From September 9th to 6th, a grand Melbourne Shopping Week will be held in South Melbourne, Prahran, Queen Victoria, and Dandenong Markets. This is the fourth year since it was held. The theme of this time is "our global community" , There will be more than 14 activity categories in the event, including exotic food, shocking performances, etc. The entire week of activities allows you to feel the atmosphere of Melbourne. The specific arrangements are as follows:

Century Carnival

Cultural traditions and ceremonies are celebrated at the World Carnival in Prahran Market, which will be packed with live performances and fun. Inside, you can enjoy dance workshops, world flavor tastings, touring performances, live music and more other performances.

Cost: Free

时间:周六9月6日 上午10时至下午3时30分

Location: Market Square, Prahran Market


Free tasting

Try a variety of products for free at your favorite market stall, includingTaste cheese, wine, bread, oil, seafood, grilled meat and more.

Cost: Free

time:9月6日-7日,9月10日-14日 活动整天进行

地点:South Melbourne Market


Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the biggest events in Asia. Come here to enjoy authentic dishes, watch energetic lanterns, Chinese martial arts, dance performances and other free entertainment activities.

Cost: Free

Time: Sunday, September 9th from 7 am to 10 pm

地点:Queen Victoria Market


Mexico Music Man and face painting

Mexican musicians play various instruments and have mini-instruments, so you can take your kids there to play with Music Man, and you can also play face painting and transform into a butterfly, spiderman, princess, tiger , As long as you are in the free face painting shop, you can change whatever you want.

Cost: Free

Time: Thursday, September 9th from 11 am to 10 pm

Location: Market Square, Prahran Market


Dog World Morning Tea

Bring your dog to the dog world for morning tea. They will be able to taste fromClement CoffeeGoat milk puppychino from the store andThe Pet GrocerFrom the shopOrganic peanut butter cookies. Post photos of the best dogs on Instgram and tag them with hashtags#southmelbournemarket#dogsoftheworldWill get prizes. There are also on-site veterinarians talking about dog nutrition and healthy eating.

Cost: Free. Donations are welcome to support Monbulk Wildlife Sanctuary.

Time: Saturday, September 9th, 13 am to 10 noon

Location: Cecil Street, South Melbourne Market


Full moon festival

The Full Moon Festival is a cultural celebration of China and Vietnam. Activities include dancing and eating moon cakes. It also includes children's art activities such as lantern making.

Cost: Free

Time: Sunday, September 9th from 14 am to 10:4 pm

Location: Dandenong Market, Corner of Clow and Cleeland Street, Dandenong


Details of other events in Melbourne Shopping Week:

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