Highlights of the itinerary:

  • The luxury cruise ship Zhen Ai with a displacement of 139,500 tons was launched in March 2013!
  • The luxurious and atmospheric balcony cabin is especially recommended, and you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Aegean Sea in the bright sunshine!
  • Sail on the sea for eight days and seven nights, and relax in the cradle of the Aegean Sea!
  • The water city of Venice sets sail!
  • Port Bari, the representative of the Italian style of Priya!
  • Visit Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics!
  • Izmir, Turkey, Ephesus, an ancient Greek and Roman ruined city!
  • Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, Ephesus, an ancient city with Greek and Roman remains!
  • "Pearl of the Adriatic Sea"-Croatian resort Dubrovnik!
  • Visit the famous Venice-Glass Island.
  • Free shopping at Venice Outlets!
  • Milan, the fashion capital of the world, the fashion shops on Via Montenapoleone are world-famous;
  • The Emanuele II Promenade is considered the oldest shopping center in the world.


10.30 Sydney->Dubai

Reference flight: EK419 SYDDXB Sydney-Dubai 19:45-06:05+1 (transit in Bangkok, Thailand) (The price does not include international flights and fuel costs)

Today, I took an international flight via Dubai to Venice, the famous water city in Italy.


10.31 Dubai->Venice

Reference flight: EK135 FR31OCT DXBVCE Dubai-Venice 10:05-13:45

After arriving in Venice in the afternoon, the guide will pick you up and visit the famous Italian water city-Venice, which is a world-famous water town and a historical and cultural city in Italy. Visit St. Mark’s Square, where there is a statue of a winged lion, the patron saint of Venice, and the Bridge of Sighs is a very famous bridge that connects the Doge’s Palace with the nearby dungeon. It is said that lovers can kiss forever under the bridge.

After dinner, check into the hotel and rest.


11.01 Venice cruise departs at 16:30

After breakfast, gather at the hotel, take a bus to the glass island, and then go to the cruise terminal to check in. After enjoying the rich buffet lunch on the cruise ship, the team leader will lead everyone to visit the colorful life and entertainment facilities on the ship. 16:30 The luxury cruise ship Zhen Ai set sail, starting a relaxing and romantic sea journey!



11.02 意大利巴里Bari 10:00-15:00

The cruise ship sailed along the eastern coast of Italy in the Adriatic Sea and arrived at the famous seaside resort city on the eastern coast of Italy-Bari at 10:00 this morning. Bari Italy is the main port leading to the Balkan Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean. The city of Bari is the capital of the Italian province of Puglia (also known as "Apulia") and the economic and cultural center of the Puglia region. You can land on your own for sightseeing and stroll through the ancient streets and lanes. In the afternoon, the cruise ship continues to move forward. Before sailing to the next port, you can enjoy the rich entertainment facilities on the ship, or take a stroll on the deck and indulge in the blue sea and sky of the Adriatic Sea.


11.03 Katakolon, Greece (Olympia) 08:00-13:00

At the port of Katakron on the Peloponnese Peninsula, you can visit one of the most famous and important monuments in Greece at your own expense and the birthplace of the Olympic Games-Olympia. More than 2000 years ago, Olympia in the east of the Peloponnese, every four years on the first full moon in August, athletes from all over Greece would come here to participate in the Olympic Games. A stone tablet engraved with the "Holy Truce Treaty" in the Shrine of Hira in Olympia in 4 BC. It records that Ilya and Sparta made an agreement that during the Olympics, the war must be suspended, which shows that the Olympics were occupied by ancient Greece. A pivotal position. The remains of Olympia were included in the World Cultural Heritage in 8, including the Arena, the Colonnade of the Southern Column, the Nilu Pavilion, the Greek Temple, the Echo Gallery, the Altar of Zeus, and the Temple of Zeus. The Olympia Museum has collections of the statue of Zeus, the head of Sheila, the winged goddess of victory, and a small bronze horse dating from 776 BC. Temple of Zeus: A great building built in the fifth century BC, exquisite masterpiece and scale no less than the Parthenon Temple on the Acropolis of Athens. It is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Olympic flame is also here today. The altar ignites.


11.04 Izmir, Turkey 8:30-17:00

The cruise ship is docked in Izmir, Turkey. You can choose to stay on the cruise ship and enjoy various entertainments, or go ashore for sightseeing at your own expense. Izmir: Izmir ushered in a period of prosperity as early as the first century AD. According to textual research, Homer, the author of "Homer's Epic", lived here. Here is the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the Hisar Mosque built during the rule of the Ottoman Empire.


