Australia is a country that advocates nature, just like this country, Australians also advocate natural products. From the most natural free "fresh air", "bright sunshine", natural organic cotton clothes and quilts, to natural skin care products.

The way of life and business of Australians is very different from that of Chinese. They will never work overtime to make more money, and they do not like to promote their products on a large scale. For Australians, life and family are always the first. A friend of the editor once wanted to cooperate with a farm owner in Tasmania to sell his products abroad, but the farm owner refused without hesitation. The reason is: we are living happily now and don’t want to Expand production and keep yourself too busy.

Although this is the case, "gold" must shine, and good products will always be found. Today, the editor here is going to be a "gold digger", and I will introduce you to some of the "good things" of local low-key skin care brands in Australia.

The following recommended products are suitable for your own use~ or give it to family, friends and girlfriends~ because it is really easy to use~ If you use it as a gift, the brand may be less famous~ In short, you know it, and give it to people who know the goods. !

Acne treatment:

1: Aspect Dr.

This is a brand I discovered in a beauty salon. One of the most recommended products is his anti-acne kit. The pure plant formula will not depend on it, but the effect is really great! However, the products of this brand are professionally routed. Generally, you have to buy them at beauty salons or fill out forms on the websites of some beauty salons.

Recommended site:

Hair care category:

1:Dream Nature Australia

This brand is local to Australia and is against animal testing. It is a pure plant brand. Their concept is very environmentally friendly. They mainly sell products such as natural skin care products and essential oils. I knew it because I borrowed a shampoo conditioner from a certain goddess mm one day, which is from this brand, and fell in love with its conditioner ever since! I used to think that the effects of pure plant products are good, but after using it, the brand's conditioner completely subverted the three views! Super invincible and incredibly smooth after use.

You can go to their official Purchase, or Chinese official


Okay... I know, this brand is not an Australian brand, but it is indeed a very good plant brand~ It must be recommended~ The scalp is an area that easily absorbs chemicals. You must use natural skin care. Product, otherwise it is easy to suffer from skin diseases! ! Remember! ! !

His products are sold in their professional hair salons. For the specific address, you can look at their official website to search~


I don’t know if every mm knows it. Every country has a different SPF method for their sunscreen. In other words, the SPF 50+++ product you bought in Japan is actually equivalent to 15+ here, so please remember in Australia: first, only use Australian sunscreen, second, definitely Need sunscreen! Here are the 2 most and most useful sunscreen products for everyone:


This brand can be regarded as a "cosmeceutical" in Australia. In fact, it can be regarded as small and famous, but not many people try it. It has a counter in DJ, but this counter seems to have never had a salesperson, and no one has introduced it... But the editor is a kind of "purebred" guinea pig. So I also tried it carefully for everyone. Among them, his sunscreen is particularly recommended to everyone. The sunscreen effect is very good, not oily or heavy.

You can go to his official website go to DJ to buy

2. CosMedix: Reflect SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen 120ml

For mm who make up, is it a headache to replenish sunscreen? This spray sunscreen can definitely help you. This brand is also a brand that can only be bought online. His sunscreen is in the form of a spray. Just spray it on the face and pat it on, without destroying the makeup.

Purchase website:

Whitening category:

Yes, you read that right. Australia also has many good whitening products, but the main function of their advertisements is "even skin tone" or "brightening". There is a big difference between Australian whitening products and Asian whitening products. First of all, they do not use some light-sensitive materials, because light-sensitive materials usually cause skin after encountering the Australian sun. "Yellowing", if such a situation appears on the face of a white man, it will be complained~. The second point: Generally, the whitening products in Australia are slower to take effect, the purpose is to improve the skin's overall luster.

1: Intensive skin lightening complex

This product is originally produced in the United Kingdom, and their website also sells many health products. The reputation in Australia has always been very good.

Available on the official buy

2: VC film Thompson's

This brand is actually a New Zealand brand, but it is almost a country in New Zealand and Australia~ So their products can be found in all pharmacies. The reason for recommending this vc is: it has a high concentration and is delicious! ! ! Sweet and sour~ Make sure you look forward to it every day after eating~

Buy: major pharmacies, health care stores

3: Ultra brightening serum of Ultraceuticals

This thing is described in 2 words: easy to use & expensive.

This product of his family has different concentrations. Only the lowest concentration can be bought on their website and counters, and higher concentrations can be bought in beauty salons. But you must have a skin test performed by a beautician before you can buy it. The high-concentration 30ml sells for more than $280, which is really expensive. The low concentration version of the counter is also priced at $135.

Return home gifts

What kind of fish oil is flooding ~ health care products ~ I won't say much, here are two things that are popular in China recently.

Essential oils

1: Dream Nature

Well, I have to recommend "Dream Nature" again, because all his lavender essential oil comes from the farm of "Lavender Bear" in Tasmania! ! It is the purest lavender essential oil in the world! The other essential oils in their family are also very pure~ The price is also very beautiful. They also have some water-soluble relaxing and detoxifying massage oils that are said to be very popular. The editor has also been growing grass recently. In addition, they can also buy precious rose and German chamomile essential oil.

In addition to single essential oils, their family also has some compound essential oils, classified as why they cure colds, help sleep, and help sex (color)~

The purchase site is still the Or the Chinese website mentioned above

2: in essence

This is an old essential oil brand. You may have seen its products in a small corner of myer. Their essential oil varieties are very complete, suitable for all essential oil experts! Except essential oil products, other products are average~

Goat milk:

It seems that people in China have been admiring goat milk products recently, but goat milk does have many benefits, and Australians also like it! 2 brands are recommended here:

1: natural secret

This brand has a full set of goat milk series, and the price is cute~ It is available in major pharmacies, but the packaging does not seem so cute, and the gift is not so tall...

The specific website is not written here, you can buy it directly at the drugstore~

2: Dream Natural's goat milk series

Okay, I’m just a childcare... But I’m really super long on this brand recently... His goat milk series is called Ultra gentle range, which is specially designed for children over 1 year old and pregnant women. The packaging is also pretty good. Yes~ But there are only three varieties: shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. But to be honest, the "attack power" of this conditioner is much worse than the other conditioner in his family. Maybe it is because the skin nutrition requirements of pregnant women and babies are relatively low?

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