Experience for yourself how many iPhone 6 can be brought back home in two forms: mailed and brought back home.

After the iPhone 6 came out, I bought two of them and sent them to my family in China, so I went to the customs website to check the regulations. Now I will share my experience with you.

First of all, let’s talk about the rules for returning home by post:
According to the customs regulations on personal mail entry and exit items, the limit of 20 kinds of goods that are not exempt from duty is 1000 yuan each time. . Dear, 1000 yuan, just send anything over! Yes, that’s right, it’s 1000 yuan, but because of a single itemIndivisibleThe principle is yesTax releaseYes征税, Not tax-free! ! but. . If post2Or above, as requiredAccording to the goods declaration or application for returnThe.

Therefore, for the safety of mobile phones, you must not send 2 mobile phones in the same package. Later, I went to POST and sent the mobile phones back to China in two packages. The staff of POST will ask you what you are mailing. If you say it is a mobile phone, the post office will not let you mail, so you can only lie. But fortunately, the mobile phone has returned home safely without being taxed. . However, if you are unfortunately taxed by the customs, don’t worry, the tax is only 10%.Therefore, you must put the INVOICE in it when you mail it back, so that the customs can estimate it for reference.

Then let’s talk about bringing back home,

The day before yesterday, the plane flew home from Melbourne for vacation. I checked the customs regulations as follows:
"Single variety is limited for personal use and reasonable quantity. The details are determined by the customs on the spot according to the actual situation. Mobile phones are one of the 20 non-tax-exempt commodities, and the tax rate is 10%.

Practice later proved that the current domestic customs are too strict. . . . When I returned to Guangzhou, there were a few little girls studying in Melbourne who were asked to open the package for inspection. Fortunately, I only brought one and used it. The customs did not find it, but the girl on the same plane did not. So lucky, she brought two mobile phones, was asked to show INVOICE and paid 10% tax. In fact, as long as you don’t look like smugglers, you are paying taxes and leaving. But now they are still keeping a close eye on the international students, and it will be miserable if they are spotted. .I want to remind everyone here that there are two at most, and more than three are at risk of being confiscated.

Well, that's basically it. If you need to ask, you can leave me a message. Finally, remind everyone that it is best to use the post office to mail your mobile phone. I mailed both of them and returned home safely.