The host of CCTV Finance Channel Shen Zhu and famous financial commentators Ma Guangyuan and Zhang Hong will jointly comment on the five factors that promote the appreciation of Australian real estate, and help you fully understand the real estate investment in Australia!

One factor that promotes the appreciation of Australian real estate: loose monetary policy

The exchange rate across Australia has fallen, which means that house prices will continue to rise. In fact, one of Australia’s main pillar industries in recent years is mineral resources. As the global economy has been in a trough in recent years, it has had a very large impact on it. Therefore, the economic downturn in recent years has caused it to relax its monetary policy. It's looser, and what's more important?

It also hopes to boost the economy through real estate, so in the past few years, in the developed economies, the overall housing prices in Australia have been relatively stable, and have been upward on a stable basis, and have not undergone a major adjustment.

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Because the real estate market of all countries has a characteristic: when your interest rate is relatively low and the monetary policy is relatively loose, then real estate is the first choice for investment preservation.

In addition, if it is taken as a policy to stimulate the economy, the effect will be more obvious. We now see that the exchange rate of the entire Australia is falling, which means that for the entire Australian real estate, housing prices will continue to rise.

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The second factor that promotes the appreciation of Australian real estate: the relaxation of immigration policy

Because Australia has attracted too many local tyrants, it has produced a particularly large number of local tyrants in the past two years.

Statistics show that in 2013, the transaction volume of commercial real estate in Australia reached a record high with an increase of 70%, and the investment volume of local institutional investors and local tyrants increased by more than XNUMX%. After Australia relaxed its immigration qualifications, the number of people buying houses began to increase, especially among immigrants, many of whom may also be powerful buyers.

The relaxation of immigration policy has attracted more foreigners to buy property in Australia.

Three factors driving the appreciation of Australian real estate: loans only repay interest

Foreign investors can also borrow money in Australia. There is a subsidy for their first home purchase, and the repayment is different from the policies of many countries. It has a certain period of time, and you only repay the interest, not the principal. Therefore, the birth of "mode. This means that many people go to study in Australia. In a few years, the house can only be repaid with interest, and it can also be rented out. After school, they can earn a fortune. Why not?

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Four factors driving the appreciation of Australian real estate: private land, no property tax and inheritance tax

Australia is actually similar to China. For example, if you buy a large townhouse in Beijing now, the total price on square meters does not seem to be particularly expensive, but it is worth it, but in the future, your renting and selling will have problems and will be troublesome. If your apartment is in the city center and in the CBD, it is relatively easy to rent and sell. Therefore, apartments in Australia will be relatively more expensive.

There is one difference in Australia. The land is privately owned, so if you buy a villa, you will own the land, which is also very important to attract overseas investors. If you buy this land, it will belong to you. Of course, there is no such thing as 70 years of property rights. So if you value a land contract more, then you buy a villa.

In fact, it is not only attractive by interest rates. For example, it has a very important difference from other developed countries, which is the property tax, that is, there is no property tax in its holding link.

For example, you can learn by housing. Of course, the maintenance of the house, property fees, etc. have to be borne, but the cost of ownership is not particularly high.

There is another point that the Chinese may particularly value. Australia has no inheritance tax.

In addition, they have relatively mature legal protection. After you become a landlord, if you rent out the house, he also has relevant legal protection for renting the house.

Australia is also divided into first-tier cities and second-tier cities. The so-called very good places we are talking about are mainly in big cities such as Sydney, rather than saying that all real estate is very good.

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Five factors that promote the appreciation of Australian real estate: Appreciation expectations

According to the statistics of the Australian Real Estate Research Institute, in 2013, Sydney house prices rose by 14.5%. If rental income is added, the annual real estate appreciation will be about 20%, which makes the average house price in Sydney more than 65.5 Australian dollars, or about 354 million. The renminbi ranks high on the list of the most expensive house prices in the world. Despite this, the Sydney real estate industry and market analysis agencies believe that house prices will rise in 2014.

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