Farewell to the uncertain September, Melbourne is about to usher in a warm spring October. In this sunny weather, what are the delicious and fun activities in Melbourne? The following is a summary of Melbourne's October activities carefully prepared by the Eat Bar editor. After finishing the mid-term exam homework, before the end of the term, go out and relax during the holidays and weekends.

1. Cake, Bake and Sweets Show


The celebration of cakes and sweets is here. Australia's largest Cake, Bake and Sweets Show will be held in Melbourne from October 10rd to October 3th. The colorful desserts and the exquisite cakes can open your eyes. You can also taste the tempting delicacy on the spot. The sweetness that is carefully cooked is definitely not to be missed. In addition, the organizer has also prepared a workshop for making cakes so that sweets lovers can make their own sweets. Have you been excited?

Time: October 10th-October 3th

Location: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

For details of fares, please refer to the official website: http://www.weekendnotes.com/cake-bake-sweets-show-melbourne/

2. Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

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The zombie parade has now developed into one of the annual grand events all over the world, and Melbourne is not lagging behind, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger. Participants dressed up as scary zombies and took to the streets to become a special sight. Looking closely at the team, there is no shortage of masterpieces. They spend a lot of thought on costumes and props, even their walking style and expressions are vivid, and they murder many negatives. On this day, if you catch a glimpse of these shocking costumes when you buy coffee or go to the supermarket, keep calm.

Time: Saturday, October 10, starting at 11:12pm

Location: Start from Tresaury Gardens, follow Swanston St, pass Fed Square, and finally arrive at Alexandra Gardens.

3. Carlton Italian Festa 2014


Lygon Street, where all kinds of Italian restaurants are gathered, has always been a place for foodies to linger. The Carlton Italian Festa on October 10 is definitely a good opportunity to taste Italian food. As an annual celebration of Italian traditions, Carlton Italian Festa will have all kinds of Italian cuisine, whether it is a fragrant pizza, a wide range of pasta, or sweet and delicious gelato ice cream, it will definitely fill you up Mouthful. In addition, the live performances with Italian characteristics are also expected. The wonderful singing and dancing performances and hilarious comedies are not to be missed.

Time: Sunday, October 10, 26:11 am -00:8 pm

Location: Piazza Italia, at the corner of Lygon Street and Argyle Square

4. Michael Jackson Fan Day at Luna Park


Luna Park is not only a famous theme park in Melbourne, but also a local entertainment landmark. In addition to thrilling roller coasters and relaxing and casual games, on October 10 this year, Luna Park will also hold the themed event of Michael Jackson Fan Day, and will highlight Michael Jackson's zombie dance. There will be zombies in different costumes, live performances to commemorate the king of singers and other exciting programs. In the sunny early summer, you might as well go to Luna Park with your friends for a carnival.

Time: Sunday, October 10, 26am

Location: Luna Park, 18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC

Tickets: $12

5. Nillumbik Pet Expo 2014


Blessed are friends who like dogs. On the last Sunday of October, the Nillumbik Pet Expo will be held in Diamond Creek. Drive 40 minutes from the CBD, gradually away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to a world of cute pets. All kinds of smart, cute, or naughty dogs will definitely bring you a lot of fun. In addition, the organizer has also designed activities with on-site pet awards, like the owner of the most like pet, and the best pet decoration The awards are full of fun and look forward to. Friends who have dogs may wish to bring their pets to play.

Time: Sunday, October 10, 26am – 10pm

Location: Marngrook Oval, 28 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek

Ticket: Free

6. Melbourne Festival

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The annual Melbourne Festival is about to kick off in this warm spring October. Aiming to bring the most exciting and diverse culture and art to the audience, the Melbourne Festival’s programs cover all the types of performances you can think of. The moving dances, wonderful music, classic dramas, and abstract visual arts can all be enjoyed by you The charm of Melbourne's art capital. In addition, interesting and exciting performances from different countries will definitely bring you a different experience.

Time: October 10th-October 10th

For fares and locations, please refer to the official website http://www.melbournefestival.com.au/

7. Wine and Cheese Festival in Williamstown

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Williamstown, located in the southwest bay of Melbourne, has stunning sea views and tranquil scenery. It is a very good holiday choice to enjoy the sun and wine in the afternoon after a leisurely weekend. On October 10th, invite friends to go to Wine and Cheese Festival. More than 12 kinds of high-quality wines will be exhibited on site. You can also see the original wine pressing process. In addition, we will introduce the workshop for making Cheese. It is also expected that this must be a festival not to be missed for friends who love food and wine.

Time: 10am-12pm, Sunday, October 11

Location: Seaworks, Williamstown

Ticket price: 23-30 dollars plus booking fee

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/wine-and-cheese-fest-williamstown-2014-tickets-11775301243?ref=ecount

8. Melbourne Retro Auto Show Motorclassica


As a grand event in the Australian retro car collection industry, the Melbourne Retro Car Show will be held in the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton from October 10th to 24th. Friends who like retro cars will have the opportunity to see collections of retro cars from all over the world. The unique shape and exquisite design will definitely attract people’s attention. There are many rare classics in the period. It is said that this time More than 26 retro cars on display are worth more than 150 million U.S. dollars. Have you been tempted by such a tall event?

Time: October 10th-October 24th

Location: Royal Exhibition Building

Website: www.motorclassica.com.au

9. Abbotsford Makers Market


Melbourne's monthly activities are always indispensable for all kinds of markets. This spring is blooming in October by the beautiful Yarra River, Abbostsford Makers Market will once again attract people's attention. From exquisite candlesticks, uniquely designed clothes, to handmade jewelry, all kinds of exquisite handicrafts on the Abbotsford Makers Market. In addition to shopping for treasure in the market, there are beautiful gardens, cozy coffee shops and some old monastery buildings around the market.

Time: Sunday, October 10, 20:10 am-00:4pm, 00:10am-00:2pm free

Location: Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford in the Community & Linen Rooms on the ground floor of the main convent building

Admission: Free

10. Zuo Lin and Right Li's XNUMXth Anniversary Concert


Alan Tam and Hacken Lee have been combined under the name of "Left Lin and Right Li" for ten years since 2003, bringing their stunning singing and classic golden songs to fans. The two left the best part of the past and added a new secret happiness element. Will give back to all fans at once with a sincere concert in October.

Time: Monday, October 10

Location: Melbourne Convention Centre

Ticketing hotline: 03 9662 3465/0424 636 028/0430 595 292

Finally, I wish you all have fun with your friends in this warm October!