to pass the AEI-NOOSR career assessment as soon as possible, so as to complete their Australian teacher dream as soon as possible!


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