Living in Beijing and Shanghai for a few years has given me a basic understanding of the culture and contradictions of these two cities.

Is the title very sharp? But it is not sharp, can it explain the problem?

I won’t say much about Shanghai’s pretence. This is an environment where exquisiteness and pretence are the standard. What should I do if I don’t pretend? No matter how exquisite, it is also pretending. Beijing is not so rough. The environment is rough and people look very powerful, but they fall into a romance. Why is it romantic? Many years ago, there was a series called "Blood Romance", which was regarded as the most Beijing and literary piece. There is also "If you have something to say," that's how it came about. That's what it means.

Speaking of exquisiteness and roughness, first of all, it is a comparison of hardware. Let me talk about the environment first.

Beijing is an atmospheric place, which can be seen from the width of the road, but it is rough. Needless to say, the air environment is far from being compared with Shanghai in terms of the entire city planning. Beijing is actually much larger than Shanghai. A taxi from Tongzhou to Shijingshan will cost you XNUMX yuan. But just like that, you haven't left the city yet. Although the starting fee in Shanghai is high, XNUMX is enough to get you to Suzhou. However, Shanghai is not inferior to Beijing in terms of population and economic aggregates. Beijing's urban planning is very unreasonable, and there are problems with building density and utilization. If you go to Nancheng, you think you are in the county seat. Beijing estimates that apart from Guomao, Sanlitun and Yansha, which are more international and foreign, most of the businesses are scattered. However, Shanghai is very three-dimensional, with high unit building density and high residential density. From transportation to shopping, commerce is connected together, and it feels like catching up with Hong Kong. Although this has something to do with the urban characteristics of the Beijing Political and Cultural Center: first it is politics, and second it is culture. The commercial taste is not related to the commercial sensitivity of the people here, but also to the day after tomorrow. License plates cannot be bought and sold, they can only be shaken. It is said that even the ladies in Beijing are operating in rental houses. Everything is for politics, for image. Culture is innate, and it is enough for the government to eat whatever it wants. And Shanghai will amplify a little bit of colonial culture and do it very elegantly. At this point, roughness and exquisiteness stand out against each other.

Let's talk about people.

Both Beijingers and Shanghainese, regardless of the rich and not, especially the Shanghainese, have a sense of superiority for no reason. Beijing, the roots of the imperial city, at the feet of the emperor, has achieved Beijing's superiority. Beijing Hutongs have known a playful character since they were young. That kind of optimism and casualness in your bones can be conveyed from that voice. However, in the eyes of Shanghai people, all of this is just one word: soil. No matter how you have politics and culture, no matter what you do, there is no such thing as Allah Shanghai Ling. But Beijingers look to Shanghainese like a nouveau riche with some overseas connections. Shanghai people look at Beijing because they are rough and sloppy. When I meet my friends in Shanghai, I will tell you how bad Beijing is. Tiananmen and the Forbidden City don’t even have a tree, so I sing to her: Beijing does not welcome you. . Look at your pattern. It’s not easy to be assassinated in Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It’s not easy to be assassinated. How can you hide from trees and sniper leaders? ——Why can't we consider the issue from a political height? I remember that in the China Talent Show, Gao Xiaosong also asked Zhou Libo: "I am also a graduate of Tsinghua University and I live in the United States. Why do you Shanghainese always say that I am native?" Then Zhou Libo said, "What you said, none of these will hinder your native land. "Sometimes I think about it, yes, Gao Xiaosong is a very typical representative of Beijing, but he feels like shit. There is also Feng Xiaogang, who has always been very masterful, although he has this and that, it feels wrong. It is reasonable to have money, and foreign language taste is not a problem, but I always feel that something is wrong. Later, I figured out that if we follow Shanghai's tune, it will be soil. Dressing and talking are not meticulous enough and not elegant enough. Although it is human nature to pretend to be forceful, Beijingers are far from consciously and materially enough. You in Beijing think it's called prince sex and recklessness, but southerners don't eat this set. Not elegant enough!

Let me talk about the differences in the humanistic environment of the two places.

Because of the innate sophistication of southerners and the acquired colonization by the West, Shanghai has formed a typical Western social model. It pays more attention to rules, especially business rules. The sense of distance between people is relatively strong. But in handling things, you can basically rest assured, for example, there is no excessive wine culture, and you will not talk about business details when drinking. It is usually only when the business is sure that they dare to drink seriously with you. If you hire local employees in third- and fourth-tier cities, you will not only consider the ability of the people, but also worry that they will quit at any time, because they have no worries about food and clothing. Even if you hire local employees in Shanghai, even if there are unpleasantness, don't worry about professional ethics. You will do as much as you say, but don't try to move people's brains for personal and interest and team interests. Besides, it is around Shanghai, even if it is a tourist area, even if you eat some food, there will be very few pitfalls. Even the hotel’s security guards with a salary of 2000 yuan will make leather shoes and gloves very neat and have a strong sense of service. But in Beijing, most of these uncles wear military coats, saying: "Well, you go!" You have no temper.

In contrast, Beijing needs to be very enthusiastic and there are many enthusiastic people. When you ask for directions on the road, Beijingers will tirelessly and happily explain it to you, while Shanghainese tend to avoid it. However, there is another side to enthusiasm. There will be a lot of boastful things in Beijing, playful things, and many buddies with bad habits. The chest beats loudly and things are messed up. Or because the sense of rules is not strong enough. Even the taxi drivers who are okay to talk to you about local policies in the capacity of the central government are not afraid of complaints. You don't want to vote.

This is only a partial difference between the two places. Beijing pays attention to being a grandfather, not asking for the best, but the most expensive. For a meal, which country's cook? How many stars are there? Which dynasty is the furniture from? Speaking in a Beijing accent is like bragging. However, Shanghai pays attention to a tone, and it must be expensive enough. No matter what the food, clothing, and conversation activities are based on exquisiteness, Shanghai will also be very tolerant, but most of them are things that the world considers exquisite and excellent, but easily quantified by material. There are many places in Shanghai that are forced to dress. The tall ones are Yongfoo Elite Club and LAN Club. You have to be a small red building for a meal. The garden villa restaurant. I am in Shanghai. There are two types of places to eat: you are not familiar, please go to Heng Yue Xuan Club restaurant or something, if you are familiar with it, I will take you to have porridge, spicy crab and some small restaurants to eat. Therefore, Shanghainese are a paradise for the rich. You don't know how to live for 2000 yuan. This has never changed in a hundred years. Of course, the gap between the rich and the poor in Beijing is relatively large, a large number of politicians and stars occupy more resources, most of them are ordinary people, and the total middle class is far less than Shanghai. Beijing is an economically isolated island, and the surrounding areas are not as developed as Shanghai. Shanghai is actually the capital of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and these two provinces are the two most developed provinces. Then, the atmosphere of advocating business, rules, and outbreaks is even stronger.

Beijing is more tolerant. If you have money but no money, as long as you have the basic ability to survive and have a better mentality, you can have some fun on your own. You can finish working overtime and go to the shirtless to drink a beer and eat a skewers. This is also a kind of fun. How many Bei Diaos live in high-end apartments from the basement like this? Or, in the early years, you could have a rich and romantic love in Beijing, but now you can. Wang Feng and Xu Wei sang very vicissitudes of life stories, and the healing-healing rock is born at the right time. This is Beijing with a strong human touch and Shanghai with a strong sense of rules.

I have many friends in Beijing and Shanghai, and no one is good or bad. I just want to tell the truth, just to judge the characteristics of the two cities from my perspective. Haha.

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