11.05 Istanbul, Turkey 07:30-17:00

The cruise ship is docked in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. You can choose to stay on the cruise ship and continue to enjoy various entertainment, or go ashore for sightseeing at your own expense. Istanbul: Istanbul is a special city. A Bosphorus bridge connects the east and west parts of the city. It also connects the two continents of Europe and Asia. This unique geographical location has made Istanbul since ancient times. Battleground. Istanbul, ruled by ancient Greece, Byzantium, Eastern Rome, and the Ottoman Empire, not only spans Asia and Europe geographically, but also incorporates the quintessence of the thought, culture and art of the ethnic groups in Europe, Asia and Africa, thus becoming an important intersection of Eastern and Western ideology and culture. Point, followed by many long-standing historical sites. The existing more than 40 museums, more than 20 churches, and more than 450 mosques in Istanbul are the manifestations of this cultural fusion.


11.06 ATSEA Sea Cruise

The blue sea has opened a mysterious veil for you! Today you can relax and enjoy modern amusement facilities on the luxury ship: grand theater, nightclub, dance hall, bar, swimming pool, gym, casino, children's playground, beauty salon , Library, duty-free shopping street, etc. The most eye-catching place is the blue sky, white clouds and the boundless sea. Why not drink fine wine, fragrant tea and watch the beautiful and handsome men?! It is the most proud enjoyment of this trip! The wonderful show is being staged carefully arranged for you on the cruise, which will definitely make you worthwhile Row.


11.07 克罗地亚杜布罗夫尼克Dubrovnik 13:30-17:00

The cruise ship is docked in Dubrovnik, Croatia. You can choose to stay on the cruise to continue enjoying various entertainments, or go sightseeing at your own expense. Dubrovnik is known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", and at the same time it has won the title of "Slavic Athens" with its rich art collection and cultural development. The Old City of Dubrovnik was built on a huge rock protruding from the sea. The castle was made of granite. The 14th century pharmacy, church, monastery, ancient and magnificent Grand Ducal Palace and the magnificent bell tower are well preserved in the city. Along the hillside, rows of red-tiled houses and other ancient European buildings are mixed with tall hotels. They are colorful, like a string of beads. These ancient buildings have Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. Very different, the styles of streets and street lamps are also medieval, and it is a city with well-preserved medieval buildings in Europe.

Cruise gourmet luxury



11.08 Venice-Verona-Milan arrives at 08:00

The cruise ship arrived at the port of Venice at 27 in the morning, the tour guide received the VIPs, and then took the car to Verona. Verona is one of the oldest, most beautiful and glorious cities in Italy. It means "very elegant city" in Latin. . Verona is rich in wine, vegetables and fruits, as well as the famous Verona marble. She has countless natural beauty, rivers, hills, and Lake Garr. She also has many famous monumental buildings with unique views of the town. Verona is also known as the city of love, and Shakespeare's love story "Romeo and Juliet" takes place here. A small building in the small courtyard at No. XNUMX Capello Street not far from the city center is Juliet's former residence. The "Juliet's Balcony" in the former residence attracts tourists from all over the world every year. Although Shakespeare’s play is fictitious, there is no “Juliet” balcony at all, but for tourism purposes, the Verona people built a symbolic balcony in the courtyard of the former residence based on Shakespeare’s masterpiece for tourists. Worship this "Holy Land of Love". Below the balcony is a slim bronze statue of Juliet, affectionate and slightly sad, as if looking forward to Romeo's return. Tourists from all over the world flocked to the courtyard to write their lovesickness or a beautiful declaration of love in different languages. In the afternoon, head to Milan, a fashionable shopping city. After dinner, check into the hotel and rest.

Cruise breakfast

Restaurant lunch

Restaurant dinner local four-star hotel


11.09 Milan-Dubai

EK092 SU09NOV MXPDXB米兰-迪拜 21:10-06:15+1(报价不含国际段机票加燃油费)

After breakfast, visit the famous Dome Cathedral, which is the symbol of Milan, praised by Mark Twain as "Poem of Marble", the famous castle of Sfranze, and the vivid statue of Leonardo da Vinci. Later, visit Milan’s most famous arcade of Vito Emmanuel II, GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE. This is a gorgeous shopping mall, but the value of sightseeing is higher than the value of shopping. But the PRADA boutique under the central arcade is one of the best in Milan in scale and window layout, especially the window layout is updated every day, just standing outside the window to appreciate it is a great pleasure. What's more exciting for tourists from all over the world is that there are many small outlets in Milan. Unlike the shops in large outlets, most of which are sold directly by manufacturers. Most of these small outlets come from well-known select stores in Italy, and the prices are naturally not available. The former is surprising, but the goods are more individual. In these small outlets, you can easily find new Italian designer brands that are hard to find elsewhere, with discounts ranging from 6% to 7% or less than 5%. After shopping, go to the airport to check in in the evening, and then return to Beijing after transiting through Dubai.

Hotel breakfast

Restaurant lunch

Fast food dinner plane


11.10 Dubai-Sydney

EK412 MO10NOV DXBSYD Dubai-Sydney 10:15- 07:00+1

Arrive in Sydney and end an unforgettable cruise to Greece and Turkey.