Long queues at airports for tax refunds will become history-Australian Customs and Border Protection recently released the Passenger Tax Refund Scheme (TTS) application for mobile phones and web pages to facilitate users to declare tax refunds online in advance.
The Australian Customs and Border Protection (Australian Customs and Border Protection) launched tax refund applications for web and Android phones in early September. Passengers can go online within 9 days of departure, fill in relevant information on this app, and get a QR code. Show this QR code to the customs tax refund counter at the airport on the day of departure to get a refund. The tax refund counter will set up a special QR code for tax refund passengers, which greatly reduces the waiting time.


Customs and Border Protection spokesperson Jamie-lee Tobin (Jamie-lee Tobin) said: Australia’s major international airports processed more than 2013 tax refund applications in the 2014/65 fiscal year, of which Sydney Airport was the busiest. Applications accounted for almost half of the total number of applications.

Tobin said that the launch of Internet and mobile applications will greatly shorten the time that passengers spend on tax refunds, and they can enjoy tax refunds online at home or anywhere, which is very convenient.

「我们在试行期间,85%的旅客都表示这个应用程序很容易使用。目前在Google Play上对我们应用程序的评价是四个半星。我们的应用程序已经被下载了2200多次。到9月21日为止,我们在各大机场的专柜已经处理了大约700个这样的二维码退税申请。」

According to reports, at present, the six major capital cities of Australia and the airports of the two tourist cities of Cairns and the Gold Coast have dedicated channels for receiving online tax refunds. In the future, more Australian airports will provide this service.

Tobin, a spokesman for the Customs and Border Protection Bureau, said that the IOS version of the TTS tax refund application is currently being reviewed by the Apple application and will be released to the public once it passes.

Webpage tax refund:


Tax refund application for Android phones


Applicable area:

Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

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