Australian families have the habit and tradition of renting houses, and for most Chinese compatriots who come to Australia, renting a house is a last resort. Statistics show that there are currently about 40 Victorians living in rental housing, and disputes between landlords and tenants are increasing. In 2013 alone, the supervisory department received more than 1300 complaints. Nearly 2000 complainants stated that their problems could not be solved without the intervention of external forces. Here are a few real snippets—

Mia has immigrated to Melbourne for more than a year, and she has to take care of the business with her two children. Speaking of the rental housing in the school district I live in now, I just think of tears: “For my children’s education and a better life, my son and daughter came to Australia. For them to go to school, I rented an apartment near Glen Waverley. It’s a three-story top floor. Recently, it’s raining heavily in Melbourne, and the roof of my house started to leak! It happened that a friend came to my house for a party. It suddenly rained heavily while eating, and the ceiling of the living room was leaking. Everyone quickly found 2 A bucket to collect water. My English is not good. Fortunately, a friend who can speak English is there. So I called the real estate agent to fix it. The next day the agency and the workers came. After careful inspection, they said that in order to find the leak The top is demolished! As a result, my living room is the same as the rough house. It is ugly. Recently, it has been raining every day. It rained heavily outside, and my living room has drizzled. The foreigner’s landlord has also come countless times, but it has never been repaired. My friends all joked to me, saying that I live in such a good house in China, and now I have to live in this kind of house without a roof when I come to Australia. It’s really an overnight return before liberation!"
Emily and her boyfriend, who went to school in Australia, also live in a rental house: "I only rented a house with my friends before. This time we rented a house in Glenroy, which is an old house. When the contract was signed, it was summer and nothing happened. The Australian winter came after some time. It always rains here in Melbourne in winter, and the problem with our house appeared. After a heavy rain, our house was out of power. It's just our house and neighbors have electricity! I called the intermediary company and they sent an electrician to repair it the next day. The electrician said that this was an aging problem in our home. Because of the long time, it’s easy to get water and power out of the rain. He suggested that the landlord re-lay the circuit. If it rains, the power will be easily cut off. The agent said that the landlord should consider it because the cost of resurfacing is very expensive. But then there was no news. Now it is raining every day in the past few days, and my house is often cut off. As long as the line does not dry, there will be no There was a power outage last month. I had to use the computer to do my homework, and I couldn’t take a bath. I was really guilty! This short-lived power outage affected our lives too much! I called the agency several times and they said People repair, they are also suggesting to the landlord to resurrect the circuit, but we have been waiting like this, the weather is getting colder and colder, I don't know what to do!"

Mr. Mo, who has lived in Australia for 3 years, also gritted his teeth when he talked about the house he rented: "I think Australia is reallyI need to rectify the rental market. I used to live in an apartment. I was a Chinese landlord. I said I had been here for 20 years. He was powerful. He rented out the living room of the apartment to others to make money. I live, an apartment is full of people, but the toilet and kitchen are really dirty and unbearable. There is no one to clean it. Every tenant’s working hours are different. Usually the door is closed. Everyone is not too bad. meet. I told the landlord that your toilet is too dirty and you should clean it up, but the landlord said to me arrogantly:'Love can't live! How about you move out! 'This is so unreasonable, he even threatened me that if I make trouble again, he will join me! There really is no king! "

Not long after Kathy and her husband came to Melbourne, they also hated the bad landlord they had encountered: "My husband and I started looking for a house after coming to Melbourne from China early last year. Later, we saw a Chinese homeowner’s rental information on a certain website. Rent it as a whole. Because it was anxious to see the house at first, I didn’t care about many details and didn’t care about it. For example, the lamps provided by the homeowner do not have light bulbs, so you have to buy them yourself; the keys of the house need to be furnished by yourself, and the landlord said that you will be reimbursed I didn’t report it, and I didn’t bother to ask for that few dollars. Because we felt that we were finally settled down and we didn’t have to move around, so we didn’t care about these little things and dreams of starting a new life. The trouble came in a few days. When we signed the contract, we said that the garage was reserved for the landlord. At that time, we didn’t think much about it. We thought it was the landlord who wanted to put something or something. It was only when the landlady invited someone to see the garage. I want to transform the garage into a single room for rent to Vietnamese. I said that the garage is connected to the house. I rented it as a whole, and I do not agree to live in other people. The landlord said that it was good at the beginning, the garage It’s reserved for our own use. You can use it whatever you want. I said it was a contract signed. I have to go to the arbitration house or the embassy to sue us. I discussed it with my husband and felt that there was no way, because we signed the contract. I can bear it.

Australia is a country ruled by law. What rights and obligations do landlords and tenants have? Where do you go to protect your rights when you encounter bad landlords or bad tenants?

The Melbourne lawyer MAY kindly reminded compatriots: "The Housing and Housing Commission of Australia announced that it will implement a new rental housing policy in January 2011. Under the new law, the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords are also more clear. For landlords, the landlord needs to provide one week The right to show new tenants or buyers twice within the house must disclose the main information and substantive issues of the house, such as whether crimes have occurred, and the landlord’s power to deal with items left by the tenant increases. The landlord can expel the landlord immediately without any notice. For the tenant, the landlord must provide the tenant with a way to pay the rent at no cost. If the rent contract expires, the landlord If you request to move out without any reason, you must notify 1 days in advance; after obtaining the consent of the landlord, you can obtain the right to hang pictures on the wall or carry out small-scale reconstruction;Dong applies to sublet the room to others; if the tenant does not have a pet, he cannot be forced to perform professional steam carpet cleaning. "

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria, Dr. Claire Noone, said: “Consumers must understand the content of the lease before signing the lease. The subletting operator can require you to pay a security deposit before moving in, usually a bond. The deposit you have to pay does not require more than 14 days of rent. When you pay the deposit, you must fill out a Bond Lodgement Form and make sure that you get a copy for your payment record. We have received Some students’ phone calls complained that their sub-tenant operator refused to return their deposit. Unfortunately, if there is no deposit payment form or receipt, it will be difficult to prove that you have paid the deposit. Many disputes are also due to the tenant’s failure to keep the deposit. The receipt given by the landlord is used as evidence. This is very important for the hearing of the complaint." Noone said: "We have received relevant reports, complaining that the sub-tenant operator refused to carry out some emergency repairs, such as repairing the hot water system, Toilets and single-latch locks, etc. The sub-tenant housing needs to meet basic living standards. If your repair request is rejected, you should contact Consumer Affairs Victoria. No one can send you a complaint because of your complaint. It is legally expelled, so there is no need to be afraid or dumb.

Housing agent Ms. Lin suggested to compatriots who are renting: "The Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (The Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal) is an independent agency that mediates renting disputes. The arbitration office is more like a court. It hears cases faster and charges cheaply. After a certain application fee is paid, hearings and mediation will usually be conducted within one month. Certain arbitration offices have time limits for applications. If you have disputes about renting a house, you can first ask the Fair Trade Office's renting service about your situation (Renting and Strata Service Branch) for consultation."

Miss Lin said: "If you encounter a bad landlord, you can go to Fair Trading's website ( There is a place where tenants’ rights and interests are protected to file a complaint, and then they will issue you a court summons to the landlord. The key to the complaint is that all rent contracts must have evidence. It is true that recording is not possible, and it cannot be living with the landlord, otherwise the legal relationship is not clear. Victorian lease agreements are governed by fairly formal legal requirements. Therefore, before signing any agreement, You should pay attention to understand yours.