Most people who travel by public transportation have myki, and most people also obey the law and do not evade fares.

However, there are always some people who do not buy tickets, resulting in fare evasion. These people who ride in the "Overlord Car" evade as much as 6000 million Australian dollars each year. And so much money can be used to buy 4 new X'Trapolis trains, 10 E-class trams, 12 VLocity trains or 150 buses.

In order to ensure that all passengers buy tickets to board the train, the number of Authorised Officers has been increasing, and new myki gates have been installed at various stations. However, the current punishment method for registering the name and address of the fare evaders and recording the accused charges is very time consuming.

Therefore, the new On-the-spot Penalty Fare (On-the-spot Penalty Fare) will be implemented today, August 8th. Passengers without a ticket who are stopped by Authorised Officers will have the option of registering a series of information such as their name and address, or also You can choose to pay a fine of $10.

This system will be implemented on a trial basis for 12 months and will only be implemented in urban areas. V/Line Authorised Officers do not have the right to fines. Passengers who take V/Line fares in urban areas may be fined if they are stopped by Authorised Officers.

With regard to this $75 fine, passengers can choose not to pay. If the passenger does not want to pay the fine, he has to register his name, address and other information, and the Authorised Officers will not force the passenger to pay the fine.

Passengers can only choose to pay the fine using Visa, Mastercard or EFTPOS, and the Authorised Officers will carry the EFTPOS reader with them. Cash, and other credit cards such as American Express and Diners Club are not allowed.

After paying the fine, the passenger will get an On-the-spot Penalty Ticket. This ticket is only valid for the train, tram and bus currently or just taken, and cannot be used for the next trip.

Passengers will not be suitable to be penalized according to On-the-spot Penalty Fare if the following situations occur:
-Passengers who have committed misconduct (such as putting their feet on their seats)

-Passengers with multiple violations at the same time

-Passengers who have experienced serious fare evasion, such as fraudulent fare evasion, forged and counterfeit tickets

-Passengers under the age of 18 (it is worth noting that the fine for passengers under the age of 18 is 74 Australian dollars)

Authorised Officers will be equipped with a State of Victoria Authorised Officer badge, a photo ID card and a portable myki handheld card reader. If anyone who claims to be Authorised Officers who does not meet the above requirements asks you for money, don't believe it, and notify the staff in time.