The Sydney Institute of TAFE is currently under investigation by the federal government. It is reported that the college is suspected of using fraudulent means to train overseas students to obtain 457 visas, thereby profiting millions of Australian dollars. At the same time, the independent agency once again called on the 22nd to reform the 457 visa system, hoping to remove the risk of fraud by training institutions using the 457 visa training program.

"Sydney Morning Herald" reported that after official investigations, there are many intermediary agencies in China that seek huge profits through 457 vocational skills training, and the Immigration Department confirmed that these agencies simply do not have the ability to help clients obtain 457 visas. It is reported that the Sydney Vocational and Technical Training Institute obtained a huge profit of 330 million Australian dollars through an immigration agency last year alone. They promised to obtain a 457 visa for overseas students after training, which allows the recipient to travel and work in Australia for up to 4 years.

In addition, NSW Department of Education officials have also been exposed to accept visa intermediary fees, which proves that Australia’s funds for skills training and scholarships were spent elsewhere, including the payment of commissions and migration agency fees. However, the NSW Department of Education has denied the allegations, but the federal government is still conducting an in-depth investigation into the "black hole" of the regulator.

At the same time, the independent review agency found that it is difficult for the Immigration Department to conduct unified monitoring on the domestic 457 visa training standards. In response, Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash admitted that the Immigration Department is investigating the fraud case of the Sydney Vocational and Technical Training Institute. In addition, Cash revealed that the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) will further consider this.

However, a spokesperson for the Australian Technology Quality Authority stated that the above allegations are not within its jurisdiction. The spokesperson said: "Judicial investigations have not found clear evidence that the relevant agency has violated the Migration Act, but the Technology Quality Authority cannot be denied. It is an organization responsible for career adjustment and education and training. Therefore, we will further consider this."

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